The best mobiles for the nursery!

the best mobiles fo rthe nursery

Do you know a kids room without a mobile? Once you are deep into decorating your nursery and come to the details, a mobile is always on top of the list.

Above the cot or changing table, they stimulate your baby, can be an eye catcher and just complete your little ones room. And they make excellent baby shower or newborn gifts too!

That is why I went out and gathered 12 of the best mobiles just for you! Designs that are not in every shop, not all over Instagram and that are made with love. Enjoy:


felt ball baby mobile
This beautiful felt ball mobile*. Cute, light, modern and gender neutral. And definitely a feast for every baby with these colours!


baby jives mobile
Jahje from Baby Jives really makes the best mobiles. Like this beautiful moon mobile* with a tiny dragon, so adorable. But make sure to check out her full range. So dreamy!


seagull mobile
Hang this soothing, floating bird above a crib and let nature do the rest.


baby mobile geese flying
Another spot to check for things that are not in every Instagram nursery – Anthropologie. Here I found this cute geese mobile.


bee beehive felt mobile
Cutest bee and beehive mobile from Harriet Bee. This adorable baby mobile would make a precious addition to any nursery.


felted bunnies mobile
With a baby in the house, every day is Valentines Day. So why not hanging those rabbits* with their heart scarves up high?


beatrix potter baby mobile
A classic – Beatrix Potter* – and this is such a well made mobile. A heirloom piece!


swan mobile
Felted swan mobile*. So delicate and whimsical.


stars moons mobile natural nursery
Stars and moons* that would fit any nursery. And especially a natural one!


Felted clouds mobile from Sebra. This really looks so pretty!


llama nursery mobile
Beautiful Llama mobile* for the nursery. Not only for boho fans!


totoro mobile nursery
We love Totoro* in our house and this is a must for every fan!


Also check: The best dollhouses or cool shelves for children’s rooms.

Hope you enjoyed this list!

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Enchanting family home in Nantes, France

Enchanting family home in Nantes, France

Bonjour! Fancy a little tour to Nantes? A family of 5 is living in this beautiful apartment and they do have a love for blue.

Blue and pretty designer mobiles.

Oh, and plants. And there are some lovely ideas you can take away from this one too. How about the light-bulb garland that is strung right across the room above and replaces a ceiling lamp? Or painting your window frames in a pretty colour? This shade of ice/grey/blue is fantastic but you may have your eyes on something else….


Enchanting family home in Nantes, France

Enchanting family home in Nantes, France

Moodboards that are wall decorations at the same time and make the office area look less distracting in a bedroom.


Enchanting family home in Nantes, France

Enchanting family home in Nantes, France

Enchanting family home in Nantes, France

That blue!


Enchanting family home in Nantes, France

I am keeping it a bit short today because after my nasty flu and current half term break my to do list is long.


More family homes from France? How about this boho inspired nursery in Lille or this family home in Paris.

Jonas Ingerstedt for Kinfolk
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MiniMe – chunky cardigans for the little ones and mum too

chunky cardigans for the little ones and mum too

With the gorgeous weather outside and Spring-like temperatures one of my favourite looks can come out of the cupboard. It is time for chunky cardigans!

But before I will share my latest find, how lucky are we? Half term that feels like Spring? when did this ever happen? Together with the kids we already made plans – we will form a little garden crew and prepare ours for the warm season.

It is the first time we actually have an outdoor space that is big enough for a family table, a BBQ, even a little sofa as well as plants and bushes. Surprise of the year will be to discover what we actually have out there.

I will probably do some little updates over on my Instagram, if you are interested.

But back to the chunky cardigans for now…

Because Monika from Tinywool knits the most gorgeous pieces from the best merino wool. Have a look:

chunky cardigans for the little ones and mum too

chunky cardigans for the little ones and mum too

chunky cardigans for the little ones and mum too
chunky cardigans for the little ones and mum too

And like I said – today is MiniMe time. You can find children’s sizes but also sizes for grown ups. And isn’t this the best matchy matchy look anyway?!

Gorgeous sweaters, chunky cardigans and some lovely accessories. Available in many colours and always in soft and warm merino or alpaca knits. Cosy!

chunky cardigans for the little ones and mum too

chunky cardigans for the little ones and mum too

chunky cardigans for the little ones and mum too

chunky cardigans for the little ones and mum too

Pair it with your favourite denims, a long skirt or a lovely dress. The options are endless… basically.

Tinywool was created in 2017 and is based in Telsiai, Lithuania. As like many other brands it started with the birth of Monika’s daughter. Once she knitted her daughter a cardigan and received a lot of compliments, she started to expand and knit for other people as well.

