Paul&Paula blog: elephant chair
TITOT, a compound word of 'Tiny' and 'Tot', is a furniture brand for children.

They hand make wood furniture and designer Joongho Choi is collaborating with several Korean designers to apply various ideas to real life.

Which throws us back to Korea. You see, many good things going on over there...

Lets discover Titot a little more:

Paul&Paula blog: village table
Resembling a peaceful village in the woods, the little houses can be used as storage space and to hide little things!

Paul&Paula blog: elephant chair
Paul&Paula blog: elephant chair
This chair and table look like an elephant and you can remove the yellow cushion.

Paul&Paula blog: ufo high chair
Paul&Paula blog: ufo high chair
The UFO baby high chair is made with the motive of cute small spacecraft.


Kids room ideas

Paul&Paula blog: kids room ideas
And are you starring at the fluo case? I know... me too!
Unfortunately I could not find it anywhere and believe me I searched a few hours... if you happen to know... please share.

But there are more goodies in this room.

Beautiful rug.

Honeycomb balls.

Milk lamp. {one of my top favourites}

Book case.

Paul&Paula blog: kids room ideas

The red bus is such a classic. We got ours when we left London - a souvenir.

Red bus.

The desk looks vintage but check here to find a similar style and even different colours.

Paul&Paula blog: kids room ideas

That is what a real kids room looks like in my world...

Storage basket.

Wardrobe and play kitchen from IKEA.


Paul&Paula blog: kids room ideas

So much light and space and directly into the garden. Dream!

House storage baskets.




Paul&Paula blog: kids room ideas

Such a cool wardrobe and even cooler little things all over!

Bird lamps.

Lion cushion.

Cat doll.

Cat print.

3 circles print.

Until next time!



Paula&Paula blog: Polpettine / Aymara
Paul&Paula blog: polpettine
Paula&Paula blog: Polpettine / Aymara
Paul&Paula blog: polpettine
Paula&Paula blog: Polpettine / Aymara
Paul&Paula blog: polpettine
New season at wonderful girl's boutique Polpettine!

As usual waiting for us with a carefully selected range of just the sweetest brands from the kids fashion universe.

Soft knits from Aymara, dreamy dresses andplease make sure to check out the accessories section... I just want everything from there...

One of my favourites is this beautiful dress and this fuzzy jacket.

Small Style {black}

Paul&Paula blog: small style
Paul&Paula blog: small style
Paul&Paula blog: small style
Paul&Paula blog: small style
Paul&Paula blog: small style
Paul&Paula blog: small style
Definitely one of my favourite looks on her and that is why, again, I took way too many pictures and just could not decide which ones to share.

So a long Small Style :)

And if you wonder if kids like darker colours... mine do and Romy loved this outfit. And its so perfect for Autumn, the cardigan is really warm and with the mustard tights... the little spark of colour.

And those shoes! Dream!
Every time she wears them I wish they made them in our size too... I tried to take a real close up pic. Because these are F E A T H E R S...

Cardigan and hat: Coquito
Dress: Tuss
Necklace: Koto Kids
Bag: Noe&Zoe
Tights: Collegien
Shoes: 10 IS


Bello & Elsa

Paula&Paula blog: bello & elsa

I am sure you know the excitement when your child spots a dog or a cat or any other animal... all my kids love animals.

We skype with my mum and the first thing they always ask is to see the cat.

We talk a walk and spot a dog... "wuff wuff"... and they all run to check him out from close.

Katherina and Christian went through the same phase with their daughter and wanted to find her a nice jumper or dress with an animal. Emphasizing on "nice". That was not so easy.
They started to search for good brands that also look after the environmental factor and that do fun clothes in good colours and prints.

You probably know what comes next... indeed... they gathered their finds into a shop and Bello & Elsa was born.

Paula&Paula blog: bello & elsa

A shop where everything has an animal... or two...

Cool right?!

Many Scandinavian brands you can find here, famous for their prints, like Mini Rodini, Ej Sikke Lej, Lipfish, Iglo&Indi or Ubang Babblechat.

Great wall stickers from MIMI'lou or accessories from Franck Fischer.

Great idea and when I showed this to my kids they could not stop checking all the things and finding the animals on each and everything...

Kids room decoration

Paul& Paula blog: kids room deco

Lets decorate the kids rooms a little today...

Autumn activates my nesting genes and I am more into re-decorating and re-arranging rooms and corners than for the rest of the year...

1. bear with teacup print
2. ABC poster
3. knitted cherry garland
5. Sir Scout print
6. felt basket

8. Lovely cloud bed set
9. ... such a cute storage basket...
11. Pear house
13. racoon basket

Paul& Paula blog: kids room deco

2. fun lampshades
3. canopy
5. Nanuk lamp

6. pillow fight
8. little nest to hide little things
9. birds bed bumper
10. white/silver bag


The last one before Halloween {Friday list}

Amazing images in this flickr feed.

Just received this panda scarf for Leonor and its such a good size, I could wear it too... I love big scarves...

Paul&Paula blog: mini empire blocks
When you think wooden blocks cant get any better...

Everything you need, want, must have for Halloween!

Paul&Paula blog: finch&agnes
Denim suit by Finch&Agnes.

Congratulations to Shih-Fen from Le Carousel NY. She just had baby number two...

Paul&Paula blog: dream room
Pretty space.

These boots are so cool.

Paul&Paula blog: petit bateau & fifi lapin
Petit Bateau x Fifi Lapin.

Little interview with me here.

Paul&Paula blog: space pyjama
Space romper.

Christmas is getting closer and closer...

Paul&Paula blog: yoko books
I am thinking of sharing more of our favourite books in my Friday lists, what do you think?
We all love Yoko, especially this one - so beautifully illustrated!


Paul&Paula blog: garbo&friends // prints
News from Garbo & Friends - prints!

For sweet nights.

Paul&Paula blog: plate
Cute plate.

This is just too cute.

We are off to Berlin tomorrow... meeting lots of lovely people... life is slightly crazy here right now, I might put it into a post one day.... but first I need a break xoxo

Happy week end everyone... thank you for reading!
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