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Home accessories with a bit of humor!

Calhoun & Co.
Happy New Year! Bonne Annee! Frohes Neues Jahr!

Yay, 2020 is here. And my break is coming to an end today. Happy to be back even so the task of finding the right topic for the very first article of a decade is a little daunting.

Therefore I decided to go with home accessories* that come with a bit of humor and cosy vibes. A so called no brainer and something we all enjoy. At any time of year! And when you live in the UK or somewhere in Northern Europe you will always enjoy a great blanket…

Especially when they are this cool:

Calhoun & Co.

Calhoun & Co.

Calhoun & Co.

Calhoun & Co.

Calhoun & Co.

Calhoun & Co.
Brilliant right?

Kerry designs home accessories with a bit of humor for cosy weekend vibes. And the intention of spreading a little more kindness in the world. And she says: “We’re inspired by community, friendly faces, interesting places, and spending Saturday mornings slow and with a cup of coffee. Your home is the space you spend time with those nearest & dearest to you. And we believe that space should reflect you and have the personality you want it to have.”

Kerry and her cool business are based in Brooklyn, New York, and the collection is a mix of small batch (or one of a kind!) handmade items and designs produced right in the U.S.A.

And those blankets* are just so good. Do you have a favourite? It is so difficult and I am hesitating between ‘Good At Naps*’ and those lovely flamingos*.


Calhoun & Co. baby blanket
And this jungle inspired kid sized blanket* is just so adorable as well.


Calhoun & Co. tea towel
Also, can you say no to a great tea towel? This “Be A Friendly Face*” pattern was designed with the people of New York City in mind. A city that is made up from so many different kinds of people, and that is a beautiful thing.

By the way, the designs are all based on illustrations and painting by founder Kerry. Love!

I hope these blankets put a smile on your face and if you are looking for more home accessories inspiration, how about these natural home decor ideas?


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27 magical things for a very happy 2020!

27 magical things for a very happy 2020!
Wow! So, just a few days left and after a row of festive days we will enter a new decade. How exiting!
And I believe the best way to get started is rested, relaxed, and energised. Therefore, I will take a break until the beginning of January and today’s Friday List will be my last post for this year.

Of course I made sure to finish off with some fantastic goodies and finds!
Enjoy, and especially, enjoy your holidays wherever you are in this world. be surrounded by love, and more love:

kinetic mobile
This hanging kinetic mobile* is hand crafted out of wood pieces painted by hand, with great attention to the balance and movement.

Great books for teens.



Love! And perfect for all the little people who love books – this Children’s Book Map celebrates the magic of children’s literature. The illustrated map features references to 50 classic kid’s books.

Let’s start 2020 with a fresh face.



toddler dresser

cute toddler dresser
Cute toddler dresser!

This yoga mat will definitely get you going to class every week.



Beautiful and comfy mum jumper*.

Scarlett Johansson and her struggles of single parenthood.



kinto tableware
Very smitten by all this pretty tableware*!

Eva Mendes and her two daughters’ messy art projects.



tiger throw blanket
OMG! That throw blanket*. Would make a great tapestry too…

20 cities to visit in 2020.



llama wall hanging boho
The best! A Llama wall hanging*!

Away promised a lifestyle of inclusion and nice vacations. Was the mission just a smokescreen?

New Years Party coming up? Here are all the essentials to make it a success!



linen dresses girls
Pretty linen dresses* with cute collars. Perfect for festive days and beyond…

The Worst Designed Products of 2019!



ceramic coffee mug
It is difficult for me to resist a pretty cup*. And at the moment I love everything pottery.

The most influential images – of ALL time.



The mouse on the pea!

Famous people who passed away in 2019.



Scandi place in blue and grey tones.

Perfect chunky sweater* to wear with a pair of jeans!



When you think a stacking toy is just a stacking toy and you come across this*!

Polka dots* forever!



scandinavian kids room
And this lovely Scandinavian kids room.

