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Chanklas – Atelier Ancestro

Chanklas - Atelier Ancestro

Sandals in November? Well… yes! Ha….

Because, apparently launching resort collections and swimwear at this time of the year is the new thing (in kids wear) and working really well. So when I found this draft that I wanted to publish for ages… I thought… well, all these lucky people looking for swim suits in November may need some cute sandals too.

So, these gorgeous soles are from Chanklas – husband & wife, Kenny & Karen’s mutual passion for history, wandering & design led them to their own story.

Originally from Mexico, Karen grew up with a deep appreciation for tradition and was heavily influenced by her European ties as well. And as fate would have it, her great-grandfather, was a shoe maker.

‘Two generations later, we honor the art of our ancestors with a collection that tells its story through fine leathers, centuries old techniques & steps taken.’
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Our first night in the new house included a surprise

customised tshirts children

This weekend we spent our first night in our new house. And I had a surprise for the children. A package with some very cute customised t-shirts arrived just before we left Sweden and I managed to keep it hidden until yesterday morning.

When the children were in school I took some time and went through their folders where we keep some of their artworks. (with 4 children it is impossible to keep all, so once in while we go through the big pile and keep the ones that we feel most connected with and that involved lots of work and ideas)

I selected one drawing per child and scanned them. Next step, I uploaded the scanned images to make four custom t shirts. One for each with their very own artwork.

The t-shirts arrived quickly and I put them away because I wanted to surprise the kids with them. And I decided that the morning after our first night in the new home would be a good moment.
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14 joyful things for your November!

14 joyful things for your November!

Sending you into the new months with some really cool stuff. Reads, finds and interiors. November is (nearly) here and I know… it is not everyone’s favourite month of the year.

So let’s just believe that the golden autumn weather will stay and in case of grey skies and rainy days… you can just enjoy this list.
By the way – are you all set for Halloween today?

I am so curious on what will happen here in London. Because in Sweden Halloween was not (yet) a big deal. Some parties, mostly at school, and maybe a bit of decoration at home. But not much trick or treating…
The kids are super excited, of course!
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Curated previous seasons clothes for babies and children

beyond tot

Style-conscious mums and dads – this is for you and you will like it! There is a new kid in town and it makes your hunt for high quality and adorable children’s clothing at affordable prices a whole lot easier!

Beyond Tot is a new London based online shop which sells a curated selection of previous seasons clothes and accessories.
Selected for babies and children in a range of designs and styles from eco-chic to heritage. And what makes them really stand out is the fact that the two owners, Yana & Anita, are literally going to warehouses and finding past seasons stock of beautiful clothes. Taking the work from the brands who have stock but no space, resources and time to market them.

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What shoes do boys and girls wear this Autumn?

naturino kids shoes

What shoes do boys and girls wear this Autumn? It is a good question, right? What do they choose and which style talks to them?

Today I will show you what my two monkeys selected. And, believe it or not, there is actually quite a lot of thought going into the decision. Without me intervening much.

What can I do with the shoe? Do I have something to wear with them? My friend xy has something similar…
And so on… it is quite interesting and fun, and as mentioned before – I like to let me children choose. Because they will wear the shoes and I want them to love them and to put them on without big discussions. You know what I mean. The good thing about Naturino shoes is, that they are always easy to put on because the boots or ankle sneakers usually come with a zip on the side. So convenient!
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