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Scandinavian and forest accessories for kids and baby’s

Scandinavian and forest accessories for kids and baby

Over the weekend I discovered the enchanting world of Scandinavian and forest accessories for kids and baby’s designed by Emil.

I was smitten right away and something in the designs really speaks to me. The designs are truly beautiful and so well made. It is very inspiring and dreamy…

Explore. Dream. Discover. A world for little explorers!

Beautiful playmats, rugs that create imaginary worlds and enhance curiosity. Further I can spot quirky cushions and fun posters. So if you want to give your little one the gift of ‘never stop exploring’, the gift of discovery… Emil’s World* looks like a great starting point.

And for now, let’s discover these adorable kids accessories together:

Scandinavian and forest accessories for kids and baby

Scandinavian and forest accessories for kids and baby

Scandinavian and forest accessories for kids and baby

Scandinavian and forest accessories for kids and baby

Scandinavian and forest accessories for kids and baby
That bedding* is so gorgeous!

And you maybe remember me saying: A great bedding can change and decorate a room!

This is a great example. Leopards, zebras and exotic birds will appeal to boys and girls. And it is made from soft, delicate cotton.


Scandinavian and forest accessories for kids and baby

Another favourite is this Nap Mat*. It is perfect to take to kindergarten, school or a sleepover. And of course for endless playing, comfortable quiet moments and travel.

More interior inspiration for you with these natural and sustainable toys or the timeless rainbow wall hangings.


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An illustrated and enchanting world for little people


The world of Marine is a very special one. Beautifully illustrated cushions, muslins, prints, and more accessories for the little people in our lives.

‘At Minimaki we like hot chocolates and big knitted socks. We like pumpkin soup and walking in the forest to play in the autumn leaves. And we also like toasting chestnuts in the fireplace and getting together with family to draw.’

These adorable, delicately illustrated and poetic accessories are warming my heart. And they are so perfect for this Autumn.

Children (and grown ups) love fairy tales, imagining characters, dreaming, and just being free. Marine brings a magical universe to life on textiles and it will accompany your child in his explorations and discovery of the world.

Let’s have a look at this illustrated and enchanting world for little people:





And? What do you say? Isn’t this gorgeous and so poetic?





My favourites are definitely the fantastic animal world map and the watercolour animal shaped cushions.


More inspiration for you the natural interior enthusiast: This natural kids room full of inspiration and these must-have accessoiries for a natural kids room .

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The coolest rainbow decor items for the children’s room!

rainbow decor kids room

I know! Rainbows have been around for quite some time now… but I think they are perfect for a nursery or kids room.

They give you this happiness and ‘everything is good’ feeling which is so important when living with children. And rainbows are truly timeless, loved by big and small and light up any space. Just think about what happens when the natural wonder of a rainbow happens. It captivates everyone.

Therefore, a rainbow is the perfect decoration for a kids room. Be it a print, a wall hanging or a beautiful toy, rainbows have the natural magic in them.

And I had a look around and found the latest rainbow decor items that will turn any place into a happy place. Stylish, easy and modern in 8 variations:



Beautiful rainbow mat that can be used as a very lovely playmat for little ones and when outgrown even decorate the walls of the kids room. Clever!


changing basket cover rainbow

Changing pad cover with great rainbow print.



Happy rooms need a rainbow rug!


felt ball mobile nursery

Colourful and contemporary unisex felt ball nursery mobile.



Gorgeous tapestry. Can be used as a rug, bedspread, or hang up on the wall. And beautiful earth colours too.


modern rainbow print

Modern rainbow print that is so simple yet lovely.



XXL rainbow sticker in boho style. Can be taken off easily which makes it easy in case you would like to re-decorate or the new piece of furniture would hide this beauty. Stick and peel as much as you want…


rainbow wall hanging

Macrame rainbow wall art! J’ adore!


Have fun decorating! As you can see there are many autumn and earthy colours in here. Taking you away from the usual bright and loud colours of a rainbow. To add a little more to the decor inspiration you can have a look at these handmade rainbow wall hangings or these cool prints that make for a quick decor update.


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17 cool things for your September!


Hi there! How are you?

Just before we are heading straight into September I have some cool stuff ready for you. This time on a Monday so you get a good start into a new week as well.

