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Toys that the whole family plays with and after years and years are still in use. We share our favourites as well as new finds from the toys world.







Magical wooden toys that combine science and art

wooden rainbow - sorting tray 2

Hello Monday! A new week and the first day after many weeks where I am sitting behind my desk again. Not in the kitchen and not trying to find a toy, giving out food, and answering 10 questions from little people at the same time.

Love it. The back to school craziness is a challenge itself with the over-excitement (and I do not only mean the kids, grown-ups on the school playground count in here too!) and information flood. But I do love to have a good amount of time where I can actually focus 100%.

Therefore I have a goodie for you today. To share my joy so to speak. You know that I love wooden toys. However, very often wooden toy brands cater for babies and very small children. But I found a very great lovely shop* on Etsy that makes beautiful and educational wooden toys that incorporate the Montessori method, art, and science. Some toys are very useful for older children and so inspiring too!

Suba from Mirus Toys creates toys that combine science and art, toys that are inspired by nature and nurture the natural curiosity of a child. Wonderful wooden toys that grow with them, are educational but are beautiful, beautifully designed and crafted with attention to detail. And that can be passed on to generations.

‘My daughter is my inspiration, and when I design toys I consider her curiosity and enjoyment. I want all children to laugh and play the way my daughter does when she discovers a new set of toys. As she grows and discovers the wonder that is our world, my line of toys keeps expanding too.’

Before I am showing some of my favourites, here is some more info about these marvelous educational wooden toys:

Everything is tested and CPSC approved and compliant. Made from the highest quality maple wood and coloured with non-toxic paints and food safe-sealants. And even more important, you will fall in love with them instantly. Just as I did…


cursive writing wooden board

The ABC board

Practice handwriting and perfect it with the help of this all-natural wooden teaching board*. This beautiful alphabet board in cursive writing is made from maple, and the grooved contrasting letters provide the perfect tactile input for the child.

And did you notice that the vowels and consonants are coloured differently? This will help your child to understand that they are, indeed, different. So when they are ready to learn about vowels, the blue letters will be fresh in their memories.


wooden educational toys

The number counting board

This counting board* teaches the value of numbers intuitively and lets your little one learn how to write the numbers too. The beautiful board comes with a wooden “pencil” to trace and practice writing the numbers.

The math wheel

Choose a number with one of the bigger coins and keep that in the middle. Now you can either practice addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. Choose your method and find the correspondent wooden coin and place it next to your big number. Now you cans tart your math fun with this great math wheel*! (for some extra help you can use the 100 board*) The wooden coins come in a little cloth bag to keep them together.

The periodic table

I love this one so much. It is perfect to get your children interested in chemistry, especially when they start learning about it in school and might have a teacher that is, unfortunately, not very engaging. This wooden periodic table* depicts where each element is found/used in our everyday life! (It comes with a pdf download of cards giving more details about each element.)

The leaf puzzle

The leaves are made of their respective woods (oak leaf in oak, Ash made of ash…)! Therefore you can see how the wood looks like – for example, the grain, the colour, the hardness…
On top, the front of each leaf is its natural wood color. And the back of the leaves is coloured in their beautiful autumn colours. Altogether, this leaf puzzle* is such a beautiful, clever and educational wooden toy. (Suba is open to personalise the board with trees of your region if you like!)


wooden educational toys

Perpetual calendar

With this calendar, your child can visually describe how the day will unfold every morning. Making for a fun start and simultaneously learning why the day is the way it is!  You will find a temperature, date, weather, days of the week, moon phase, seasons, and months section. Altogether, this perpetual calendar* would be such a great and special gift as well! Probably as good as educational wooden toys can get.

Moon Phases

This is such a creative, beautiful way to keep track of the moon. The top section has the phases of the moon, replicated from a beautifully illustrated watercolor painting. And the bottom section has the full moons as described in the Farmer’s Almanac. Moreover, the moon is a fascinating ‘thing’ and often generates a lot of questions. This toy* is perfect for curious children.


Personalized wooden name tracing board with photo

Personalised name tracing board

The picture encourages them to trace and practice their own name over and over. And after they know how to write their name, this will become a name sign for their room. Such a great heirloom gift*!


wooden rainbow - sorting tray

Colour sorting rainbow

This big wooden rainbow* helps with fine motor skills, colour matching and sequencing, colour identification, counting, and of course, learning the colours of the rainbow. And it is big, made of buttery white maple hardwood with bright colors and the balls are made of 100% wool felt.

What do you say? Are you in love yet? I am so happy I found this shop* and I am sure you will find the perfect present for your little ones here as well…

By the way, these educational wooden toys are made to order in the city of Vancouver, Washington. And every delivery is packed using recyclable materials.

More wooden toys? How about these or those?


PS: Mirus means marvel in Latin. Toys for a world full of marvels.

