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Paul & Paula loves long lasting high quality toys.

Toys that the whole family plays with and after years and years are still in use. We share our favourites as well as new finds from the toys world.







The Sausage Dog Edit

Paul & Paula: The Sausage Dog Edit

Good Morning! A crazy week is upon us here… today is the last day in our apartment because tomorrow the moving company will ring the bell very early and start packing our belongings. After 5 years you just make a lot of memories…

And the Sausage Dog idea actually came, because Romy always tells me about dogs and she knows all the different types, races and breeds. And she loves Sausage Dogs…

So, one day I found this cool bedding and the throw and went looking for more, because surely there are more Sausage Dog enthusiasts?!

Enjoy the edit:


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A world of rainbows for the little ones


A world of rainbows for the little ones

Before I will continue start re-start to work on some more personal articles I will share some rainbows for kids with you today! I am not so sure what triggered this selection, or I just cannot remember, but rainbows are always a good idea! Don’t you agree?
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Whales! I am back on watching documentaries on Netflix. I love a good docu but I am not always in the mood for them and it is more phases… movie phases, re-watching FRIENDS phases, crime series phases and documentaries…

And then I am mostly going for food and health stuff. And of course it includes the consequences to our environment. Including our oceans.

Ok, that is a long intro for todays post, but what I wanted to say is that one evening whilst watching a docu I was thinking about whales and that I saw quite a few in various shops. A little gathering would be nice to bring them all together…

1. Kid O Floating whale

2. This fun three-section blue whale plate is made with durable and safe melamine.

3. Petit Bateau Whales baby t-shirt in Azure blue

4. Whale pendant from Titlee

5. Macon & Lesquoy hand embroidered Whale Brooch

6. Sweat shirt with Whale Tail!

7. Wooden whale figurine

8. Eef Lillemor whale backpack

9. Bigstuffed Grandma Giant Whale

10. Whale swim trunks

11. Bigstuffed Giant Whale in white

12. Whale socks

13. Summer holiday Art Print

14. To match with your brother – the Whale printed swimsuit



Studio Mutant

Studio Mutant
It has been quite a while that I did not share anything here from Sweden. Let’s change that quickly and present you Studio Mutant.

MUTANT’s products are a mixture between toys and furnishings. The perfect fit for homes where adults and children share time and space. All products are toys and design objects at the same time. Appealing to the little ones with precious details and shapes and the parents for the choice of material, function and expression.

Everything is produced in Sweden from natural materials!
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Are these the best wooden toys ever?

best wooden toys
Today, wooden toys are getting a whole new meaning. I mean you know that I love a good high quality wooden toy. I have written about it many times. But when I came across James Paulius it felt like a new world of wood and toys opened. James is a Brooklyn-based designer and he designs products that integrate people with their environment.

Promoting creativity, curiosity and joy. I was definitely very curious to find out more and felt lots of joy when I did.

So are these the coolest wooden toys?
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