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An inspiring family home that looks real and inviting

An inspiring family home that looks real and inviting
Oh my kind of home! The moment I saw this place over at Slomo I loved it. It looks real, charming, a fun mix of finds, passion and ‘must haves’. And a kitchen that invites to spend time and to cook, and laugh and have fun.
Yes! My kind of home…

It is also the place where you do feel that actually somebody is living there. A real family home(something I like to share a bit more on my Insta by the way)!

Claudia, Julien, Leni and Jeanne live here. In the heart of Berlin and the family admits that the apartment is like a fifth member of their clan. Always changing, growing and well loved. I can understand why…
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A natural nursery for a baby girl

natural nursery for a baby girl
Is it me or do we see more and more ‘natural’ kids rooms? I mean, I love it. Always been a fan of rather clean and simple rooms. I found quirky rooms tend to over-stimulate very quickly and toys are usually quite colourful by itself. No need to add lots more colour. My two cents of course. And there are a few very nice rooms that prove otherwise… one just really need a good eye to do it right!

But anyway, let’s have a look at today’s room. Mama Lauren Wells shared the nursery she created for her baby girl.

Calm, natural, soft and with a lovely selection of good toys and books.

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The beautiful kids room of Zoi, Bianca and Gaia

The beautiful kids rooms of Zoi, Bianca and Gaia
Today we are going to Poland and the home of a very inspiring family. I am a big fan of mama Monika Lenarczyk and her magic touch when it comes to photography. Probably the main reason why she is, sadly, not blogging on Kaszka z mlekiem anymore. Photo jobs and, of course, her family!

No wonder that I love her home just as much. Her eye and great feeling for mixing genres and designs is a feast. Lets have a look into the room of her three girls – Zoi, Bianca and Gaia.

A lovely mix of vintage, girly stuff, finds and above all – attention to detail. Garlands (oh how I love them), cute lamps, cushions and beautiful bed covers. Just like I like it, the walls are white to give all the attention to the toys and accessories.

It is a cute room, no question. And I love the mix…

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A wonderful baby and toddler shared kids room

 baby and toddler shared kids room
Hello! Today we are in Toronto for a new edition of Interior Tuesday. This room is the perfect fit to my day. Sunny, bright and happy. This space just tells me the same. Lots of daylight, minimal design and happy kids. Yay!

Two adorable children are sharing the space that adapts to a one year old as well as a three year old. Nothing unusual. Many siblings are sharing rooms. But giving you some inspiration for upcoming projects can only help!

Mama Sina, founder of Happy Grey Lucky (I love her style and cool Insta account!), designed this space. A modern, clean and open kids room with many clever details.

‘I wanted to keep the place airy and bright, with lots of white to play off the gorgeous afternoon light that this room gets. Unlike the rest of the house, I also wanted to add some colour in the form of pastel pink and mint green. Childhood is just so pure and innocent and, for me, pastels embody that sweet innocence so very well. Mix in lots of light woods for warmth and you’ve got yourself the perfect recipe for a sweet Scandinavian-inspired kids room.’

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A breezy dream home with airy dream kids rooms

airy dream kids rooms
The three best friends Bonnie, Lana & Erin from three birds renovations just finished one big project. Bonnie’s dream home.

Bonnie has four children, a dog and a big house that was just turned into the home she always dreamed about.
You can see all revealed rooms as well as ‘before’ pictures here and get a glimpse how a big that project was.

She’s been dreaming about this for over a decade and planned for the last 5 years. Bonnie started cataloguing ideas in her mind of what she would do one day if it were her home! And this is the result. Including some seriously cool kids rooms…

And yes there is a lot of ‘dream’ all over here but wow… I mean. This is a very special house… including some dream kids rooms!
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