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Kids fashion is the heart of Paul & Paula.

It is our passion and we love to share the best of this world. We adore small and independent brands. This is the perfect place to be up to date on the kids fashion world!








Back to School 2019 – outfits for mini, maxi and teen!

Back to School 2019 - outfits

Exactly two more weeks until my kids will go Back to School. Crazy how time flies…

And after we discussed the best backpacks or tech gadgets, today I want to give you some ideas for the wardrobe. We want staples that work with everything and we want things that are comfortable and easy to wear. It is school and not church we are dressing for after all.

Therefore these Back to School outfits are cute, functional, classic yet modern, and fun:


Back to School 2019 - outfits
Back to School outfits for Mini:

1. Some comfy joggers* that look cool at the same time – win win!

2. Cute leo shirt* that goes with everything.

3. A hoodie* needs to be in everyone’s wardrobe, and this one is fun and very soft.

4. Oh my… that colour is the bomb! Best beanie* ever…

5. Simple, organic, practical = staple piece*!

6. A great dress* is always a good idea.

7. A classic! No rainy day without this yellow coat*.

8. Another must-have: A great cardigan*. Stripes, real wool, and with a cute detail.

9. Cat tights*! (just imagine them with the dress and that cardigan… exactly… perfect!)

10. Dungarees! No school wardrobe without a great pair of dungarees*.



Back to School 2019 - outfits
Back to School outfits for Maxi:

1. Velvet dress* with cat embroidery on the pockets. (two colours available)

2. B I S O U – probably the cutest t-shirt* without actually being cute.

3. La mariniere* – always ‘in’ and always great to have because it works with everything!

4. Quilted navy skirt*.

5. Mustard beanie* to finish off every outfit.

6. Socks* are just as important to make an outfit T H E outfit.

7. Easy to put on. And off! And great pants* for playground stops after school too…

8. Sleeveless down jacket* to keep you warm but easy to move around. (various colours)

9. Super graphic tights* in lovely colours.

10. Fly away… in your dreams, in your mind… on your way to school. Print t-shirt*.

11. Hoodie* galore. Simple and in various colours to find your favourite.



Back to School 2019 - outfits

Back to School outfits for Teens:

1. Loving the glitter effect that is subtle and sporty. Great zipper sweater*.

2. Is there a teen that does not love a great pair of jeans*?

3. Skate long sleeve*.

4. Beanie* to keep warm and to be cool.

5. Let those socks* peek out from under those cool jeans.

6. For an endless summer feeling! T-shirt*.

7. White shirt* with a twist.

8. Probably on your teen’s wishlist – this skirt* is the hit of the season!

9. Staple: Light down jacket* in various colours.

10. Cosy jumper* that will easily turn into a favourite very quickly.


Looking for shoes to go with those cute outfits – please have a look at the Back to School shoes round up!

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Back to School 2019 – shoes for mini and maxi!


Back to School shoes

Hi! How are you? I am realising that some of you are already sending their children back to school these days… To be honest I am very happy that we still have a bit and only go back in September.

(I never really got my head around the mid August school return during our 5 years Sweden. It always felt like we were robbed out of our summer break…)

Any way, today I have my Back to School shoes selection ready for you. Which I hope still comes in handy for your family. Because I separated the age groups again (same as for the Back to School backpacks) and there are shoes for mini, maxi, and teen!

I also added a black pair to each year group in case you need to shop uniform.

What else did look our for?

For school shoes I want something simple, shoes that are easy to put on as well as to take off, that are somehow sturdy, and of course something stylish. There are shoes for boys and girls, as well as some unisex pairs! All together, it sounds easier than it is and the selection did take a fair amount of time. However I am sure I found the perfect Back to School shoes for our little and not so little ones:


Back to School shoes

Back to School shoes for Mini:

1. Cute pair of mini Vans* with velcro fastening.

2. Cute, girly and very sturdy as well as comfortable! Chelsea boots* in rose gold!

3. I love the twin series from Camper and I think they are especially cute for the very young ones in school.

4. Cool sneakers in fun colours are always a god idea.


Back to School shoes

Back to School shoes for Maxi:

1. A classic – Dr Martens – also for little ones. A shoe that is nearly impossible to destroy.

2. The sneaker* of the moment. Consciously made and available in many colour ways by now… however this version remains my favourite!

3. Another school shoe classic* that I adore and even had for my girls before we needed uniforms.

4. Great short bootie* with lovely details that is available in blue and green too.



Back to School shoes

Back to School shoes for Tweens:

1. Never out of style, very comfortable and when you look closer you will see the glittery details of these boots*.

2. All leather velcro sneakers in navy!

3. Comfort and style in one with these cool trainers*.

4. Not a huge fan of the bulky shoe trend but those are actually quite cool.


More Back to School selections with backpacks, tech gadgets, and everything for lunchboxes & Co!

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Mischievous Magic with Tocoto Vintage

Tocoto Vintage

Bonjour from France! Spanish children’s wear brand Tocoto Vintage just launched their new collection and it is called The Bazaar Paris.

Inviting you to discover hidden secrets and mischievous magic. It is a beautiful collection (as always!) and I love all the mix and match and layering possibilities. Gorgeous knits, some glitter and magic, romantic flower prints, some ruffles and tulle. All mixed with delicious animals prints, palazzo pants, and faux fur accessories.

A really great collection that includes many fabrics, textures, and prints. Which means that there is lots to play with…

And some outfits are really so adorable that I would not mind them in my own wardrobe. Talking about that lovely leopard print skirt and knitted jumper on the second picture for example.


