Paul&Paula blog: kidshop.fr

Do you know kidshop yet?

Cool stuff for kids they say... and yes indeed. A great selection of cool kids wear like Mini Rodini, indikidual and nununu, next to a big selection from Designletters and fun toys.

And I love that they stock some cool things to make you rnext kiddo party the talk of town!

Christmas is getting closer - time to look for gifts and stocking fillers... this shop is a good way to get inspired and start the hunt...

Small Style

Paul&Paula blog: Small Style
Paul&Paula blog: Small Style
These pictures I took very quickly one morning before heading off to school. I just loved the colours and mix between the classic shoes, flashy socks and a little bit of frill.

Tee: H&M
Skirt: Zara
Socks: Collegien
Shoes: Start Rite

Paul&Paula blog: Small Style
Paul&Paula blog: Small Style
Paul&Paula blog: Small Style
The not so little princess anymore turned 2 on Sunday and I will share some pictures from her special day very soon but could not help it and give you a sneak peek of her lovely dress.

Dress and crown: Lilly et Louis
{the dress is from the S/S 2015 collection and was made especially for her big day but have a look here for the current collection}
Socks - perfect match: Collegien
Ballerina Slippers: Bisgaard

Paul&Paula blog: Small Style
Paul&Paula blog: Small Style
And this is the outfit she chose for the big day... celebrating in style :)

Dress: Tutu du monde
Cap: H&M
Scarf: Petit Lucas du Tertre
Jacket: Benetton
Hi Tops: Converse

PS: She did smile throughout the day, just not for the camera...

Paul&Paula blog: Small Style
Paul&Paula blog: Small Style
Paul&Paula blog: Small Style
Paul&Paula blog: Small Style
Paul&Paula blog: Small Style
On Monday was study day at school and I spent the sunny day with my big girl in Copenhagen. We both enjoyed it very much...

Cardigan: Aymara
Feather headband: Koto Kids
Jacket: Benetton
Hi Tops: Converse
Tights: Collegien
Bag: Koto Kids
Dress: Simple Kids


DIY ideas for the kids room

Paul & Paula blog: DIY ideas for the kids room
I thought it would be nice to share some really cool DIY ideas for the kids room.

First because I think a nice mix of new, DIY and if lucky vintage finds and gifts makes a room really interesting and also because these are great ideas for a small budget!

Lets start:

These cute pompom acorns. Find acorns, just keep the shell, glue fun pompoms inside and tie on a string. Voila the sweet garland!
Perfect for the Autumn season too.
Nothing wrong with that IKEA table and chairs. But maybe you want to make it a little more stand out and pretty. This is a great idea.

Paper birdhouses. Find the template for the birdhouse here. Print it, fold it, glue it and go bananas!
Everything is possible!

Painted feathers!
It is so obvious I just don't know why we are not doing this every week end.
Paul & Paula blog: DIY ideas for the kids room
Another great Autumn project is this cute mobile. Go for a walk and collect some leaves, tiny sticks and other things. You need an iron ring and tie everything together. Easy peasy and pretty!

Old drawers painted in pretty colours and hang on the wall. Easy, pretty, practical and such an eye catcher.

PomPom flowers. So sweet and easy and a great gift idea too.

Letter pillows. This is so cool and it is very much on my list to do. Again, not very very difficult and I am sure your kids will love it!

PS: Don't forget to check the DIY section on Paul & Paula as well. Some great projects can be found x


All for babies

Paul&Paula blog: baby style
Leonor turned 2 yesterday and I also realized that I am not writing a lot about babies anymore.

So I thought it would be nice to do a post entirely for the smallest people between us, including great gift ideas if there is a new baby!

1. Triangles on suits, blankets, hats, cardis, dresses and and and... and not only in pink!
2. Cute baby outfit: grey bloomers and star baby vest
3. extremely cute blanket and the tree is also able to measure how your baby grows
4. bear gloves
5. knitted beanie
6. Printed rabbit cushion
7. grey owl bedding set
8. sustainable bath toys
9. Cute baby outfit: soft crossover top and baby joggers
10. muslins with stars - a must have

Paul&Paula blog: baby style

1. Hot Air balloon pillow
2. knitted suit
3. raspberry playmat
4. awesome snowsuit
5. cute baby outfit: knitted baby vest and soft pants
6. boats mobile
7. great baby jumpers with fun prints
8. fox booties
9. Flopsy booties
10. great storage baskets


The last one in September {Friday list}

Paul&Paula blog: tocoto vintage
Tocoto Vintage!