My favourite would be the grey alpaca cardigans for little ones* and then for mums*. Absolutely love the sleeves and grey is such a timeless colour that goes with everything.

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House with a view – natural family beach house in Shoal bay

natural family beach house in Shoal bay

Today we are escaping the grey London skies and enjoy this beautiful part of Australia called Shoal Bay. Hidden in the Hunter Region of New South Wales, Australia and decorated with a stunning beach front.

And this exciting beach house is nestled in Port Stephens, only 2,5hrs North of Sydney.

It is the holiday home of Lauren and Michael, and their three daughters, Lillian, Evelyn, and Claudia. And it ticks all the beach bungalow sunny Oz boxes there are. But man, it is lovely. Seriously, why going nuts with the interior when the view is the main feature?

And since it is a holiday home, a pristine and tranquil environment is exactly what you are looking for to unwind and relax.

And, you know, whilst putting together this article and looking at the images, I am thinking about our dreams about a holiday home. It would be so lovely, but there are quite a few things to take into consideration (like good connections to airports for example) that we never went really far with them.


natural family beach house in Shoal bay

natural family beach house in Shoal bay

natural family beach house in Shoal bay

natural family beach house in Shoal bay

This modern beach house was built in the 1970’s and went through a 2 year renovation.

Lauren and Michael grew up in the area and finding this home brought back many memories. Memories they can now build with their own daughters too.

The panoramic views across Shoal Bay sold the house and are the core of everything that happened during the renovation.


Paul & Paula: natural family beach house in Shoal bay

Paul & Paula: natural family beach house in Shoal bay
The triple bunk bed is custom-built and the timber railings and ladder are made from Tasmanian oak.

Have you seen? There is a little shelf for every tiny person as well. So practical.


Paul & Paula: natural family beach house in Shoal bay

Paul & Paula: natural family beach house in Shoal bay

Paul & Paula: natural family beach house in Shoal bay

Feel like a trip to OZ now? There are great news – you can actually rent this property! Yes! And it has lots of space, beds and of course: one stunning view.


Via Homes To Love
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2018 is over and the moving countries aftermath

Paul & Paula blog

Hello Monday! New week, new month… and somehow a day where I feel that I am finally ready to share about the whole aftermath a move across countries entails. And why things are actually a bit very crazy over here.

We are no newbies when it comes to moving. Especially moving countries and we did it with and without kids. But for some reasons this really has been the toughest one to date.

And I am not going to sit and whine. Complaining and hear you saying: ‘but that is what you wanted, so deal with it’. No, this is more stating the fact that life is not always perfect, that we do have limits and that reality is something we should not hide.

So why today? Because today, one year ago, my mum passed. (you can read about some of that in this article) And last year was especially a difficult one because of that. Today is a good moment to go more personal.

And also because many people asked me after this post on Instagram (that was more or less vague) what is going on. Yes, that is the Social Media aftermath and since I was around quite a bit for trade shows and stuff it came up regularly. Thank you for caring!

But lets get right up to the End of October. Between the black on white, yes you move, at the very last day of August 2018, and the actual move we had roughly 2 months. Not even 2 months.

And this is nothing. It is shorter than short. Squeeze in a week of house hunting and stretch things – let it be 7 weeks. 6 people, from Sweden to the UK in 7 weeks. Boom! And it is not like one of us stopped working and could deal with the move 100%. No, no… evenings, week ends and any other spare minute was used for that.

And yes, we got help through relocation agencies but there still is a big load of stuff that falls on you and that should fall on you, like deciding where you want to live and which school feels right for your children.

Paul & Paula blog

So, we land in London at the end of October and stay in a temp apartment until our things arrive. We start to run around for bank accounts, mobile phone contracts, registering my business and other admin/ paperwork stuff. Fun!

We also learn that the children will not start school after the Autumn break because the agency did not give us the correct information and things will only get going AFTER that break. Bummer! Because things have been planned around that. We looked for a house that was available at a specific date so we could be down as tenants and get the school applications running. And we explained to the children that they would start their new schools after a school break.

Instead we had to wait.

And there are no free spots at the schools we put on Number 1 of the list. Ok, we knew this could happen. And who knows, maybe the 2nd choice turns out to be great and we just stay put.
Just that the schools turn out to be a logistical nightmare. Romy is in secondary and the school is a little far and she cannot go by herself. So somebody has to drop her off and pick her up. At the same time as the two other ones (Antoine & Leonor) start and finish school. Only possible if you either know a lot of people and can arrange/share things or you run and deal with it. Somehow. On some days only one of us could do the school run, and it was a literal run sprint. Dropping off the two monkeys at breakfast club, running for the bus and being juuuuuuust on time at the big girl school (she was actually late by two minutes one day and was so scared. We learned that a 2nd time in the same week would have led to detention). With the tiniest monkey always on tow of course. Because we were still looking for a nursery spot.
And then the afternoons. Same scenario. We could add some clubs, library excursions and such to help a bit but it was always a run. A run against the clock. So exhausting.