PPS: Christmas is not that far away…

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Educational Wooden Toys

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21 fun things for your September!

21 fun things for your September

Yes, August is nearly over. The days are getting shorter, the kids are back to school and the routine is back in our lifes.

We had an interesting summer, the first one as a family in London. Enjoying everything the city has to offer, ticking a few boxes from our bucket list, finding hidden spots and the best gelato.

The annual trip to France included some lovely catch ups with the extended family and many hours at the beach. Building castles, mini pools, and shell mandalas.

And to make the transition into September a little easier, here are my 21 favourite things, articles, and finds right now. Oh, and one amazing wooden toy shop:

wooden toy shop
Cute toy shop* with lots of accessories.

How parents don’t stop handling things for their children when they become adults.


baby leather shoes
Handmade baby leather shoes.

I would not mind to sleep in this muslin bedding set*.


japanese tableware
Sweden meets Japan! A beautiful porcelain series.

Was just talking about gorgeous knits for little ones this week, and for grown ups – I am obsessed with this London based brand.


kids room
A really great London family home with some great ideas to take away! By the way, this place in Bath is pretty special too.

The future of print.


linen pinafore
Adorable linen pinafores, leaf playmats and accessories. All handmade by Hellen*.

tantrums & meltdowns


pinafore dress

mustard baby shoes leather
How about some delightful dresses and even more divine baby shoes? Loving this Etsy shop*.

The world’s best playgrounds.


chloe leather bag brown
So smitten with this bag*. Perfect for Autumn and it looks amazing when folded down and so practical overall.

Fashionable 50. From the sports world. The good thing – not only women but a mix!


hello simone kids clothing
Elegant, colourful and French Chic! Great new collection*.

Teen founders!


Discovered this fantastic illustrator during our time in Nantes (where he resides) – Antoine Corbineau.

Sustainable, re-usable and luxe packaging ideas.


Cucumber Mint Gin Coolers
I do like a g&t sometimes. But next time, I really want to try this cucumber, mint & gin cooler!

Do you love Friends (the TV series) as much as I do? Lego will launch a Central perk set. Need!


Angel costume* – just magical!


Wishing you a blissful weekend and see you back here next week… xoxo


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Back to School 2019 – tech gadgets!

Back to School 2019 - tech gadgets!


Today we continue the Back to School journey and I am sharing some really cool and helpful tech gadgets. These may not on your list when your children are starting reception or are in the lower years, but they do become more interesting when you have tweens or teens.

These gadgets can make school years a bit less stressful and definitely more fun. Plus, they make great birthday or Christmas gifts too. And you know, this day and age, it is crucial to start the new school year off on the right foot tech-wise. And psst, you may even find something that could ease up your ‘tech life’ too, like this super handy battery pack for example.

Read on, to find the best Back to School 2019 tech gadgets:

1. This Stickermaker is perfect to personalise your planners and other school stuff. Quick and simple to use: apply edge-to-edge adhesive to almost anything without heat, electricity or batteries.

2. This small and cute Bluetooth Tracker comes in lots of fun colours. It is small enough to fit on your key ring or backpack, and perfect for quickly finding misplaced items like your keys, bag, purse, phone, or anything else. Never loose anything again or miss the bus because you can’t find your keys in the morning…

3. The world’s first hybrid electric scooter for kids*! At the flick of a button it switches from push power to electric mode. Thoughtfully designed for children, it enables them to gradually gather speed and to safely stop. You can even return to push power mode at any time.

4. This graphing calculator is for high school math and science. It engages students by enabling them to enter fractions and equations in proper notation to they see it on the display exactly as it’s printed in texts and on the board.

More Back to School tech gadgets:

5. This fun portable bluetooth speaker for when you need a little break or hang out with friends. The integrated carabiner clips to your clothes, belt or backpack which is so practical. Plus it is waterproof and offers 10 hours of playtime.

6. 12 hours of wireless playtime with these cool earbuds*. Very comfortable with its adjustable, ergonomic fit, and intuitive control knob. They are magnetic and for around-the-neck wear. Available in powder pink, black, light grey, and green.

7. When you are on the go and need a little extra power for a dying phone, a laptop, speakers, or a camera – this external battery pack will be your best friend.

8. These Cable Animal Bites are T H E smartphone accessory of the moment! These cute little things slip right over the end of your adapter. And not only protect it from typical wear and tear, but also giving the effect that it’s biting onto the edge of your device!


More for Back to School 2019 – the best backpacks for all ages and everything you need for a sustainable lunchtime and snacks.


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19 jolly things for your April!

jolly things for your April
Should I? Should I mention that we are heading into April like a spaceship? I mean… whaaaaat?

But… the good thing is… we are heading into Spring as well. The days are longer, the birds are chirping (in front of my bedroom every morning) and we can go to the park after school or just have fika (yes we keep that Swedish thing for afternoon snacks going) in our garden. Love it!

