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28 delightful things for your December!

Paul & Paula: 28 delightful things for your December!

Ok, I know it is not Friday (yet!) but Thursday will do beautifully this time around too. Because I saved so much great stuff for this list, you will need an extra day.

And I am happy to finally share all of it and get this out to you… this may very well be the longest Friday List on Paul & Paula to date!

By the way, I am planning to write a few things that are on my chest next week. A few life updates…

I hope that I will find the time and the perfect moment, because I always need to ‘right’ moment to get started.
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Timeless and practical clothing for little ones

sunna studios
Hello Monday! I hope you all had a great week end. Here, in London, it is really chilly in the mornings now and we got our winter accessories out.
And one really important thing that we learned during our time in Scandinavia: Layer and invest in good quality basics that you can wear every day. I am talking about merino or silk layers. Thin, adjusting to body temperature and soft on the skin.

Some time ago (too long) I stumbled upon Sunna Studios and they do just that. A wonderful collection of naturally dyed, organic and ethically made basic childrens wear.

‘Our design ethos is based on thoughtful simplicity, with an emphasis on texture and earthy tones. Pieces are designed to be well worn and well loved, basics that can mix and match seamlessly into the wardrobe helping to encourage better fashion habits.’

All collections are imagined in a small town in New Zealand by Elise and Brooke. And every piece naturally dyed using plant based materials at the same spot as well. Can you see the warmth of the earth in the clothes?
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What if kids clothes would last forever?


Would that not be the best thing ever?

This is what Marianna thought and hence started Jackalo. Just recently launched in June this year, after a successful crowdfunding campaign and already winning over the crowd.

Why do the clothes last so much longer than the ‘normal’ stuff you can buy?

All of the knees of the Jackalo garments are reinforced with either a half-panama or canvas. Both are very durable fabrics. And on top, the team uses extra durable stitches along the seams. And since there will always be kids that can tear apart even the most durable construction, you can get garments repaired during the first 6 months after purchase.
‘At Jackalo we believe in making clothes last, so through beautiful and functional repairs we make garments feel even more special.’
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Distinctive children’s clothing from Seattle

beet world

During our very long trip down the West Coast we spent a week in Seattle. And until today I remember the very special atmosphere of this part of the world.

It really was one of my favourite spots during the trip (but then those 9 weeks were the most epic weeks spent ever and pretty much every city and stop was amazing!). There is this arty vibe, lots of music and somehow very relaxed. The nature is crazy beautiful and we were so lucky with the weather (the downside of Seattle is a lot of rain!) and could enjoy the surroundings too.

So when this young Seattle-based kids clothing brand called Beet World reached out, I was curious right away. Ashima, the founder, delivers ethically and sustainably made, 100% cotton pieces for girls ages 2-12.

Very comfortable, beautiful, vibrant and natural clothes that are soft on the skin and that look gorgeous. Passionately made for little adventures, special occasions and childhood memories.


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Chanklas – Atelier Ancestro

Chanklas - Atelier Ancestro

Sandals in November? Well… yes! Ha….

Because, apparently launching resort collections and swimwear at this time of the year is the new thing (in kids wear) and working really well. So when I found this draft that I wanted to publish for ages… I thought… well, all these lucky people looking for swim suits in November may need some cute sandals too.

So, these gorgeous soles are from Chanklas – husband & wife, Kenny & Karen’s mutual passion for history, wandering & design led them to their own story.

Originally from Mexico, Karen grew up with a deep appreciation for tradition and was heavily influenced by her European ties as well. And as fate would have it, her great-grandfather, was a shoe maker.

‘Two generations later, we honor the art of our ancestors with a collection that tells its story through fine leathers, centuries old techniques & steps taken.’
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