Back to School 2019 – shoes for mini and maxi!


Back to School shoes

Hi! How are you? I am realising that some of you are already sending their children back to school these days… To be honest I am very happy that we still have a bit and only go back in September.

(I never really got my head around the mid August school return during our 5 years Sweden. It always felt like we were robbed out of our summer break…)

Any way, today I have my Back to School shoes selection ready for you. Which I hope still comes in handy for your family. Because I separated the age groups again (same as for the Back to School backpacks) and there are shoes for mini, maxi, and teen!

I also added a black pair to each year group in case you need to shop uniform.

What else did look our for?

For school shoes I want something simple, shoes that are easy to put on as well as to take off, that are somehow sturdy, and of course something stylish. There are shoes for boys and girls, as well as some unisex pairs! All together, it sounds easier than it is and the selection did take a fair amount of time. However I am sure I found the perfect Back to School shoes for our little and not so little ones:


Back to School shoes

Back to School shoes for Mini:

1. Cute pair of mini Vans* with velcro fastening.

2. Cute, girly and very sturdy as well as comfortable! Chelsea boots* in rose gold!

3. I love the twin series from Camper and I think they are especially cute for the very young ones in school.

4. Cool sneakers in fun colours are always a god idea.


Back to School shoes

Back to School shoes for Maxi:

1. A classic – Dr Martens – also for little ones. A shoe that is nearly impossible to destroy.

2. The sneaker* of the moment. Consciously made and available in many colour ways by now… however this version remains my favourite!

3. Another school shoe classic* that I adore and even had for my girls before we needed uniforms.

4. Great short bootie* with lovely details that is available in blue and green too.



Back to School shoes

Back to School shoes for Tweens:

1. Never out of style, very comfortable and when you look closer you will see the glittery details of these boots*.

2. All leather velcro sneakers in navy!

3. Comfort and style in one with these cool trainers*.

4. Not a huge fan of the bulky shoe trend but those are actually quite cool.


More Back to School selections with backpacks, tech gadgets, and everything for lunchboxes & Co!

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A lush and light filled family space in Gothenburg!

A lush and light filled family space in Gothenburg!

Hej from Gothenburg and this gorgeous family space in the beautiful neighbourhood called Haga.

And what a wonderful light filled space this is. It is stunning and I love how the old owners gave it this lush look with lots of  greenery. All rooms are bathed in light through the beautiful high windows and up to those high ceilings, that are full of original features.

In brief, Haga is a bit ‘the village in the middle of town’ and the car-free streets are lined with small cafes and shops. A charming area of traditional wood buildings and cobbled streets.

But right now we want to see this awesome family place, because it is so inspiring and inviting:


A lush and light filled family space in Gothenburg!
In essence, this beautiful bedroom with an original wooden floor, rosettes and the famous William Morris wallpaper is a dream!


A lush and light filled family space in Gothenburg!

A lush and light filled family space in Gothenburg!

A lush and light filled family space in Gothenburg!

Those shelves are probably a must in every Scandinavian interior! Not so surprising since they are very practical, very ‘chic’ and just never look outdated…

Together with the Vintage desk and chair combo, it makes for a really lovely kids corner!

Together with: Shelf system*, wooden toy mixer*, storage baskets*, Children’s bed*& rug*


A lush and light filled family space in Gothenburg!

Imagine sitting here for your meals! Close your eyes and just imagine…


A lush and light filled family space in Gothenburg! 7

And totally in love with that corner!


A lush and light filled family space in Gothenburg! 8

And I am so intrigued to finally go ahead and get some new chairs for around our own dining table. Totally love the idea of having a beautiful and mixed selection of chairs.

Since we already have lots of colourful plates, glasses and other tableware that are mostly coming ‘alone’ which makes the setting always fun. Maybe we should go wild around the table too…

What do you think?


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Via: Entrance
Photos: Anders Bergstedt
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Back to School 2019 – tech gadgets!

Back to School 2019 - tech gadgets!


Today we continue the Back to School journey and I am sharing some really cool and helpful tech gadgets. These may not on your list when your children are starting reception or are in the lower years, but they do become more interesting when you have tweens or teens.

These gadgets can make school years a bit less stressful and definitely more fun. Plus, they make great birthday or Christmas gifts too. And you know, this day and age, it is crucial to start the new school year off on the right foot tech-wise. And psst, you may even find something that could ease up your ‘tech life’ too, like this super handy battery pack for example.

Read on, to find the best Back to School 2019 tech gadgets:

1. This Stickermaker is perfect to personalise your planners and other school stuff. Quick and simple to use: apply edge-to-edge adhesive to almost anything without heat, electricity or batteries.

2. This small and cute Bluetooth Tracker comes in lots of fun colours. It is small enough to fit on your key ring or backpack, and perfect for quickly finding misplaced items like your keys, bag, purse, phone, or anything else. Never loose anything again or miss the bus because you can’t find your keys in the morning…

3. The world’s first hybrid electric scooter for kids*! At the flick of a button it switches from push power to electric mode. Thoughtfully designed for children, it enables them to gradually gather speed and to safely stop. You can even return to push power mode at any time.

