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27 jolly things for your July!

27 jolly things for your July!

July already started but I will share a Friday list for this glorious month anyway.

It is quite busy over here with lots of ‘end of year’ things going on. And no real plans for the summer. But let’s not talk about that, maybe something last minute will be organised.

This week I had my 2nd vaccination so that is all done and ticked off. Further… I am kinda out of words. So much to say, not finding a good start….argh…

Let me just share all the findings and readings of the last weeks. Lots of inspiration:

goose baby blanket
Super soft warm ultra luxurious faux fur blanket* for baby and children.

Successful Entrepreneurs’ Best Small-Business Advice.


handmade baby mobile
Delightful mobile* for the nursery.

Beautiful kinetic mobiles.


Personalized Embroidery hoop
Personalised embroidery hoop!

Gorgeous illustrations.


family cottage london
Family Cottage in West London!

How Climate Change Will Transform What We Eat! Must read.


Lorien Stern
Lorien Stern!

Korean family recipes.


scanidnavian living room
Beautiful Scandinavian living room.

Have you heard of UNFOLDED?


dream bedroom
What a bedroom!

Did you watch the Friends reunion?


at this very moment book
NEW books:
The Young Cyclist Companion
With cycling on a new, post-pandemic high, this book tells our children everything they needed to know about bikes but are maybe too afraid to ask.

At this very moment
A beautifully poetic bedtime book for children ages 2 and up.

The History of Cars
The knowledgeable Professor Wooford McPaw is here to take you on a journey through time, so climb into the passenger seat and let’s take a spin…



bachaa paris dress
India meets France at Bachaa. (and if you like this, you will love this too)

Lots of inspiration from this Insta account.


home of sophie ellis bextor
Refreshing, real, quirky and full of life – the home of Sophie Ellis Bextor!

Colourful and full of retro folk charm clothes and accessories*.


mome portugal kids clothing
Möm(e)´s story is about the unconditional love for the family!

Planet Hollywood? Remember that place?


mauvais marie toys
Mauvais Marie.

OMG! The cutest baby swim set* ever. Trust me!


pinch toys
Wooden play things from Pinch Toys!

Hello Lilibet!


Wishing you all a fantastic month of July!



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A very colourful and cosy family cottage!

colourful family cottage

Welcome back and right into Interior Tuesday! And a very colourful and inspiring one for sure. I am taking you to the other side of the world, to Australia today.

This light filled, breezy home in Byron belongs to a creative family. It is full of colour but in its own way, starting every room on a white canvas with white walls and floors. This is how I love to do interiors as well. Because once you have a bright and crisp space, you can set accents and go for the details.

Now, let’s have a look and see how the family filled theirs and which ideas you would like to copy or take away today from this cosy cottage:

colourful family cottage

colourful family cottage

Custom shelving using the full height of the room and cabinetry that is functional as well as pretty.  In the living and dining area they showcase colourful books and home ware that look like travel souvenirs to me.


colourful family cottage
colourful family cottage

Have you heard about PET lamps? They look awesome (see picture above) they are also really smart:

PET Lamp is a project that combines the reuse of plastic bottles with selected traditional weaving techniques found in different corners of the world in order to create unique handmade lampshades.


colourful family cottage

colourful family cottage
And then there are these stunning windows along the entire back wall of the living area. The result is amazing natural light all day long.

More cool family homes from Australia:


Via Homes to Love

5 colour block wall ideas for your kids room

kids room clour block wall

Colour block walls can really make a statement in any room without a big budget. Try using contrasting colours to create geometric effects that highlight a part of your space or simply dress up an empty wall.

Further, this is a great idea if you are not a fan of wallpaper but love a splash of colour and pattern. Colour blocking is done by selecting zones on a wall or ceiling and painting them in a different colour from the main wall colour.

And with colour blocking, you can actually combine as many colours as you like. However I would like to recommend to start subtle and see how you get on.

How about this ideas: You can create patterns, paint parts of a wall, just the window frames or parts of the ceiling. You can even update furniture, take an old armoire and paint it for example. The possibilities are truly endless and I am iviting you to think outside the box and be creative…

Here are 5 fantastic kids rooms with colourblock walls to get you inspired:

colourblock wall kids room pink

Image: VTwonen

With colour blocking, you can create a sophisticated as well as fun look. White and pink walls with wooden furniture gives this room a nice girly touch without being too romantic.


colourblock wall natural nursery

Image: Minty Magazine

It is the easiest, quickest and most budget-friendly way to add some colour to a room. And pastel colours like above will create a beautiful, bright and soft paradise. Clearly, this simple and minimal children’s room got a lovely and stylish addition with the colourblock wall.


colourblock wall nursery

Image: Estilo Escandinavo

The classic! White wall painted with a contrasting colour on the ‘lower level’. The turquoise is gender neutral, fresh and fun.



Image: Loaf

This room shows another fun way to bring together two colours on one wall. The ‘mountains’ are playful and create a really quirky wall for a kids room.


colourblock wall teen room

Image: Dezeen

A white room got a wall full of Lego brick plates for creative non-stop fun. Combining the colour block trend with toys is the ultimate solution!