Tocoto Vintage

Tocoto Vintage

Tocoto Vintage

Tocoto Vintage

Tocoto Vintage
Did you spot the flashes of metallic lurex, sheepskin, corduroy with lace, and ruffle pom-poms.

And the shoe collection is getting better and better too!


Tocoto Vintage

Tocoto Vintage

Tocoto Vintage

Tocoto Vintage

Giving it a more sporty touch with some denim…


Tocoto Vintage

A little bit about Tocoto Vintage:

Marta Navarro, loves to spend her vacations by the sea in Formentera. A sun-soaked Balearic island off the coast of mainland Spain and the inspiration behind the brand. Marta is inspired by old patterns and garments that she has sourced in antique markets during her travels. Together with her sensibility for vintage details, she creates clothing that is nostalgic and romantic.


Tocoto Vintage

For an interview with Marta I invite you to check over here*, where you can find the current summer collection on sale as well!


And for more lovely clothes for your little one, I am sure you will like this very cool new Autumn collection or some rainbow inspired pieces too!

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23 fun things for your August!

23 fun things for your August!

Ola! I am melting away so I will make my intro very quick today…
And today’s list you can see as a Holiday Read. A bit the same as those books people want you to read by the pool…

Today’s list has 23 super fun things that you can enjoy on your phone or tablet. From the cutest rattan doll bed to the biggest regrets of over 90 year olds.

Happy August!


wooden ruler height chart
These height charts* are so fun! And totally something I would hang up because I never got around these teddy bear or giraffe style things you usually find…
I think they make a really great gift too!

Very nice DIY kits for kids.


Rattan beds are big right now. Now there is a doll version* too!

We just received a copy of this book – The Inner Child – and it is so fun. Explaining why adults act differently than children but actually are still children deep inside.


liberty sun bonnet
Sweet Liberty sun bonnet*.

Loved Linda Cardellini in many roles, the most recent Dead to Me especially, and this article is a beautiful portrait.


bayiri baby knits
Cute baby knits from BaYIRI.

Really cute maternity wear.


cabinet with colour boxes
Cool cabinet that is made up of loose, colourful boxes, and held together by a construction of wood and ropes.

Rainbow rug for happy kids rooms.


french family home
Very inspiring family home in France.

Are you on the Keanu Reeves wave? I always adored him…


childrens room wallpaper
Delightful hand-drawn children’s wallpaper. With lots of details and vibrant hues.

Jumpsuits are all over the place these days. Unfortunately they are not easy for tall people like me… because something is always off. B U T, anyone else, I am sure you will love these.


bibelo swim
Pimp your garden with these cool chairs and tables from Bibelo.

Royal baby traditions!


bobo choses aw 2019
The new collection landed. Pick the best pieces* fast!

How about a nanny that is a princess at the same time?


nursery design prints
Gender neutral, subtle and sweet art prints for the nursery and kids room.

Question to people over 90 – what do they regret most?


blue kitchen
Peaceful house with a kitchen to fall in love with!

Tel Aviv with kids!


miya ma etsy
Cute linen top that you can also get as a dress. basically I love everything from that shop*.

Equal pay – the secret code.


Happy weekend everyone! Stay cool… xoxo

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The kids fashion trends for summer 2020!

kids fashion trends for summer 2020

As promised I am reporting on the kids fashion trends for summer 2020! After the most important trade shows are done, look books have been eyed and notes have been taken.

But before we start I actually have to confess that the word trends is a big one at this time. Because for a while now we are missing trends in the kids fashion world. There are ‘flavours’ or ‘notes’ and lots of inspiration from the adult lines, but no key trends at the moment.

Nonetheless, we will look into summer 2020 and I will share what we will see in our little one’s wardrobes next year! Any preferences?

These are kids fashion trends for summer 2020:


I have seen quite a few ‘dark’ collections. And with dark, I mean autumn shades, browns, greens and ochre. Beautiful but not really my cup of tea for a summer collection. The designers tell me that it is hard to feel inspired when you design summer collections during winter. And they also tell me that the collections are delivered very early these days.

That is true but from my own experience and shopping habits, I know that once the shops put A/W collections on sale, I am ready to see light, fresh, crisp, and happy summer clothes. Not more of the dark. And retailers confirm my thinking.

More about colours

Of course, the halls were not only decked in rusty shades and goth tones. I would say that the ‘shade of 2020’ will be everything on the yellow line. Prints, tie-dye, accessories, bright, soft, or stripes.


Not new but everywhere in the kids fashion world now – Tencel. What is Tencel? It is a fiber made from the wood pulp of trees and produced using recyclable, Earth-friendly solvents. When blended with cotton, Tencel adds wrinkle-resistance and the feel of silk.
The eco and sustainability factor is steadily growing and every brand is looking for solutions for a smaller footprint!

The toweling fabric is big too, especially with the sport-chic wave still going strong.

In contrast, there is tulle which we are seeing for several seasons by now. And there is lots, especially in the form of layers and with big volumes. Colours are ranging from pale, soft, ice cream, to bold!

And then there is Seersucker, which is a fabric that I personally like a lot for summer clothes. Very light, chic, and comfortable.


Dip back hems, oversize dresses, fashion mixed with sports styles, and fringes added here and there.

What else

There are sneakers are everywhere (same as for adults!), stripes are big and bold, lots of fun and interesting collaborations, and swimwear has grown so much!

These are my observations when it comes to kids fashion trends for summer 2020. If you want to stay on top of the game, I invite you to keep on reading here. Another good source for 2020 is my report from Pitti Bimbo 89.


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