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My top 5 TV series I binge watched the last weeks!

This Is Us

Since I am always on the lookout for a new great series and love to see what others are watching (and why!) I thought that I may share my recent favourites with you.

Because maybe you are the same. And because I do love to watch a good TV series. More than movies these days and I cannot even imagine how things were before Apple TV.  Can you? With all the commercials and being ‘on time’ on your sofa and all that stuff.

And, it is rather relaxing to end the day with a good show. To make sure we are not getting lost with all the stuff (Netflix produces a new show every hour it seems), twice a week we do a ‘talk talk‘ evening session with my husband. To discuss anything on our minds and things that need to be done.

But anyway, let’s get back to the point. I am writing these shows down in alphabetical order because there is no way I could give them a listing. I love them all… for various reasons as you will see:

(by the way, I wanted to get this article out earlier this week but it took longer than expected, and since it is not so much about kids, I think it fits quite well on a Friday – not a 100% Genuine Friday but it is quite personal actually because most of these series actually touched me very much)

Dead to me

This show was only launched at the beginning of this month and I think I finished the first season in 2 days, 3 max! I love dark humor and there is plenty! And these two ladies, Christina Applegate stars with Linda Cardellini, are absolutely fabulous. The general story is: A widow is searching for the hit-and-run driver who mowed down her husband and befriends an eccentric optimist through shared grief. And everything is so real, natural, full of emotions that I can relate to, and touching!
Also the topics! There is a lot in the plot, but they are all very important: dealing with grief, mum guilt, being in your 40s, miscarriages, breast cancer, and friendship.
Be warned, there is a good amount of swearing and I know that this put some people off. But this is not a show for children and, to be very honest, I can kinda relate. Jen (CA) has so much on her plate. Her husband died, she has two teenagers and a business to run. And when listening to heavy metal (love that part, can relate to that too!) and swearing helps to navigate your life a bit better, then that is fine. It is all still very raw and new, it will not last forever! And yes, I would love to have a friendship like Jen and Judy (LC) share, because they both allow each other to feel what they need to feel.
By the way, the two seem to really enjoy each others company in general. Love it:

Image: Netflix



dynasty fashion outfits
This is the total opposite of Dead to me. And the only reason I actually watch and love it. This soap opera reboot based on the 80’s series is all about glitz, wealth, the corrupt world, and backroom deals. The storyline is totally over the top B U T the main character, Fallon Carrington, is sassy, outspoken, obnoxious and sports the sharpest eyeliner in history. Together with the best outfits! There you go, for me, it is all about the costumes, the styling, the fashion! It is just so good! Once a week I have my Dynasty moment and then I am glued to the TV waiting for a new outfit to pop up. And since the show is recorded at the moment, all the pieces are from current collections! And to top it all, you will see lots of Gucci, Louboutin, Prada, and co. But there is also space for some smaller brands and new designers. That is why each outfit is so interesting. And, yes another ‘and’, the men. They do dress the men in the coolest outfits too. Jeff Colby actually has such a bad a** wardrobe! To sum up: Bold, structured, feminine with a twist, modern, cheeky and always just so on point! Love it! You should try it too if you love fashion…
Also, you absolutely have to follow Meredith Markworth-Pollack on Instagram, the stylist of the show. A genius!


Killing Eve

Another show with two ladies as the main characters. And this one is just never dull, always well observed, made with great attention to detail, and most importantly so much fun.
Eve is a bored MI5 security officer whose desk job does not fulfill her fantasies of being a spy. Meanwhile, Villanelle is a fearsome assassin clinging to the luxuries her violent job affords her.
When Eve is tasked with tracking down Villanelle before she can strike again, the two women are thrown into a cat-and-mouse game that turns the traditional spy-thriller on its head. I love some good crime (also in terms of books) but this is another level. Sophisticated and fantastic acting! Season 2 aired in the US and I am impatiently waiting to get access here in the UK.


