Lil’ Lemons by For Love & Lemons

lil lemons

For Love & Lemons founders, Gillian and Laura, always dreamed of creating a baby and kids line.

One day, they knew, they would have little kiddos running around and wouldn’t be able to resist the urge to design clothes for them. And that is what happened: Gillian became a mama, and Lil’ Lemons was created!

The focus of the line was to make the fit really great, the garments easy to put on, and the fabrics to be really soft and non-toxic, with a special fashion forward aesthetic.

We want the best for our little ones, so we worked hard on all the elements of the line. We are very hands on with the pieces, we give them to our other mama friends to test out and give us feedback about fit and function before adding the piece to the collection. We are also proud to say the entire collection is made in downtown LA.
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Wooden toy sets by permafrost

ARCHIPELAGO wooden toy set by permafrost
The ARCHIPELAGO set was designed for the 10th anniversary of the 100% Norway exhibition in 2013.

It was presented along with the SHIPPING and OFFSHORE sets and you can find fishing boats, a lighthouse, island houses, a helicopter and more.

The minimal birch pieces represent Norway in toy form!

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Julie Ansiau

julie ansiau

It is a bank holiday today and I did not want to write a post actually. But then I came across the website of Julie Ansiau and was lost a little in her colorful world.

And thought – let’s share this with you.

So, just some inspiration for you. Don’t be afraid of colors is probably the title. Enjoy and have a nice long week end.
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By Niné moda infantil

By Niné
Good Morning! We are very romantic over here today but I found this super cute Spanish brand called By Niné and just have to share. It is so adorable.

Unfortunately the website is only available in Spanish but the pictures speak very well for themselves and I see that they do clothes for babies and then boys and girls up to 12 years.

Most of the garments are made from linen {such a lovely fabric, especially in summer} and the details are amazing. Beautiful bows, ruffles and lace details.

Romantic summer dresses, cute play-suits with crossed backs and even some black pieces here and there.
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Bookshelf ideas for the kidsroom

kids bookshelf ideas

Kids books are the best, aren’t they? I mean I love books in general and can hardly pass a book store but the illustrations and the creativity that come with kids books are so inspiring.

We have many books for the kids and we love to choose books when we go ‘home’ – to Germany or France – and want to bring back books in ‘our’ languages. These moments usually take a good amount of time but especially in Germany book stores are real lifestyle shops these days and have something for everyone. But back to the topic.

With four kids, a couple of languages and lots of book lovers the book shelf is busy. And I always like to use some of the extra beautiful ones as decoration as well. Do you do the same?

That is why I went out looking for some inspiration on how to display the kids’ books best.

Above is a great idea. A shelving system made out of crates. You can find those at your local hardware store. Just make sure to get the treated ones so no risks of splints.

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