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17 cheery things for your May!


Ola everyone! How are you?

We are heading into a long weekend here in London and on Sunday I will get my first Covid Vaccine. Now all we need are some milder temperatures to get the BBQ rolling and the picnic blanket out.

In May we are also expecting another step into some more normality. Things like having another family over for diner, mini events with up to 30 people can happen and the last businesses can re-open too.

However I am aware that a lot of countries are still hugely struggling and I am sending over the brightest of vibes.

Maybe today’s Friday list can lift your mood as well:

momoni clothing
Distinctive style!

Loving the evercalm series. So soothing and relaxing.


ceramic fruit bowl with woman figurine
Ceramic fruit bowl* with woman figurine! So poetic!

11 books that are loved!


be kind sweater
Be kind! It will go a long way….

Hopefully the picnic season can start very soon. I am planning to bring this pretty hand embroidered picnic blanket*every time!


handmade Coffee Pour Over Tumbler SET
Fantastic gift for coffee lovers – a hand thrown ceramic pour over* in speckled dune with a matching hand thrown tumbler.

Meet the middle-aged millennial.


rylee and cru
Another gorgeous collection

Have you seen this happy summer collection that just launched?


support your local farmer shirt
Eco-conscious apparel* and goods made with nature in mind.

‘We found a baby on the subway – now he’s our son.’ BBC


kemi telford
New fashion find.

Traveling after getting the COVID vaccine.


baby muslins gift box
Gorgeous shop* with the most enchanting illustrations. Perfect for newborn gifts!

The Lack of Small Talk Is Breaking Our Brains. The Walrus.


Cute tricycle*.


Have a lovely weekend everyone!


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21 sunny things for your April!

paul paula blog

Another Friday. Another article bursting with fun and cool things. Including some cute things for Easter of course.

Which is very early this year, so I am hoping that the Easter Bunny will bring good surprises and a little break from our current reality. Yesterday was Antoine’s birthday. The 2nd round with Corona and who would have thought that?! Who would have thought that, again, no party, no friends around… and worse, not even school. Because he is isolation since last week because there was a case in his year group.

Therefore, hop hop HOPE. Hope for things to settle down over the next weeks…

To help I gathered my latest finds and favourites:

frida kahlo print

Spring is here and one easy way to give your home a little update is with prints. And I have some great finds for you, please have a look:
1. Botanical and so perfect for the season, from Hawaii and it is the shop* where I found this amazing Frida print
2. If you are into Vintage, you will love this shop*! So good!
3. Chinoiserie art prints* right here from London.

Extra: Wall decals are also super for creating a fresh look in an instant. Have a look at these bold and quirky designs.


abc Mermaid Resin Play Set
ABC play made really fun*. Uppercase, Lowercase, numbers… you name it. Made from resin with glitter, confetti, mini dinosaurs and more. So cute!

These lovely reusable bags* will allow you to bring snacks, store food in the fridge and be kind to the planet. They are pretty cute as well!


linen suspender skirt girl
Linen staples in all the gorgeous colours you can imagine. Rompers, skirts, ruffles, accessories…

One year into the coronavirus pandemic, women are not OK.

Also: Working mums during the pandemic.

Talking about women, this dress went straight on my wishlist.


bobby pins hair tie decals
Get organised with these decals. Stick them to any jar, pot or bowl and always find the little pins and ties quickly!

A new pasta shape!


More colour inspiration with this incredible London family home.

More interior inspiration from London. Love the green walls.


ganni founders home copenhagen
Who does not like Ganni? Now you get a peek into the home of the founders. A great place in Copenhagen!

Another very inspiring family home, in France.


easter brunch table
Planning an Easter Brunch? Have a look at these cute printables*. Quick download, print and voila – your table setting will look glam.

DIY with the kids during the Easter break – Batik t-shirts. (In German)

Unmissable: Natural Easter Egg Dyes


personalised easter shirt children
Looking for a little gift from the Easter Bunny? Have a look at these personalised gifts that include t-shirts, baskets and more…

Perfect Spring Looks for the kids. Stylish and so comfortable!


Hugs and happy weekend you all!



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23 happy things for your March!

23 happy things for your March!
Hello Hello… we are going straight into March and with my children going back to school in a week, I can (again) finally focus more on my projects again. Phew…

One quote that, for me personally, really hits the nail on the head these days is: ‘You grow with your challenges!’
And we do. And therefore, we are still able to keep going, to see the positive side effects, and to be resilient.

But let’s not get to spiritual because that is not really my area. However I am very aware that by now the UK is doing quite well when it comes to vaccines and planning. And we were presented with a plan that shows a light at the end of the tunnel. Such a relief. And I know that maybe in your home country the situation can be very different.
Stay Strong! Stay Healthy!

And enjoy my 23 happy things for your March:

modern quilt
Modern quilts*, inspired by nature, made in London.

Thinking about cutting down on sugar? Maybe these tricks can help to get you started…


twill hill wall decor weaving(2)
Handwoven wall decor*!