Patrick Melrose

This one is intense! And Benedict Cumberbatch is the show. To be honest, I am not sure I would have adored it as much if somebody else would have played that role. He is just such a great actor. The show is based on semi-autobiographical novels about Britain’s upper class by Edward St Aubyn. And about a man from a very privileged yet traumatic childhood in the 1980s. Patrick’s father was abusive, and Patrick’s mother put up with his behavior. He went into addiction and severe substance abuse in New York. The 1st episode is a very accurate description of what it means to be an addict. But the story quietens down and deepens after that, so please do not give up after that start.
The biggest message is that even so, you have given up substances/ drugs, your past will not automatically disappear too. So touching to see Patrick self-sabotaging and still believing that he is not a good person. His mum is played by Jennifer Jason-Leigh who is also extraordinary. Definitely a show that lingers in your memory long after.
Image: Sky Atlantic

This is Us

Another one with deeply affecting emotional messages! About the lives and families of two parents, and their three children, in several different time frames.
And a whole lot of important topics as well: Mental health, loss, homosexuality, premature babies, adoption, addiction, and finding your path in life.
This family is surely not perfect and this is what makes it perfect after all. For me! It is so simple and yet so complicated, heartbreaking, sweet and also brutal.
They start to make you adore Jack, the father. The one that is perfect, loved and does everything and cheers everyone up. But episode after episode (especially in the last season)we see more about their lives, what they dealt with and slowly realise that it was actually Rebecca, the mum, who kept everything and everyone together. And it reminds us, that what you see (or want to see) is not always the reality. And that there is more to a story.
It is deep and especially the grieving part feels very close to me. Because losing a very close family member is not something that you eventually “get over”. But instead, that loss becomes an integrated part of your life going forward. And in ‘This is Us’ we can see how every character in this series is dealing with it in very different ways. I think we often believe that grief is temporary, and only allow expressions of it in that first few months or maybe a year. And yet there will always be moments of wishing that loved one was still around. To me, that show was/ is really some form of grief counseling.

What are you top TV series to binge watch? Have you seen one from my list? I would love to know…

Top Image: NBC / This is Us
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15 fun things for your Easter weekend

Paul and Paula blog

Hello there! How are you? Are you away for the Easter weekend? We will enjoy it here in London with friends. And sun. Because the forecast says – temperatures of 20 plus, lots of sun and BBQ. I am so excited.

Because what better than hosting friends, opening BBQ season, a real Easter Egg Hunt outside and doing a bit of sightseeing and sitting outside for coffee and toilet stops?

But before, I have compelled a sweet list for you:

Ira Loves Mae is founded upon the idea that less is always more. And their clothing inspires families to live more intentionally in the moments that matter most.

Special Day – lovely journals* to keep memories from baby’s first year. (great gift idea)


emily ward home giovanni ribisi
Emily Ward designed a family home for herself and actor Giovanni Ribisi. So cool!

Lush quit Social Media!


black linen jumpsuit mini me
After the mini me round up. I need to add this cool look. Jumpsuits* made in a soft, medium weight, washed linen and a relaxed and comfortable fit.

So cute and perfect for your breakfast table – toast plate*.


kids room pink canopy
One blog to follow – Emma’s Vintage! Cool house, fun interiors and lots of passion in her work.

The Legend of Keanu Reeves!


magazine wall display
Cool idea! (via unsplash)

What Do 90-Somethings Regret Most?


house of hackney founders home
Do you know House of Hackney? This is how the founders live. So fun!

How about our crazy life as a family of 6?


doodly kids clothing
All Doodly items* are ‘approved by children’: they are suitable for active play and fun and contain unique elements that amuse little dreamers so much.

I have decided that I will follow the same approach to my Insta as I do here now – less is more. And instead of sharing photos just for the sake of sharing I will share the ones I truly love or when I feel I need to talk…

oak and the little ones
Oak and the little Folk* have the cutest leather shoes, pinafores and baby rompers!

