The best of Paul & Paula 2016

family breakfast

Two more days and 2016 is over. Already!

During our flight to Athens (where we arrived this Wednesday) I was thinking that it could be really fun to do a little round up here on the blog.

Feature the best/ most read posts for example. I mean, I was really curious to investigate as well. Which topics do you guys love? What are you interested in etc…

And it is a lovely way to finish the year and take a little break from the blog and social media. Refreshing actually.
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Let’s start:


The TOP FIVE posts on Paul & Paula in 2016, in order:

1. Willieandmillie. These fun kids room accessories from Sweden!

2. The Animals Observatory. In January I introduced you to this new brand and their very first collection.

Briar Handmade

3. Briar. The cutest baby&toddler bonnets around.

4. The 2016 round up of Advent Calendars. You probably do not need one right now, but maybe want to bookmark this post for future references.

5. Bloomingville Mini – the kids collection from one of our favourite interior brands.


The TOP FIVE Instagram pictures in 2016:

1. Camping! In our bedroom. I nearly did not post this. I nearly did not even take this picture. It was fun to see all the like and comments.

2. The world’s smallest restaurant.

3. Not the kids room. Not the playroom. But our kitchen received many likes.

4. Antoine portrayed by Romy.

5. Our Christmas tree on the way home.

family breakfast

Our weekly series of family breakfasts is very popular as well. Every Saturday.

And we started something new. Every Monday I will take a picture of all four (YES a challenge) kids. For fun and to see them grow and change… I am sure it will be cool to compare the first picture with the last of the year 2017. Please join – they grow up so quickly!


EMP museum

And our road trip of course. Oh man… the best thing ever and we still feel the energy and sunshine!


And personal in 2016?

*I quit sugar! (big step and good step, Christmas time saw some exceptions… but good ones)

*I started to run! (still not the biggest fan buuuuuut I feel that I need it. This is good and does good.)

*Both things make me proud. Proud that I am able to stay strong. And I feel great. Best base for a mum and business owner.

*I decided to go for it. To grow Paul & Paula. Something I wanted to do for a long time and always hesitated. During our big trip I decided to just go for it. (you see what such a break can do to you)


And what is in it for 2017?

I will share a few little things that will make you want more:

*Our newsletter will get an exciting and exclusive feature. As of 2017 every newsletter will come with an inspiring interview. Small business owners will share their best tips, tricks and some -new – private stuff.

*Make sure you are on the list because you do not want to miss out!

*To celebrate the New Year we will host a fantastic give away in partnership with STOKKE! Oh yes… you must, again, make sure to follow us on this one.

*I also mentioned that Paul & Paula will see some changes. And that is still true. I am working on it. For some time and things take different directions sometimes. Need a little more time. But: The consulting part that I already offer will grow. Will be more professional and will take more of my time. I love it. I love to work with brands, shops and other people from the kids industry and help them grow.


What was your most memorable moment in 2016?



The best of Paul & Paula 2016
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