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Dreamy boho wall decorations for the kids room

hoop wall decor kids
Good Monday Morning!
Today is probably the last day were everyone has to get back into their routine… alarm clocks, school runs, lunch boxes and and and…

Therefore I decided on a soft start over here. Something romantic and from my beloved hometown – Berlin.

Vivien from Momo und Carla makes these adorable bohe wall decorations for the kids room. Not only the kids room, if you ask me, but they do make some great and special gifts. For baby showers or first birthdays, because you can personalise them with names or little words that mean the world to you.

Every hoop or dreamcatcher is made by hand with lot of passion and stunning little details… have a look at the images and see for yourself:

boho wall decor hoops kids

boho wall decor hoop kids

swan mobile

boho wall decor kids

dreamcatcher bobo name kids

dreamcatcher bobo name kids

flower hoops wall decor
These boho wall decorations truly make for a special corner and you can even ask for specific colours and embellishments.  Pompoms, flowers, little animals or fabric stripes. You choose…

The only problem: How to choose one? They are all adorable!

Happy New Year!

Oh and if you like these, you probably like those cute dolls from Boramiri as well! Or check Zuri House for cute home accessories for the kids room.

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The most beautiful wall tapestry for big and small

Olive And The Boy wall tapestry

Oh boy, wall tapestry in very pretty! When I discovered these I was immediately sure that Kristin Carter, the lady behind, is a genius.

We have all seen our share of macrame and boho-kind-of wall deco. But this, my friends, is the stuff that makes my heart jump. This is Olive And The Boy from Australia!

Adorable wall hangings – from flowers, to portraits, to animals or neon. Charmingly made to your requests and wioth many delightful details and love.

If you are looking for a very special gift, the one little special thing to finish the nursery or something uber-pretty to hang above your head… this is it!

Olive And The Boy wall tapestry
Loving the colours and variations. From cute animals for the kids room to a big hipster beard.

And Kristin will create anything you would like. Colours, fringes, faces, details… you name it. Make it yours!


Olive And The Boy wall tapestry

Olive And The Boy wall tapestry

Olive And The Boy wall tapestry

Olive And The Boy wall tapestry

Olive And The Boy wall tapestry

Olive And The Boy wall tapestry

Olive And The Boy wall tapestry

That couple would make such a great wedding gift! And those letters that have a little sparkle in them?

I am so tempted to get one for our new home…


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28 delightful things for your December!

Paul & Paula: 28 delightful things for your December!

Ok, I know it is not Friday (yet!) but Thursday will do beautifully this time around too. Because I saved so much great stuff for this list, you will need an extra day.

And I am happy to finally share all of it and get this out to you… this may very well be the longest Friday List on Paul & Paula to date!

By the way, I am planning to write a few things that are on my chest next week. A few life updates…

I hope that I will find the time and the perfect moment, because I always need to ‘right’ moment to get started.
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Typically Red
Typically Red – thoughtful keepsakes.

Ever noticed these awesome subtle details in those movie credits?


scandinavian kids room
Lovely family home in Stockholm.

My latest fashion crush.


kids chess set ingela p arenhus
Antoine loves chess and this set is really cute, don’t you think?

About Instagram and captions!


Fantastic vintage inspired boards for the kids room.

DIY – paper umbrella garland. Frankie.


rainbow-rug kids
Totally thinking about this rug for one of the kids rooms upstairs.

Is this the future of retail?


geometric paper xmas wreath
My kind of Christmas wreath.

I found this super interesting. 6 rules of photo composition that are also rules to live by.


felt creative christmas wreath
And how about this one? A wreath for every door?

More Instagram – the feed war.


lovebox messenger
All there is to say: Lovebox makes it easy to spread the love

Keep your baby warm this winter.


raduga grez wooden toys
Love me some Raduga Drëz toys.

Who does the best show on stage?


wunderkin hair accessories
Wunderkin hair accessories. A dream for every girl. Timeless and elegant. And cute!