Altogether: An easy way to get started is to simply keep the walls white or in a very neutral colour. And then pick a very bright or significantly darker color to paint halfway up the wall.

More ideas on how to freshen up the kids room?


21 sunny things for your April!

paul paula blog

Another Friday. Another article bursting with fun and cool things. Including some cute things for Easter of course.

Which is very early this year, so I am hoping that the Easter Bunny will bring good surprises and a little break from our current reality. Yesterday was Antoine’s birthday. The 2nd round with Corona and who would have thought that?! Who would have thought that, again, no party, no friends around… and worse, not even school. Because he is isolation since last week because there was a case in his year group.

Therefore, hop hop HOPE. Hope for things to settle down over the next weeks…

To help I gathered my latest finds and favourites:

frida kahlo print

Spring is here and one easy way to give your home a little update is with prints. And I have some great finds for you, please have a look:
1. Botanical and so perfect for the season, from Hawaii and it is the shop* where I found this amazing Frida print
2. If you are into Vintage, you will love this shop*! So good!
3. Chinoiserie art prints* right here from London.

Extra: Wall decals are also super for creating a fresh look in an instant. Have a look at these bold and quirky designs.


abc Mermaid Resin Play Set
ABC play made really fun*. Uppercase, Lowercase, numbers… you name it. Made from resin with glitter, confetti, mini dinosaurs and more. So cute!

These lovely reusable bags* will allow you to bring snacks, store food in the fridge and be kind to the planet. They are pretty cute as well!


linen suspender skirt girl
Linen staples in all the gorgeous colours you can imagine. Rompers, skirts, ruffles, accessories…

One year into the coronavirus pandemic, women are not OK.

Also: Working mums during the pandemic.

Talking about women, this dress went straight on my wishlist.


bobby pins hair tie decals
Get organised with these decals. Stick them to any jar, pot or bowl and always find the little pins and ties quickly!

A new pasta shape!


More colour inspiration with this incredible London family home.

More interior inspiration from London. Love the green walls.


ganni founders home copenhagen
Who does not like Ganni? Now you get a peek into the home of the founders. A great place in Copenhagen!

Another very inspiring family home, in France.


easter brunch table
Planning an Easter Brunch? Have a look at these cute printables*. Quick download, print and voila – your table setting will look glam.

DIY with the kids during the Easter break – Batik t-shirts. (In German)

Unmissable: Natural Easter Egg Dyes


personalised easter shirt children
Looking for a little gift from the Easter Bunny? Have a look at these personalised gifts that include t-shirts, baskets and more…

Perfect Spring Looks for the kids. Stylish and so comfortable!


Hugs and happy weekend you all!



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23 happy things for your March!

23 happy things for your March!
Hello Hello… we are going straight into March and with my children going back to school in a week, I can (again) finally focus more on my projects again. Phew…

One quote that, for me personally, really hits the nail on the head these days is: ‘You grow with your challenges!’
And we do. And therefore, we are still able to keep going, to see the positive side effects, and to be resilient.

But let’s not get to spiritual because that is not really my area. However I am very aware that by now the UK is doing quite well when it comes to vaccines and planning. And we were presented with a plan that shows a light at the end of the tunnel. Such a relief. And I know that maybe in your home country the situation can be very different.
Stay Strong! Stay Healthy!

And enjoy my 23 happy things for your March:

modern quilt
Modern quilts*, inspired by nature, made in London.

Thinking about cutting down on sugar? Maybe these tricks can help to get you started…


twill hill wall decor weaving(2)
Handwoven wall decor*!

Friendships during Covid.


Home Morag Myerscough
Fun and colourful London home of artist Morag Myerscough! So much inspiration and so much to see…

‘The One After the Superbowl’ – I am a huge FRIENDS fan and found this article about the story of this iconic episode just splendid.


linen overall kids
Perfect for Spring – a cute linen overall*. (available in lots of different colours)

Talking about Spring clothes, here are some of my favourite pieces from the current collections.


wooden rainbow toy
Blending the beauty of art with the power of play – Min Min CPH.

ROAR! Lions for the kids room!


Home Swedish Lapland
Swedish interior at its best.

Colourful wall hangings for the kids room and/or any space that needs a bit of sunshine.


easter embroidered collar
Oh my! This shop has literally the cutest hand embroidered collars, pins, and other accessories. Including the sweetest Easter themed ones. L O V E!

2021 and public transportation. And no, nothing to do with Covid.


petit piao
Petit Piao.

Baby alert.


morley for kids dress
Cool prints, beautiful silhouettes… just perfect the new collection (again) from one of my favourite Belgian brands!

Wuhan – after a year!


lem lem dress
A dream of a summer dress*. Went straight on my wish list!

Rock? 90’s? Who is the most hated rock band? Find out!


wool-rainbow-rug kids room

Gorgeous rainbow rug. Not only for the kids room I think…

How are you dealing with the loss of hugs?


Have a beautiful weekend everyone and fingers crossed for a sunny and mild month of March. xoxo


PS: Do you know what Grape Nuts are?



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