8 simple and festive hairstyles for children

8 simple and festive hairstyles for children
For some reason I thought about hair when I was looking into the article for today. Since the kids wear uniforms to school, even Leonor has to tie her hair back. And finally her big sister is allowed to help (she was asking her all the time to braid or just do her hair but only on very rare occasions she got a yes!)!

So, since it is only 2 weeks (!!!) until Christmas, I thought that some simple and festive hairstyles for children ideas would be really good!

I hope you like the idea…

Because you probably got a nice dress already, the kids are excited anyway and having a lovely hair-do will just underline the whole festive spirit.

Here are some ideas, because often it is all we need. Some inspiration. Some ideas… a photo, and there we go:
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28 delightful things for your December!

Paul & Paula: 28 delightful things for your December!

Ok, I know it is not Friday (yet!) but Thursday will do beautifully this time around too. Because I saved so much great stuff for this list, you will need an extra day.

And I am happy to finally share all of it and get this out to you… this may very well be the longest Friday List on Paul & Paula to date!

By the way, I am planning to write a few things that are on my chest next week. A few life updates…

I hope that I will find the time and the perfect moment, because I always need to ‘right’ moment to get started.
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Pitti Immagine Bimbo 88 and all the news

Pitti Immagine Bimbo 88 and all the news
I know that everyone is busy with Christmas. Decorating, menu planning and shopping. But when you are part of the (kids) fashion circus you get excited about something else too. New collections!
For one, the new collections for Spring/ Summer 2019 as well as a few pre-spring or even cruise collections will be delivered to stores as of now. We have seen the current stuff for a while and new pieces, colours, styles and more are so welcome.

And, in January the fair trade season will open and we will all meet again. And apart from lots of catching up we will also see what the designers came up with for next winter. Clap Clap! Exciting!

And one show that nobody in this business can miss is also the first show of the season: Pitti Immagine Bimbo.
It is the 88th edition of Pitti Bimbo and it will take place from 17th to 19th January 2019 in Florence, Italy.

My flights are already booked and I am so looking forward to it.


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Cute ideas for a kids room under the roof

attic room for kids

Ola! Wow. I know… I am not very good with updating this blog super regularly at the moment. Sorry. I would love to, but life tells me different…

I also want to update you really urgently about the whole move and how things are going (not that great) but I just cannot really find a good moment to sit down and write. We are moving forwards but also backwards so it is hard to keep up. And to stay ‘cool’ to be honest… but really, more on that soon.

Right now we are talking attics, because I felt an interior post is a great thing to come back here and also because I am all attic at the moment.

Why you wonder?

The house we rent at the moment, here in London, has an attic that is basically our life saver. It is a huge storage area and makes it possible for us to live in a smaller space without feeling ‘stuffed’. And since the moment I put my feet in there I am making imaginative plans (when I am bored which I am not so basically it is when I try to feel asleep at night) on how to turn that storage into another living area.

And isn’t an attic a really cool place for a kids room? Maybe not a nursery, unless you have more rooms under that roof but I am more thinking about tweens and teens. It has a super cosy feel and also makes it a bit like a universe just for yourself?!
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Timeless and practical clothing for little ones

sunna studios
Hello Monday! I hope you all had a great week end. Here, in London, it is really chilly in the mornings now and we got our winter accessories out.
And one really important thing that we learned during our time in Scandinavia: Layer and invest in good quality basics that you can wear every day. I am talking about merino or silk layers. Thin, adjusting to body temperature and soft on the skin.

Some time ago (too long) I stumbled upon Sunna Studios and they do just that. A wonderful collection of naturally dyed, organic and ethically made basic childrens wear.

‘Our design ethos is based on thoughtful simplicity, with an emphasis on texture and earthy tones. Pieces are designed to be well worn and well loved, basics that can mix and match seamlessly into the wardrobe helping to encourage better fashion habits.’

All collections are imagined in a small town in New Zealand by Elise and Brooke. And every piece naturally dyed using plant based materials at the same spot as well. Can you see the warmth of the earth in the clothes?
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