Happy Easter and lots of sun for you too!

Affiliate links marked with *.

Paul and Paula blog

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mini me or kids wear in adult sizes

mini me kids wear for mums

How often did you say: “I wish this came in my size!” or “My kids are better dressed than me…”. Don’t despair, here are the best mini me looks!

Small clothes are cute and yes, some pieces we really want for ourselves. Children’s fashion changed a lot over the last years and we can find some amazing brands. And the mini me trend is not going away and more and more brands are adding adult lines or at least a few pieces for mums and also dads.

Obviously you cannot just make any style that looks super in a child size for adults. Mostly because of our shapes but also because some prints might be too girly, or just too cute for a women even when they look adorable in size 62.

For today, I picked out a few brands that do pieces for mums too. Pieces we really want and can wear… mini me looks for this summer here we come:

Louise Misha

louisemisha kids

louise misha women

louise misha women

louise misha kids

louise misha kids louise misha women

Louise Misha* started in 2012 and very quickly their boho style was adored by little girls and mums alike. The collections are always sweet, delicate and very feminine! And the collection for mums* is getting bigger and bigger each season.



numero74 mum

numero74 mum

Numero74* – what once started with deco accessories has became a brand for every part in our lives. Including fashion. Staying true to their style pieces are simple and comfortable. And each piece is made from the softest cotton materials and in a very special colour palette of lightly washed-out shades. Affordable and so comfortable. Sizes for mums are here*. Personally I think this really is T H E mini me look.

Little Creative Factory

little creative factory women

little creative factory
Clothing for children aged from 0 to 99! This is what Little Creative Factory* offers. Original collections, attention to detail and definitely one of the brands you wish would dress you too. And they do! This summer Cristina launched her women line* and it was is a big success.


bonpoint 2019

bonpoint kids
Bonpoint* has been a leading brand in the kids fashion sector for over 40 years. Ultra-chic and always on point with the sophisticated French look! Before they used to have a teen line called YAM and the sizes fitted adults as well. But, as of now, Bonpoint has a collection dedicated to women* too. (I love this ultra chic yet simple navy dress*!)

Louis Louise

Louis Louise

Louis Louise

Louis Louise

Louis Louise

Louis Louise
Louis Louise* is another classic in the French children’s fashion world. Chic, timeless, modern and relaxed. The brand adds some pieces for women* for every collection, and especially for summer the dresses and tops are divine!


caramel london kids

caramel london kids

caramel london kids

Caramel* is luxury baby and kids fashion based here in London. Very elegant, full of details and every piece is made from the finest materials. In 2015 Eva Karayiannis added a woman’s line.

Poudre Organic

poudre organic

poudre organic

poudre organic women

poudre organic
Your favourite brand when it comes to soft, organic clothes in subtle colours – Poudre Organic*. What started with babies has grown into a brand for the whole family. Slowly adding bigger sizes and now catering for mums* too! The latest collection is very lovely and we really want one of those comfy dresses for ourselves.


bonton kids

bonton kids

bonton women
Bonton is always on my list when in Paris. Of course I could shop online but I love their stores so much that I need to step in. And their fabrics, colours and silhouettes are famous and kind of iconic. You can never go wrong with something from here for your children*. And, the brand joined the mini me trend too and designed a few pieces for adults* as well.

Le Petit Lucas du Tertre

le petit lucas du tertre
To be honest I am a little bit confused what came first for Le Petit Lucas du Tertre. I was knew it as a children’s brand* with the most wonderful colours and prints. A whole world of flowers, ikat and precious fabrics. And the adult pieces* I only discovered recently. And they are just as gorgeous. So in case you are looking for something special, this is it!

By the way: I really prefer their mini sizes and I am not a big fan of the maxi versions but have a look for yourself and decide – Bobo Choses Women*.

Overall, what do you think about mini me looks? Would you wear it? I believe some looks are really great and if you do not like the matching look, you can just wear them on their own.