Here in London we had some ‘fresh’ days and got a glimpse into Autumn (way too early if you ask me!) and then we have one more week of summer break and I am really wondering how it will be once the kids go back to school.

Are you ready? 17 cool things for a great new week and an even better month of September:


april-vase tse tse
If you want something special for your home, look no further than Tse & Tse.

100 years of baby fashion.


animal face masks kids
Want to swap the boring mask for something cute*? how about a koala or pug version?

Not vegan. Not tried. But if you are in for a very mean chocolate cookie, I think you should try this.


lion crochet animal head nursery
Fantastic lion head* for the nursery and kids room. Such a great decor item and beautifully made to order as well.

Whoa! Coolest backpacks* around for sure…


sunna studios lounge wear
If this lounge wear would come in my size I would totally wear it…

Until then, I will find something pretty in this shop*.


origami back linen dress women
That dress* had me at ‘Hello!’. I mean… that back…

Humans of New York. Always good!


french family home reims

french family home reims
A home full of life

90s kids versus today’s kids! So fun!


I might be slightly jealous that this gorgeous jumper* is for kids! (but, of course, so so pretty!)

Pretty socks*!


linen playmat leaf
Cute playmat*.

If your kids’ school stays closed or you decided to homeschhool for the time being, have a look at this kids workspace inspiration.


Hugs and kisses…


PS: This week I will also share our two weeks break in Kent! Stay tuned…


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Children workspaces that are perfect for home school and inspire imagination

Children work spaces that are perfect for home school and inspire imagination

Since we are far away from being done with Covid but summer breaks will eventually come to an end I thought it would be great to look a little more into workspaces for children.

Here in the UK, we are planning on sending children back to school in the 2nd week of September. Fingers crossed! However, I know that elsewhere schools will stay shut until next year. And that means doing the work from home and therefore a good space is needed.

Making a designated study space where kids feel comfortable, productive, and can concentrate is key and I will show you some great ideas, share some tips, and give you inspiration for your own four walls.

Welcome to this children workspaces that are perfect for home school and inspire imagination guide:

kids desk home school

Image: Ikea

Creating a desk space

Having a special and comfortable space to study is crucial when you need to concentrate and to focus. And a dedicated desk is way better than working around the kitchen table. Plus this way you can keep all your pencils, erasers, and other school utensils on your desk – ready every time you continue to work. And I am sure your child will love to organise their own space.
Furthermore, a  great feature to have in a desk is adjustable height. Otherwise, you can also have an adjustable chair. That way the years of use are adding up.
I know that space can be an issue, so why not having a desk under a bunk bed or go for a small version with a drawer and the essentials can be kept in there.

I put together some great children’s desk to give you a head start:


kids' desks


1. Flexible desk*! The surface can be set to 3 different levels. I think it is great to be able to change up a little when you need it…

2. Cute desk* that comes in two sizes and a lots of colour options. Simple and cool!

3. Boho rattan desk*.

4. Perfectly combining design and functionality and the two compartments under the top can store everything. This desk* is available in white and celadon and has a groove for pencils on the top.

5. This desk* won the Red Dot Design Award and you can also add some drawers if you wish. (available in green and pink too)

6. Adjustable desk* with storage under the table and a great design. I love the natural version but there is blue and white as well.

7. Vintage style desk* that is available in different colours and has an accompanying chair* too.

8. This is a very stylish desk & chair set* that will look fantastic in any corner of your home.


kids workspace

Image: Apartment Therapy

Personalise the children workspace

Hang their artwork, add some time tables, and/or put a magnetic panel up to stick papers, notes, and drawings. Just make it fun, colourful, and inspiring. Have a look at my coolest art prints for kids’ rooms article to find great posters and more.
Colours are super important because they can turn a room into a great space and really help you to be creative. A room that screams happy and fun is so much better than a boring ‘classroom’ don’t you think?


kids space organisation

Image: Rachel Parcell


Think about your own desk or office. I am sure you are much more productive when it is clutter-free and tidy. And when you are creating a healthy learning environment for your kids it should be orderly as well.
Take a bookshelf and fill it with school books, paper, and art supplies. Provide little baskets for pens, glue sticks, scissors, etc. That way you will avoid a busy desk and leaving more space to do the work.

Don’t forget for the perfect children workspace:
You will need a bin, stock up on supplies, and keep healthy snacks in the pantry!



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