4. This graphing calculator is for high school math and science. It engages students by enabling them to enter fractions and equations in proper notation to they see it on the display exactly as it’s printed in texts and on the board.

More Back to School tech gadgets:

5. This fun portable bluetooth speaker for when you need a little break or hang out with friends. The integrated carabiner clips to your clothes, belt or backpack which is so practical. Plus it is waterproof and offers 10 hours of playtime.

6. 12 hours of wireless playtime with these cool earbuds*. Very comfortable with its adjustable, ergonomic fit, and intuitive control knob. They are magnetic and for around-the-neck wear. Available in powder pink, black, light grey, and green.

7. When you are on the go and need a little extra power for a dying phone, a laptop, speakers, or a camera – this external battery pack will be your best friend.

8. These Cable Animal Bites are T H E smartphone accessory of the moment! These cute little things slip right over the end of your adapter. And not only protect it from typical wear and tear, but also giving the effect that it’s biting onto the edge of your device!


More for Back to School 2019 – the best backpacks for all ages and everything you need for a sustainable lunchtime and snacks.


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An enchanting boy’s room in grey and yellow

enchanting boy’s room in grey and yellow

Hi! I know, it is not Tuesday today but I will share one awesome kids room with you anyway. First of all, because special rooms (it is one amazing boy’s room, trust me!) do deserve an exception. And second, because I am also introducing you to my friend Ursula from Room to Bloom.

Ursula is based here in London and she is running a lovely children’s interior studio. I am pretty sure that you have seen her work somewhere before. And lucky me, she will share her projects from time to time here on Paul & Paula with us. Yay!

Welcome Ursula, so excited to have you and so excited to share your work here. Starting with a very lovely room for a boy called Finn:


enchanting boy’s room in grey and yellow

enchaenchanting boy’s roenchanting boy’s room in grey and yellow om in grey and yellow nting boy’s room in grey and yellow 3

enchanting boy’s room in grey and yellow

enchanting boy’s room in grey and yellow

Today I’d like to share a grey and yellow bedroom I designed for a little boy called Finn. I designed his room in tandem with the nursery for his baby sister, which you can see here.

In both rooms I worked with the existing carpet and wall colour, as the rooms had recently been decorated, yet they’ve turned out very differently.

Finn had outgrown his nursery and was ready for a change. His parents wanted a stylish room with a playful touch. A house bed was the starting point: it makes a good first bed as it is low to the ground and feels enclosed, creating a snug corner and focal point for the large room. I anchored the bed with an abstract two-tone mountain-scape backdrop, turning into a border on the adjacent wall. And I like how the border continues over the built-in wardrobe, almost hiding it, whereas previously it had been a stand-out feature.

enchanting boy’s room in grey and yellow

enchanting boy’s room in grey and yellow

enchanting boy’s room in grey and yellow 8

enchanting boy’s room in grey and yellow 9

enchanting boy’s room in grey and yellow 10

I chose grey bedding to blend in with the decor, which gives a restful feel, and added some fun cushions to liven things up. Cotton ball lights, easily accessible book ledges, a play table and animal decor create a more playful atmosphere.

On the other side of the room, locker style cabinets offer storage for more books and toys. There is a toy chest for larger items. As Finn is really into his cars, we added a road rug, which also breaks up the expanse of the floor a little. Finn now loves playing in his room – mission accomplished!

Thank you Ursula, in love with the room!
Article and all images: Room to Bloom
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Mischievous Magic with Tocoto Vintage

Tocoto Vintage

Bonjour from France! Spanish children’s wear brand Tocoto Vintage just launched their new collection and it is called The Bazaar Paris.

Inviting you to discover hidden secrets and mischievous magic. It is a beautiful collection (as always!) and I love all the mix and match and layering possibilities. Gorgeous knits, some glitter and magic, romantic flower prints, some ruffles and tulle. All mixed with delicious animals prints, palazzo pants, and faux fur accessories.

A really great collection that includes many fabrics, textures, and prints. Which means that there is lots to play with…

And some outfits are really so adorable that I would not mind them in my own wardrobe. Talking about that lovely leopard print skirt and knitted jumper on the second picture for example.


Tocoto Vintage

Tocoto Vintage

Tocoto Vintage

Tocoto Vintage

Tocoto Vintage
Did you spot the flashes of metallic lurex, sheepskin, corduroy with lace, and ruffle pom-poms.

And the shoe collection is getting better and better too!


Tocoto Vintage

Tocoto Vintage

Tocoto Vintage

Tocoto Vintage

Giving it a more sporty touch with some denim…


Tocoto Vintage

A little bit about Tocoto Vintage:

Marta Navarro, loves to spend her vacations by the sea in Formentera. A sun-soaked Balearic island off the coast of mainland Spain and the inspiration behind the brand. Marta is inspired by old patterns and garments that she has sourced in antique markets during her travels. Together with her sensibility for vintage details, she creates clothing that is nostalgic and romantic.


Tocoto Vintage

For an interview with Marta I invite you to check over here*, where you can find the current summer collection on sale as well!


And for more lovely clothes for your little one, I am sure you will like this very cool new Autumn collection or some rainbow inspired pieces too!

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