Cool breastfeeding tees and jumpers. And I mean, really cool!


japanese kids clothes
Kids clothes that make happy. Tiny Rainy Kids from Japan.

Very much in love with this wedding dress collection!


moon shaped wooden letter board
So wonderful. Moon shaped wooden letter board for all the messages you want your kids to remember.

A dream house.


A complete mood board for the kids room. Beautiful prints and cards.

Plush magic.



Very poetic.

Our folk.


Sooooo… I hope you enjoy my picks and the articles that I think are very worth reading. Have a great rest of the week… xoxo

PS: Have you seen these attic rooms? So cosy…


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15 happy things for your October!

Paul & Paula 15 things for October
Oh hello! At the moment I am not so sure how I feel about Fridays. On the one hand, I am happy for the weekend to start. On the other hand, I feel like time is literally rushing through. Another week has gone by… waaaaahhh…

I cannot wait to slow down again and breathe. We do have a really great holiday coming up for the Winter break (Dec/Jan) and I just love the pre-excitement before going away. This time even more, because we all really need a break. To relax, to spend time together (slow and quality) and do not follow any wake-up calls, appointments, and other commitments.

How about you?

I do love autumn very much and this year we are lucky to see some sun shining through the pretty leaves as well. But I can also see that this is always a rather hard period for the children. Between the middle of August when they went to school and the very end of October – it is a long period of school weeks. On top the days are getting shorter, the mornings are dark and a little chilly. Everyone is tired. Do you feel the same?

Nevertheless, I have gathered quite a few cool finds as well as reads for you. I hope that you will enjoy them:

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mum and daughter dress minime look
Oh, the perfect mini&me look. Black dresses! (here are more twinning outfits that are really cool)

Loving this DARLING cushion!


tiny door for sylvanian in kids room
OMG! You see what I see? This tiny door? Isn’t adorable?

Super cool collab!


wooden play fishes
I love the play kitchens from Macarena Bilbao. She added lots of cool play food and other bits to her shop like these wooden fishes!

You like to eat like a local while traveling? Here are some great tips on how to actually do that…


Beautiful boho inspired shelf.

You want to eat more healthy? This is a really good article with a good dose of humour and tons of facts!


Adorable big turtle cushion!

From Berlin! Ultra cool backpacks for mini and maxi!


family home in malmo
Love seeing ‘real’ family homes. And here, the dad is really creative and makes lots of cool stuff for the kids. Fun fact – the family lives in Malmo. Ha!

Very detailed article about fake Instagram followers, comments and likes. If you are interested!


children's room with bunk bed
Very different to this ultra modern and clean version of a kids room. But I like the functionality and use of space.

Wow! Just wow! Very intense and personal story


the hey gang
The Hey Gang! Really cool and relaxed styles for children. Mostly unisex!

Happy week end! xoxo


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Beautiful kids bedding and home accessories from Australia

Paul & Paula: Beautiful kids bedding and home accessories from Australia
This week I showed you some really cool play corners. For your children to play and to have fun. Another thing that really makes a difference in a children’s room is the bedding. Beautiful, soft bedding helps with sweet dreams but it also changes the whole look and feel of the space.

A child’s bedroom is a sanctuary. A place where they can dream, sleep and play.

I just found this Australian brand called Hiccups and their Linen House for Kids range that has your child’s room covered. They have colourful and trendy designs that kids love, and parents would want for their own bed too.
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Paul & Paula: Beautiful kids bedding and home accessories from Australia Paul & Paula: Beautiful kids bedding and home accessories from Australia Paul & Paula: Beautiful kids bedding and home accessories from Australia Paul & Paula: Beautiful kids bedding and home accessories from Australia Paul & Paula: Beautiful kids bedding and home accessories from Australia

You can find kids bedding, storage bags, cushions as well as beach towels (It is an Australian company after all!) in all kind of sizes – including European sizes – and enchanting designs.

My absolute favourite is this dotted set – so pretty and lovely.

There are also some boho inspired items such as the beautiful and huge macramé that is interspersed with wooden beads throughout. Some cool pillows or pom pom throws…

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