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Kids fashion is the heart of Paul & Paula.

It is our passion and we love to share the best of this world. We adore small and independent brands. This is the perfect place to be up to date on the kids fashion world!







Summer Sale at Loja Dada – the best pieces!

loja dada
The last weeks (months even) have been difficult for all of us. However running a small business through this crisis is an especially task force.

A good friend of mine and owner of children’s boutique Loja Dada who has all the most wanted brands in her shop just started her summer sale. Therefore I did a little selection of the best pieces you can now grab for a great price.
Helping you to add some gorgeous summer pieces to your child’s wardrobe and helping a small business to survive.

Bobo Choses is a no brainer but if you ask me you should go for the jumpers and t-shirts. The summer ones are always fun and great value.

Tiny Cottons has a great colour palette this season and lots of great stripes.

Play Up has lots of gorgeous baby things, but not only. I spotted some cool pieces for mums as well.

Newcomer The Campamento makes me happy with some lovely dresses and sunny prints.

Happy Shopping!


Oh, if you happen to be in Lisbon, their showroom is open with all rules and restrictions in place:
Located near Rato, in the Principe Real Neighbourhood
Rua Nova de São Mamede,58A
1250-173 Lisbon




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22 jolly things for your July!

22 jolly things for your July

Two weeks ago I realised, with horror, that I missed a Friday list for this June! One of my favourite articles and I missed it. And this probably is the a good proof how the current situation took over my days…

And even so I did not manage to prepare a Friday list right on the ‘correct’ day, it is ready and here for you to enjoy just before July starts!

As usual packed with fashion, reads, news, interiors and more for the whole family.

22 jolly things for your July:

home office
So much inspiration to take away from this place.

Out of ideas on how to entertain the kids? Try one (or more) of these downloadable limited series Kids’ Activity Packs.



Isn’t this a fab restaurant for families?

White Privilege! (please read it!)



linen culottes
Summer staple – linen culotte*! (many colours available)

Magnetic map of the solar system*.



Genuis! This playhouse is a dream!

How to talk to your children about the pandemic.



They look as delicious as real fruits but will last forever! Wooden play fruit set*.

How about some yoga?



maternity lounge set
Are you pregnant right now? I think you would love and live in this lounge set, so perfect for your postnatal weeks as well. And if you decide to leave the house, this basics bundle is pretty cool as well.

One special shop*! Cute accessories, pretty dresses – for women and children.



sorbet coloured candles
Loving these sorbet coloured pillar candles*!

Add some instant fun with these cute ceramic plant pots. My favourite must be the pigs and elephants.



Balloon music box* for the sweetest of dreams…

Perfect summer wardrobe!



scandinavian living room
Another house where I could move right in!

Everyone is on zoom calls, incl. celebrities. Some of their great and not so great homes.



numero74 woman dress
New styles and colours. For the perfect (mix & match) Mini Me look.

I don’t wear eye shadow but these eye pods are the beauty talk of the moment.



scandinavian bedroom
Scandinavia in Sydney!

How will tourism get out of the crisis?



reversible baby blanket flowers
Cutest baby set* – floral blanket, cushion, as well as a lovely bunting!

Or how about some delightful rainbow pots?


Wishing a wonderful month of July and I hope that I will manage to write a little more often here again… xoxo

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Fun and delightful clothes for children


Ola! Just did Spanish school work with Leonor and Antoine and I am learning with them because my Spanish is very ‘small talk’ limited. And it’s neighbour, Portugal, is home to some wonderful children’s brand including Piupiuchick.

And I want to show you their latest collection today. If you are still looking for some great summer pieces these are perfect. (and on sale)

Mariana, Inês and Marta are making fun and delightful clothes for children out of Porto since 2012. From comfy clothes to cool accessories, lots of passion, creativity and humour for the best childhood days.

The two sisters, Inês and Mariana, and a very good friend, Marta, started when Portugal was in a severe financial crisis and they wanted to bring something fun, and light into the homes and on children:





The heart socks are the cutest!







Piupiuchick is a tribute to childhood. Each collection is a story that we want to tell our children. Stories about our childhood: how we lived, what were our plans, what was the music we loved and the TV shows we watched when we were their age. Above all, it’s an attempt to show them how important these memories that they are creating now are.’

As you know I love independent, small brands that are full of creativity and life. And that focus on the sustainable and fair factor in their production. Away from the high street and more for personality.

Happy Summer to you all!


And if you would like to see more great brands for children, please check out the Children’s Fashion category.


All links are affiliate.
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Summer Staples for the whole family!

Summer Staples for the whole family!
We had the most gorgeous month of May and even so we are not going far (for now) we got our summer dresses, shorts, and sandals out.

And when talking to friends, mostly online, I heard a lot of questions about clothes shopping for children because things start to become small and/or too warm.

Can there be a better invitation than that to browse around and gather some lovely summer staples for the little ones? And to make it even more fun, I added some cool stuff for mums too. My personal wish list so to say…

So, there is a summer list for baby, then for boys and girls, teens, and last but not least for mums. And if you have been around here for a bit you know how much I love the smaller brands, and the more timeless and classic with a modern touch look. Things that you can and will keep for a long time, pass on to siblings, and things that will become real staples in the wardrobe.