I know. I know. But this is the perfect Spring sweater*. And once January is here, all we want is Spring to start….

See you soon!


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Everything you need for a great New Years Eve!

happy new year decorations
I know. Christmas is not even here yet and I am talking about New Years. But let’s be honest, the last thing you want to do between the holidays is running around for some cool party stuff.

Instead you want to enjoy your days and relax with the best feeling ever: Knowing that everything is ready!

Because, kids or not, celebrating small or big, loving the New Years Eve craze or not so much… a little bit of bling and a touch of sparkle never hurt anyone! And it is a great accessory to start a new year too.

And between us, the kids will love it even more…

After all, it is always hard to believe when a new year rolls around and it is a great moment to reflect. Thinking about the memories you created this year and the plans you have for 2020. Let’s prepare to kiss 2019 goodbye and reminisce about the good times and welcome all that the coming year will bring. And this time we are talking about the pretty number 2020 – love how this sounds, it can only be a good year!

If you’re playing host, and you will – with our without guests – this New Year’s Eve, add a fun and festive touch to your party with these essentials:


new years party decoration


1. T H I S will add sparkle and shine like nothing else! Gorgeous gold glitter chandelier, beautifully crafted from shimmering tinsel, with velvet and cord detail.

2. There are party cups and there are party cups. And these are definitely very cool. Cups with metallic fringes! Boom!

3. A cute handmade fabric crown in a beautiful sparkling Rose Gold sequin material.

4. The easiest way to turn your outfit into a party hit – a sequin cape.

5. Elegant lanterns with stylish patterns embellished with shiny gold foil and suspended with a metallic string.

6. The cutest: Fringed cocktail napkins! Loving the colour block style too.

7. Cool party dress.

8. Cake topper.

And more stuff to sparkle and shine on the last day of the year…

9. Oh I love sparklers and so do my children.

10. Confetti balloons are the best.

11. Big pinwheels with gold foil. Gorgeous!

12. Confetti plates for sparkling food…

13. The final touch – golden paper straws!

14. Gold star confetti. Sooooo much fun…

15. Sparkling star place cards.

16. Sweet party hat. Made from linen with a wooly pom pom. You can choose the colours and make it your own!

17. 2020 foil balloons in rose, gold or silver.


Have a great party everyone!

PS: Happy New Year garland similar to the one on the first image, here.


In collaboration with Etsy. All links are affiliate.
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21 delightful things for your December!

21 delightful things for your December!

This could be a great opportunity to share Black Friday deals. But I won’t. Ha! And I guess that I do not need to do a whole speech on why not because in the end… either you go get those (questionable) discounts or you don’t.

I am still here to share some of my favourite things I came across over the last weeks. And that I believe you will enjoy too. And in the end you may be treated with a lovely deal, because it is Black Friday after all.

However, and most importantly, I want you to have a smooth start into the last month of the year. A slow weekend to enjoy with some good articles, inspiring interiors, and delightful things for small and big.

Enjoy my December edit, a little bit festive, but not too much:


love letter blanket
OMG! The best! A Love Letter Blanket*. Write your own custom letter to a loved one so they can wrap themselves up in love. Make it extra personal by using your own handwriting, or keep it simple by using a font! The blanket will be custom made for you. Such a sweet present!
And have a look, the other blankets* are pretty ace too.


Really cute Christmas DIY ideas. Already saved to my Pinterest.


macrame plant hanger
Cool plant hanger*!


Lots of gorgeous jewelry*.


girls linen dress
Adorable dresses for girls* and matching hair bows!


Pimp your Christmas outfit with these cool earrings*.


vintage children room
Great vintage children’s room. Via Entrance.


Since I watched ‘A Star is Born’ – I am a Lady Gaga fan. Before I never really cared and thus did not know much about her. But her story should be shared. Because there is a lot of inspiration that can help others. This interview with Oprah is good!


gestalten_book_garbage dog
New book: Tells the tale of Garbage Dog surviving the streets of a big city and discovering the true meaning of family and friendship.


