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Cool Autumn styles for mums

Paul & Paula Cool Autumn styles for mums
I just decided that today it is just for us. Beautiful things and Autumn styles for mums…

It is pouring outside today and I think there is no denying that Autumn is waiting around the corner… so I put together a few things that should make a great entrance into our wardrobes…

Enjoy… we do deserve a little treat from time to time as well… because we all know how it goes when we decide to shopping. We always end up in the kids department anyway…


1. Romantic cotton blouse in cream.

2. P U R E luxury! Probably something for the Christmas wish list…

3. Love all the underwear from La Nouvelle!

4. Love this red coat. Great colour against grey winter days!


Paul & Paula Cool Autumn styles for mums

1. Jewelry from Elise Tsikis will definitely give your outfit a boost!

2. Cult sweater from June 7.2.

3. Coolest denim dress that I would wear exactly like this, with sneakers!

4. Perfect little bag for Autumn in rust.


Happy Thursday!


A few things for August (Friday List)

A few things for August (Friday List)

I moved my desk to France and isn’t a new scenery always a welcome change?

We arrived on Sunday late and had our dose of crepes, creme de marron, supermarket stroll and real cider straight away. Oh and a ‘croissant aux amandes’ for me too…

We are in Brittany which is relatively cool compared to the temperatures of the rest of France! (which means: very often we had rain drizzles and temps around 18 when the rest of the country had sun and 28C. No kidding! We which the ‘meteo’ and the whole country was nice and sunny and then one grey spot. One. Just here! But anyway… this year we are just happy with the weather and that we can be outside all the time!)

And enough about France and off to my finds from the last weeks, lots of goodies. As usual!


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Hej July – my happy finds for the sunny month!

nordic kids room

July is here! Summer is still here and we are following the World Cup, eating our weight in strawberries and dance a happy dance because it is Friday. I was away the two last week ends for trade show visits and I am so happy to spend the upcoming one with my crew.

But before I am sharing some cool stuff from around the world of kids design and fashion. Plus some goodies for mums and other great stuff. Hand picked, for you, with love!

Top: Beautiful Scandinavian children’s room!

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Yearling by Dôen

Yearling by Dôen
Usually the story goes like this: I am showing you a cute children’s brand and we all go ‘awwww’ and wish it would come in mama sizes too. Sometimes we are lucky (more and more brands devote some pieces to adults)!

Now… today it is the other way around. You probably swooned over the wardrobe from SoCal’s cool-girl cult label Dôen already. Latest when you browsed your Instagram. Pretty, romantic dresses for the perfect boho feeling!

And they do mini versions now too. Told you! Today it is the other way around. If you love the mini&me style than you will adore this…!

Called Yearling by Doen this is the dreamy kids collection by the sisters Margaret and Katherine Kleveland.

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June Isle Clothier

June Isle Clothier
Mums! I know this is a blog dedicated to children. The finds and latest news for our little ones. But, being a mum of four myself, I know how nice it is to find something lovely in between for myself!

Because seriously my kids are often better dressed than me.

So when I discovered June Isle that caters for mums and little people. Well! Things were golden!

You can clearly see how the brand takes its inspiration from nature. Simple designs, using quality materials and creating long-lasting pieces that will transition easily from season to season.
Everything is locally made by seamstresses in British Columbia, Canada. (there is something with Canada this week)

All high quality fabrics are from natural fibres, like 100% pure European linen as well as organic certified, OEKO-TEC approved, hemp and cotton fabric blends. Which are then dyed naturally.

‘We are passionate about traceability, sustainability, ethical practice as well as ensuring that giving back is built into the company’s DNA. We value the art of simplicity and integrity. The concept that less is more, and that buying with intention and integrity is possible. We make clothes you can feel good about!’

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