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Cool Brooklyn loft turned fun family home

Paul & Paula: Brooklyn family loft

We are back with Interior Tuesday and I have this super awesome family loft situated in Brooklyn to share with you.

Owners Dylan Dodd and Elisa Restrepo’s and their two children are living here. And the apartment really grew with the family. What started with a kitchen renovation was turned into fitting in space for their first child. A couple of years later, another space had to be found for arrival number two.

The apartment is an airy 2,000 square feet and occupies the second floor of a converted 1800s schoolhouse in South Williamsburg. And you can find the ‘traditional’ whitewashed brick and some very cool statement lighting. Adding an eclectic blend of textures, materials, and artwork, voila, the perfect family loft that combines modern design and parenthood.
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14 joyful things for your November!

14 joyful things for your November!

Sending you into the new months with some really cool stuff. Reads, finds and interiors. November is (nearly) here and I know… it is not everyone’s favourite month of the year.

So let’s just believe that the golden autumn weather will stay and in case of grey skies and rainy days… you can just enjoy this list.
By the way – are you all set for Halloween today?

I am so curious on what will happen here in London. Because in Sweden Halloween was not (yet) a big deal. Some parties, mostly at school, and maybe a bit of decoration at home. But not much trick or treating…
The kids are super excited, of course!
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Why kids and parents love these children’s interior accessories!


I wanted to just share this post without saying much about our current situation. But then I remembered a little story from Friday.

The six of us at the airport, heading out of Scandinavia and into our new country. We are in a shop and about to pay, when the lady at the counter asked the kids ‘Are going home tonight?’

Awkward moment. The lady looked at us and then I explained that this is a tricky question at this moment. And a reply would take a little while.
But it also summed up the current state of mind over here. In between places, in between good byes and hellos and in between all kind of feelings and emotions.

Once we are settled a little (our stuff is supposed to arrive today) I will try and write another article about this whole moving thing.

But for now, we are talking kids interiors. More precisely the new children’s collection from Ferm Living Kids. It is truly too adorable.

As always, Ferm Living Kids nails it when it comes to the perfect mix of kids friendly yet stylish, appealing to parents and somehow super cute but not kitsch. Scandinavian style with lots of charm and a timeless style.


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The Sausage Dog Edit

Paul & Paula: The Sausage Dog Edit

Good Morning! A crazy week is upon us here… today is the last day in our apartment because tomorrow the moving company will ring the bell very early and start packing our belongings. After 5 years you just make a lot of memories…

And the Sausage Dog idea actually came, because Romy always tells me about dogs and she knows all the different types, races and breeds. And she loves Sausage Dogs…

So, one day I found this cool bedding and the throw and went looking for more, because surely there are more Sausage Dog enthusiasts?!

Enjoy the edit:


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Amsterdam warehouse gone family home with lots of vintage treasures

Amsterdam warehouse gone family home with lots of vintage treasures
Oh, I just found this gem of a family place yesterday. Sitting right in the canals of our last destination, Amsterdam, so I had lots of memories coming back!

A former warehouse just off Prinsengracht, one of the main canals in Amsterdam’s city center, it is a four-storey red-brick building built in the early 1800s. A typical long stretched space (home owners used to pay taxes based on the width of their houses back in the 1600!) that was recently renovated by their passionate and current owners.

The children’s rooms are sitting under the steeply pitched eaves. And the parents created such a poetic universe for their little ones, it is just beautiful. In general, I just cannot stop looking at these pictures. So many little details, vintage finds and cool ideas. I love it!
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