Do you know the co-op on Park Slope?


watercolour abc print
I could buy everything from this shop*, and actually have this print* in my kitchen. Perfect for my coffee loving husband and the tea lover – me.


Very interesting article about food in Berlin with facts, background, and history!


boy girl christmas baubles
Awwww… so cute these hand painted boy and girl star baubles*.


Great gifts for grown ups!


From our old home town, Malmo. The stunning place of Nina Persson! (The singer from The Cardigans!)


Book bin DIY. (to fill your holidays with projects!)


christmas pattern rolling pin cookies
Cookie Season made so much more fun with these great rolling pins*. Many cute designs to choose from…


Is blogging dead? 9 different opinions.


The children, the message (even more important these hectic social media filled days), and just everything!


Healthy chocolate and play advent calendar.



london calendar
London illustrated. Especially loving the calendar!


This Sunday Antoine does not have a football match so I am planning a visit to Daunts in Marylebone (you gotta love a great bookshop) and see the festive decorations. And then we will light the Christmas Lights in our little corner of London. A lot of neighbourhoods organise their own events to kick off the festive season. And this Sunday it is our turn. Street food, choirs, dancing, friends, and of course the lights that will be switched on…

Enjoy your first of Advent weekend and see you back here on Monday!



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Gift Guides 2019 – Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decorations

This coming Sunday will be the first of advent. For most, it is the invitation to bring out the Christmas Decorations. Putting on some festive music, lighting the first candle, eating a few treats, and turn the house into a magical wonderland.

Ok, the wonderland part may seem a little farfetched, but Christmas is the only occasion where we actually go a bit out and beyond in our house. How is it in yours?

We did put up some balloons and a spiderweb for Halloween, we will do something for Easter… but it is all nothing compared to Christmas. The tree of course, but I really like to decorate throughout the house. Of course, it has a lot to do with the season and the short days. We want our home to be extra cosy. Therefore I created a guide for Christmas Decorations this year as well.

Personally, I like to add a few special pieces every year. For example, our tree is decorated with the beautiful little hangings from Maileg. So, every year I buy another one or two and our collection looks pretty nice by now. (once our Christmas box is down I may take a picture)…

Enjoy decorating and yes, fabulous Christmas Decoration makes for a great gift:

1. Festive Reindeer Globe Ornament

2. We have this one already up and I love it! So colourful, stylish and sparkly. This chandelier is full of shimmering stars and moons crafted from foil and glitter and looks amazing at any celebration.

3. Hang this on your door and you will be the highlight of your street. Such a fantastic wreath*, bursting with pops of candy colour. Perfect for adding a touch of cheerful delight to your home. You can of course hang it on a window, above a mantel piece or on the wall too.

4. Christmas crackers are huge here in the UK. And so much fun. These cute woodland creatures* are filled with adorable key rings which is fantastic because many only include plastic stuff that goes into the bin shortly afterwards.

5. Maileg Winter Friend.

6. JUL, Scandinavian for ‘Christmas’ is a richly spiced candle with bold notes of baked gingerbread, melted honey, cloves, and warm gløgg.

7. One of the collections where I buy a piece every year. And the rich red is such a great colour and looks beautiful on the table. Folklore and fairy tales alive through functional, simple design. The Taika collection blends with a vibrant palette of colours to highlight the intricate owl pattern.

8. Pretzel embroidered ornament.

9. A mistletoe* that can be used year after year. Beautiful hand painted wooden mistletoe with the words “Christmas Kisses”.

10. Elegant baubles* made from paper.

11. Gingerbread House musical Snow Globe. (I love snow globes!)

12. Beautiful Christmas Tree base* that is a decoration item at the same time.


Gift Guides 2019 overview:

* Stocking Fillers

* Mum & Dad aka grown ups

* Christmas Decor

* Baby

* Kids

* Family Games

* Books

* Teens

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