Friendships during Covid.


Home Morag Myerscough
Fun and colourful London home of artist Morag Myerscough! So much inspiration and so much to see…

‘The One After the Superbowl’ – I am a huge FRIENDS fan and found this article about the story of this iconic episode just splendid.


linen overall kids
Perfect for Spring – a cute linen overall*. (available in lots of different colours)

Talking about Spring clothes, here are some of my favourite pieces from the current collections.


wooden rainbow toy
Blending the beauty of art with the power of play – Min Min CPH.

ROAR! Lions for the kids room!


Home Swedish Lapland
Swedish interior at its best.

Colourful wall hangings for the kids room and/or any space that needs a bit of sunshine.


easter embroidered collar
Oh my! This shop has literally the cutest hand embroidered collars, pins, and other accessories. Including the sweetest Easter themed ones. L O V E!

2021 and public transportation. And no, nothing to do with Covid.


petit piao
Petit Piao.

Baby alert.


morley for kids dress
Cool prints, beautiful silhouettes… just perfect the new collection (again) from one of my favourite Belgian brands!

Wuhan – after a year!


lem lem dress
A dream of a summer dress*. Went straight on my wish list!

Rock? 90’s? Who is the most hated rock band? Find out!


wool-rainbow-rug kids room

Gorgeous rainbow rug. Not only for the kids room I think…

How are you dealing with the loss of hugs?


Have a beautiful weekend everyone and fingers crossed for a sunny and mild month of March. xoxo


PS: Do you know what Grape Nuts are?



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Happy spring clothes for kids!

spring clothes kids

Good Morning everyone! How are you? Over the last days we thankfully changed from freezing to nearly Spring. And it is so appreciated!

And it means that over the last days we woke up to the sun. Such a mood booster! Which made me think that Spring is really coming along. Therefore I had to go and check what is in store to give your little one’s wardrobe a little Spring Lift.

Below you can find some of my favourites and they all work great when it comes to layers. Crisp mornings still need some tights or leggings and a cardigan on top. And later you can wear it with light shoes. Perfect!

Of course, you will find lots of unisex pieces too. Keeping it simple and easy.

Please enjoy my edit of Spring clothes for the kids:


1. Cool organic Cotton Joggers in green. For boys and girls.

2. Cutest overall. I love this one. It is so fun and cute…

3. Organic printed sweater.

4. Linen overalls with ruffles for a romantic look. Add tights, leggings and a long sleeve until it is warm enough.

5. Cover up! Easy with this sun hat!

6. Add some fun to your outfits with this bandana.

7. So comfy, so sweet and a must have: Muslin babygro!

8. Organic cotton Tomato T-Shirt for fun days.

9. Anniversary Organic Cotton Sweatshirt – choose between 1 year and up to 10. Kids love it!

10. Organic cotton Pointelle Dress – delicate, chic and very beautiful!

11. Raphia tote for mums

12. Flowy Cotton Muslin Trousers Dusty Pink



*all links are affiliate

The cutest Huarache sandals one can wear – promise!

cutest Huarache sandals
Hello everyone! I am totally aware that it is only mid February and many of us are freezing and dealing with snow. However, March is coming soon, Easter is early this year and if one thing will cheer you up it is cute shoes for the months ahead.

I actually found these late in 2020 and immediately fell in love. But had to keep on a bit because I thought that these Huaraches are not really something you buy in November or December. At least not if you live in the Northern Hemisphere…

But now it is time! And I know you will love them just as much as I do because they are the cutest Huarache sandals one can wear. For mums as well as mini me’s!

And Macarena’s shoes are not only fantastic and so beautifully boho, they are handmade in Mexico from 100% natural leather.

Let’s have a look and see why I think that these are the cutest Huarache sandals one can wear:


cutest Huarache sandals

cutest Huarache sandals

cutest Huarache sandals
These beautiful shoes* can be worn with a dress as well as with a pair of jeans and you will always look unique and fashionable.

About huarache:

The huarache is part of the traditional Michoac√°n clothing. Which includes straw hats, embroidered blanket dresses, bandanas and monfarlans too. It is an authentic state full of traditions and crafts, of which the huaraches are part. They really stand out for being comfortable and perfect for all occasions. And to this day, Huarache artisans continue to use traditional techniques which have been used by their grandparents and their grandparents’ grandparents.


cutest Huarache sandals

cutest Huarache sandals

cutest Huarache sandals
It is so hard to choose a favourite but I will share my top three:

  1. The classic*. In tan and with laces to go up your ankle. So cute.

2. Embroidered*.¬† Because I just love a good embroidery and they would make me so happy every time I’d wear them.

3. Gold*. I love a bit of gold during summer. Together with the colourful style, they are gorgeous.


cutest Huarache sandals
Yes there are! Some of the designs also come in children sizes* so your little one can enjoy these lovely sandals as well. And that would definitely be a great mini & me look….


Want to see more boho styles? Have a look at these rainbow decor for the kids room or Boho Baby Heaven!


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