Enjoy my summer wardrobe essentials for the whole family:

summer clothes baby

Summer Baby Staples:

1. Waterproof sandals, here in blue but available in lots of colours. For boys and girls!

2. ‘French Touch‘ body.

3. Sweet Child of Mine shirt. Bliss!

4. Super adorable organic cotton body.

5. Cute seersucker sun hat.

6. Sweet gingham blouse made from soft linen.

7. Sunburst bloomer.

8. Beautiful summer blouse.

9. Organic cotton bloomer.

10. Cute socks to make your summer outfit perfect.

11. Liberty smock swim bottoms. The cutest!

12. Floral print dress in rust with ruffle sleeves and lining.

13. Bamboo sandals that go with everything!

14. Happy t-shirt.



summer clothes girl

Summer Girl Staples:

1. No summer without a good play suit.

2. Just one thing: must have!!!

3. These sneakers are cool and gold is everything.

4. Wide leg linen striped trousers.

5. Pixie sunglasses. The best!

6. This dress has summer all over it.

7. Navy swimsuit with adorable ruffles in the back.

8. Strappy silver sandals. (other colours available)

9. Cotton jersey (so comfy!) ruffle top.

10. Cute skirt.

11. Puff sleeves are huge this season and I love the cute factor of this top.

12. Gorgeous long dress.



summer clothes boy

Summer Boy Staples:

1. Tie-dye shirt.

2. Old skool vans.

3. Turquoise watch.

4. Denim shorts.

5. Fun swim trunks. I like the green but the red version is cool too.

6. ‘worn effect’ cotton tee for cool kids.

7. Recycled cotton cap.

8. Surfer print sweater made from ultra soft cotton fleece.

9. Seersucker Bermuda shorts.

10. Fun sandals.



summer clothes teen

Summer Teens Staples

1. Very cool floral dress (that I would wear too).

2. Great summer top that goes with anything.

3. A summer without denim shorts is not a proper summer.

4. Burgundy sandals.

5. Striped socks!

6. Leo print swim shorts.

7. Cotton fleece hoodie with flounced sleeves. So lovely!

8. Wide legged light denim trousers.

9. Trucker hat.

10. Chino Bermuda shorts. (various colours available)

11. Ombre effect bikini with beautiful scalloped trims.

12. Polo shirt. (lots of colours available)

13. Funky trainers.



summer clothes mum

Summer Mama Staples

1. WANT! Gorgeous colour – red dress that is perfect for every summer moment.

2. Found the perfect wide legged trousers for mums.

3. Stitched leather sandals.

4. Simple and elegant. And the back is the best of that swimsuit.

5. Big buckle slides.

6. Fun blouse which will look awesome with a pair of jeans.

7. Tank top in mustard. (great with the shorts)

8. Cute linen shorts.

9. A staple in my bathroom and perfect to keep your sun kissed skin hydrated and looking fresh.

10. Precious shell earrings.

11. Fringe Raffia tote!

12. A little bling with that strawberry brooch.

13. Ribbed summer cardigan.


I hope you enjoyed my summer inspiration and if you would like more, how about this summer rainbow? And now, I am sending you lots of sunshine, wherever you are!


All links are affiliate!
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Slow and natural clothes for your little ones

Slow and natural clothes for your little ones

Hello my dears! How are you?
I was thinking that since our lives have slowed down dramatically and yet our little ones do not stop growing I am bringing you something perfectly fit the purpose. Slow clothes that last and grow with your child. (and they will be worn again by siblings)

What do you think?
Come and visit the lovely online store of Ieva* who is based in Lithunia. And Ieva makes some very beautiful, pure, ethical, and sustainable clothes and accessories for children.

She is a mother, wife, photographer,creator, and together with her mother in law she started Young North. Bringing your babies the softest linen clothing.
‘Our passion is linen and wool. Inspired by slow living and natural world. Each piece is individually made with great attention to detail and from 100% natural linen and wool. We take pride in exceptional craftsmanship and quality. And we believe in buying less but better.’

Slow and natural clothes for your little ones:

Slow and natural clothes for your little ones

Beautiful linen dress* with cute collar and available in a ray of lovely subtle colours.


Slow and natural clothes for your little ones

Slow and natural clothes for your little ones

Slow and natural clothes for your little ones

That pinafore dress* is too adorable… and that mustard colour is the best. Perfect for all seasons. Just layer or don’t layer!


Slow and natural clothes for your little ones

Slow and natural clothes for your little ones

Slow and natural clothes for your little ones

Slow and natural clothes for your little ones
All over you can see from the images how much craftsmanship and quality is going into each garment. This is where it will last for years and become a true heirloom piece. And with the timeless shapes and colours, you will enjoy it for many many years…

Love it!

And just a little reminder: Linen truly is a marvelous fabric. It is biodegradable, uses a lot less water than cotton, and it doesn’t require chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It is lightweight, breathable, antimicrobial and a very strong fabric.

If you like this kind of clothes, please also see Miya & Ma and these stylish linen clothes for the whole family.
*affiliate links
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