In between I was looking after Josephine, work, e mails, paperwork and uniform shopping. I made to do lists for every single day.

And there was Christmas coming up. Not an event you can just ignore or cancel, especially not with kids and somehow it really stressed me out. And I am not a stressed person in general. But the thought of not having the right gifts and the need to maybe go last minute shopping was somehow frightening. Another list was prepared and every time I was out buying uniforms, at the bank or other places I also had a quick look at some shops and started gift shopping. I managed to order their wish list priorities and the list started to look ok. Phew! I even ordered our Christmas tree online to save some time. And kept it a surprise until the delivery guy rang the bell. Oh their faces…. hahaha.

Hot tip: November is a terrible month to move. We did this once before and somehow forgot about a rule we made back then: Do not move in November. Because the weather is not helping to lift your mood! In the contrary.

Christmas time in London is amazing. And one of the reasons I missed about big city life was definitely the choices you have. Especially the cultural ones. And so we did squeeze in a few things like Kew Gardens or the Gingerbread expo at the V&A. And they were great and kept us going.

Work: Once the kids were sleeping I finally could ‘really’ work. At least it was quiet and I could concentrate. But I was tired as well and really had to motivate myself. Which led to very short nights and very unsettled nights. I could not really unwind and just relax. Sometimes I was up until 3 or something because I could not sleep. So there is a moment where you turn into functioning. Like a robot really.

Which meant: No partnership time. Or very little. And this is hard, not healthy and became an issue. All in all I really felt like I was running every day and that my head was always preoccupied. Tired and with no patience at all. Not a good thing when parenting! Weekends really just slipped away and were more busy than any other days.

By the way: I checked the health app on my phone and I walked/ ran approx. 10km every day, those days. With a toddler in a stroller in front of me. All the time. Who also needed attention, be fed and kept entertained. She did a great job really and was super to come along and be cool. She did not have a big choice but she could have gone on a strike. And who could have blamed her…

Another conclusion: Those weeks/ months definitely included too much TV, phones and computers. And now we still pay for it. Things are starting to slow down a little right now. And we need to reverse those screen time sessions into occasional moments again. Not easy!

Today: All four children changed schools. Which is a good thing BUT also meant that I was out uniform shopping A G A I N because, of course, they had all different colours and even needed different shoes. Oh the joy. Some more paperwork, visiting the new schools and so on… tick tock!


Romy – likes her new, art specialised, school and made friends on her very first day there. YAY! One friend lives close to us and they go to school together every day. Double yay.

Antoine & Leonor – are in the school that is a 2min walk from our house. Oh the bliss. I never imagined that this would be possible. Especially not in London. 2 min!

Josephine – she started nursery in A’s & L’s old school and changed to the nursery in the new, close by school, after the winter break. So we have the 3 youngest in one spot. I still have to get used to the nurseries and their regulations here in the UK, a chapter on its own.

We are still dealing with HMRC and child care and it really is a very long and exhausting story that has cost me a lot of time, nerves and even money. In short: Because I am so new to the country I am not eligible to deal with them online. (hello 2019!) Therefore I have to call them for everything and had to send in two rounds of identity proof. Still waiting to hear back after the latest snail mail. Wow. Just wow!
I do miss Sweden and their efficiency. There was literally an app for everything and you just did ‘tap tap’ and finger print. And done! Boom!

Yesterday we spent a whole day outside. And that felt so good. We had a nice lunch in the pub and a big long walk in Hampstead Heath. It was cold but beautiful and really cleared our heads.

What else:

Our new place is smaller than the beautiful flat we had in Sweden. We knew that before but of course, one has to get used to it too. I am actually planning on writing an article about it because it shows and teaches you a few things as well. Interested? We like the house and chose it because we felt very ‘at home’ when we visited.

At the end of 2018 I realised that I was at my very limit. Actually over limit. And I did not want to keep up with the ‘pressure to be fine’ anymore. And I couldn’t. I am selecting very carefully now what I do and when. If it is possible and if it is good for me as well.
Since we are new here as well, there are no close friends around. Nobody to call by surprise and go for a coffee or lunch and rant. Or just change your mind and talk about something completely different. Something I am working on, slowly.

For the first time, I really feel like: No more moving!

Oh well, I hope that you could follow all that I write down. It is a bit of a wirr warr. But so is my head. Thank you for listening :)

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