A zebra baby blanket.

Until tonight ONLY you have a huge 40% off at Eden & Zoe with code HAPPY40 - why you ask, they celebrate their first anniversary! Congratulations and now go and snap something from their gorgeous cashmere stuff... it is cold outside baby!

Paul&Paula blog: midnight blue wall
A midnight blue wall... so lovely, especially with the texture of the wall!

Great newborn gift.

Paul&Paula blog:once upon an alphabet
We are big Oliver Jeffers fans here. His new book just came out, Once upon an alphabet...

"If words make up the stories and letters make up the words, then stories are made up of letters. In this menagerie we have stories made of words, made FOR all the letters."

Great Autumn dress. And here are the perfect Autumn shoes {perfect match with the dress too}.

Paul&Paula blog: je suis en CP & my little square
Je suis en CP x My Little Square capsule collection. Great collab!

Our house was featured in 101 Woonideen and here you can see the images online.

Paul&Paula blog: desk
Great desk!

I know, I know... Christmas seems far away... but these make great stocking fillers!

Paul&Paula blog:paula
This is Paula!

Mid-season sale over at mengsel.

Paul&Paula blog:oilily
In love with this pattern!

New Quinn + Fox at Loja Dada.

The Paul&Paua house will celebrate KleinL's 2nd birthday this week end!
Cake and waffles galore...
Sending you all xoxo.


Walking the cat

Paul&Paula blog: Walking the cat
Do you know Walking the cat?

It is a rather new online shop based in Berlin, Germany. Daria, the owner, is a super sweet and fun lady and picked some great stuff for her customers.

You can find cool knits from oeuf, funny lamps, prints for the kids room or the cutest baby clothes.

AND... if you happen to live in Berlin or visit in the next 3 months, Walking the cat has a pop up going on from 12.9.-27.12.14 :

Mulackstrasse 7
12-19h // except Sundays

Where am I from?

Paul&Paula blog: is the world our home?
I wanted to write about this topic for a very long time. I actually saved a draft, only the title so I would not forget, beginning December LAST year. Then I either did not have enough time or did not find the words. Personal posts always take me the longest.

I want to find the right words and emotions. I am sharing something from my family and want to make sure that I get it right... that you understand what I am talking about...

Paul&Paula blog: is the world our home?

So one day I was talking to my daughter. About where we live, were mummy was born... things like this and then she asked me:

"Where am I from?"

Paul&Paula blog: is the world our home?

Ha! The moment your magic-mamas-knows-everything bubble bursts!
I just had no real good answer! And I don't like it.

She knows that she is born in London, UK but she does not clearly remember because we moved away when she was around 5 months old. Then she grew up in Amsterdam, NL and spent the last year here in Malmo, SE.

She knows that I am from Germany and Daddy from France and all those things... BUT she did not spent a remarkable time in her birth country and she actually never lived in any of "our" countries. Her passports say she is German and French, but is she really?

Where is she from?

We talked about it. I said that home is where her family is. The she is from London but even I feel this answer is rather lame.
It is more a document telling her this.

So what are we doing?

She is happy. She loves to travel and she loves being here. And yes, she is 7 so we are the most important people in her life. We will always be but there will be a time where friends will play a bigger role and so on...

So where is she from? And what does it mean that we do not have a clear answer to that question?

Personally I do not feel very German but European but home is Germany.

Is it bad that she does not have {yet} this kind of connection to a country? A place she could go to when necessary?

Paul&Paula blog: is the world our home?

What do you think?

I believe there are many advantages about living it international but this is nagging on me a little.

If you are in a more or less similar position what would you tell your child?

I would love to hear your thoughts and continue this post in the comments...

Is the world our home? You see there are many question marks in my posts...