And I love all these sweet things I gathered over the last weeks. For mums, for the home, little gifts, great articles and and and…


simple kids
The cutest baby rompers, the best t shirts for boys and just stunning season after season – Simple Kids*.

My article about the best dollhouses is doing so well, just in case you missed it.


The name – loomshakalaka – is all you need to know. F U N!

OMG. So cute! A deer headband*


twirl dress
Your girl loves to twirl? Let her twirl!

That article resonated with me on so many levels. Loosing your mum is the toughest thing


the hey gang
The Hey Gang!

What do your kids have in their pockets? I love this photo series.


corner toy shop wood
The coolest toy shop ever!

You want to improve your photography skills? Here are 3 projects that will help you!


french country house shabby chic
Z E N! This looks like the perfect spot to relax and recharge…

Check the lovely shop called Matilda and Grace*, because you can never have too many pretty hair bows. (the make great little gifts too)


done by deer
Done by Deer* was inspired by the jungle for their latest collection.

Five independent businesses share their ‘rip off’ stories. Shop small and shop from the original.



Rafa Kids was busy and launched two new products recently. A wardrobe and a dresser. I like!

Vegan: I made this delicious Vegan Chocolate Pie.


jungle wallpaper kids room
Talking about jungle, how fantastic is this wallpaper*?

Female creativity vs. motherhood.


vanessa bruno raffa bag silk drss
My first Vanessa Bruno bag, I bought it approx. 20 years ago. The one with the sequins. You probably know (latest when you visited Paris where every women has at least one). The smallest version, in black so it worked with everything. Since then my collection grew step by step. And I still think it is one of the best bags around. The raphia version is super nice too. Summer, chic, seqins… Y E S! Together with that gorgeous silk dress or with your favourite pair of jeans… it works with everything. On the picture you can see it with khaki sequins (but there is gold and white two). In either Large* or Medium*.


Enjoy your weekend and see you back on Monday!

jolly things for your April

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The best dollhouses!

The best dollhouses!

Hej! No Interior Tuesday today but an update of an old article that you love and click very often. Dollhouses!

Such a staple in every kids room and for the parents who do not have access to their old dollhouse, do not be sad, there are so many good ones out there.

As mentioned, this article was published some years ago but I thought an update would be very useful because some links did not work anymore, new designs and brands entered the market since then and so on…

But the basics have not changed and a good dollhouse is still a really great gift that encourages imaginative play and something that can be passed on. And it is not just the acting out scenes that delight children; it is also rearranging the dollhouse furniture in such a way that it pleases their personal tastes and allows them to create the scenarios they want.

So, here is my new list of the best dollhouses:

big wooden dollhouse best dollhouses
Big Wooden dollhouse* that is covered with a fabric case which makes it very light and easy to move around. It comes with a standard furniture set. I like the simple shape and cute accessories.


djeco colour house playset best dollhouses
Djeco’s Colour House* is an architect-inspired, contemporary take on a dollhouse with a bright, colourful interior. When creating this house, Djeco took inspiration from signature works by the greatest modern architects.

cubic-house-dolls-djeco best dollhouses
Also from Djeco is this Cubic House* with a transparent roof, double-height living room with bookshelves printed on the wall and an outdoor garden space.

cherry tree hall le toy van dolls house best dollhouses
A grand 92 cm high! This 4 floor dolls house* is a real dream house. It features numerous window styles including functioning shutters and back windows to allow light shine through. I love the tasteful colour scheme and can see how it becomes a family heirloom.

ferm living dolls house best dollhouses
Made of natural plywood for playing for children and/ or as decoration in the children’s room. The Funkis House* is a modern twist on the traditional dollhouse and doubles up as the perfect design piece for any contemporary nursery. Very stylish and also available in a bigger version*.

plan-toys_dollhouse-best dollhouses
This dollhouse from Plantoys* comes in three sections which can be configured in lots of different ways to create your dream Scandi House! You can simply slide each section together into one portable unit which your child can then pick up and carry around. And it comes with 17 pieces of chic furniture including a chandelier!

montessori dollhouse wood
This two-story heirloom-quality classic Wooden dollhouse* is so enchanting and 100% handmade. And it has light (AA batteries).

maileg doll house
Exclusive Maileg wooden dollhouse. Perfect for mice, bunnies and all your Maileg friends. Expected arrival of August 2019 and avialble for pre order at various shops. (thinking about Christmas way too early but….) You can personalise it with the adorable Maileg furniture and give all your mice and bunnies a home.

Tip: When you buy a dollhouse, especially online, always check what is included. You will usually find pictures with lots of furniture and dolls but those are often extra purchases.

Over time I featured a couple of doll houses, how about this wooden houses from encore! or Boomini and their modern take on the classic?

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