Original article published in March 2017. First edit April 2019.
Affiliate links marked with *.
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Breastfeeding dresses we actually love to wear!

breastfeeding dress

I remember my breastfeeding journey very deeply. 4 times and always well over a year every time. Sometimes up to 2 years. And my favourite outfit during these years was a comfortable dress. I like dresses. Especially in summer, because you are fully dressed in 2 seconds which is very handy with children. And because it is nice and feminine.

For a long time however the mission of finding a pretty dress that worked for breastfeeding aka a breastfeeding dress was not as easy as one would think.

You can find lots of black stretchy versions, but something cool, cute and/ or chic is a difficult.

I remember going to a wedding when Antoine was a baby and finding a good dress actually led to that article (which was 1st published in July 2010). And I remember that there was another breastfeeding mum under the guests who went for a very fancy gown but also had to nearly undress every time her little one was hungry. Not my idea of a relaxed day!

9 years later (yes, Paul & Paula will turn 9 this May!) and our options are so much better! And this article really deserves an update and a selection of some of the most beautiful breastfeeding dresses for this Spring/ Summer season!

Because stylish nursing clothes for breastfeeding mothers are rare but they are there. You can look like the beautiful mummy you are and breastfeed without struggling and with confidence:

breastfeeding dress

Paula Janz


breastfeeding dress

breastfeeding dress

Mara Mea


breastfeeding dress

breastfeeding dress



breastfeeding dress



breastfeeding dress

Jojo Maman Bebe


Happy sunny season to all expecting mums and mums with nursing children!

Top Image: Pomkin Paris
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19 jolly things for your April!

jolly things for your April
Should I? Should I mention that we are heading into April like a spaceship? I mean… whaaaaat?

But… the good thing is… we are heading into Spring as well. The days are longer, the birds are chirping (in front of my bedroom every morning) and we can go to the park after school or just have fika (yes we keep that Swedish thing for afternoon snacks going) in our garden. Love it!

And I love all these sweet things I gathered over the last weeks. For mums, for the home, little gifts, great articles and and and…


simple kids
The cutest baby rompers, the best t shirts for boys and just stunning season after season – Simple Kids*.

My article about the best dollhouses is doing so well, just in case you missed it.


The name – loomshakalaka – is all you need to know. F U N!

OMG. So cute! A deer headband*


twirl dress
Your girl loves to twirl? Let her twirl!

That article resonated with me on so many levels. Loosing your mum is the toughest thing


the hey gang
The Hey Gang!

What do your kids have in their pockets? I love this photo series.


corner toy shop wood
The coolest toy shop ever!

You want to improve your photography skills? Here are 3 projects that will help you!


french country house shabby chic
Z E N! This looks like the perfect spot to relax and recharge…

Check the lovely shop called Matilda and Grace*, because you can never have too many pretty hair bows. (the make great little gifts too)


done by deer
Done by Deer* was inspired by the jungle for their latest collection.

Five independent businesses share their ‘rip off’ stories. Shop small and shop from the original.



Rafa Kids was busy and launched two new products recently. A wardrobe and a dresser. I like!

Vegan: I made this delicious Vegan Chocolate Pie.


jungle wallpaper kids room
Talking about jungle, how fantastic is this wallpaper*?

Female creativity vs. motherhood.


vanessa bruno raffa bag silk drss
My first Vanessa Bruno bag, I bought it approx. 20 years ago. The one with the sequins. You probably know (latest when you visited Paris where every women has at least one). The smallest version, in black so it worked with everything. Since then my collection grew step by step. And I still think it is one of the best bags around. The raphia version is super nice too. Summer, chic, seqins… Y E S! Together with that gorgeous silk dress or with your favourite pair of jeans… it works with everything. On the picture you can see it with khaki sequins (but there is gold and white two). In either Large* or Medium*.


Enjoy your weekend and see you back on Monday!

jolly things for your April

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