Vík Prjónsdóttir

Vík Prjónsdóttir

Iceland Week Day Three:

Vík Prjónsdóttir is based in Iceland {what a surprise}and owned by Brynhildur Pálsdóttir, Gudfinna Mjöll Magnúsdóttir and Thuríður Sigurþórsdóttir. {I think we will have with the language during our trip}

It was established in 2005.

And this brand has a very unique and quirky style – you just have to love. Original, fairy-like products made from high-quality Icelandic wool. I mean – cover yourself with a colorful blanket evoking a shape of an exotic bird’s wings and just fly away with your thoughts.

A festival of colors on those beautiful blankets but never too much too bright. Just perfect!

Our designs are inspired by myths and stories and our production process is based on working closely with traditional, local knitwear factories and producers. We work almost exclusively with Icelandic sheep’s wool, a unique and sustainable resource that has evolved in isolation over 1,000 years.

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moi kidz

moi kidz

Day three of our Iceland Week and it is nothing knitted today:

Mói is a children’s fashion brand from Iceland creating stylish and funky clothes for children with a dash of attitude.  The urban brand wants to inspire sustainable living, being free and the desire to make the earth a better place.

This is done through certified production methods, which are responsible, ethical and organic.

The urban designs are mostly gender neutral and dress kids from 0–12 years of age. Organic cotton basics that are easy to mix and match and wear with comfort on all occasions.
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Day two of the Icelandic Week here on Paul & Paula:

YLUR was created in 2013 by Fanney Svansdóttir. Sustainable and stylish clothes that appeal to children and adults equally. Knitted from high-quality materials and guaranteed to last a lifetime.

The Icelandic word Ylur represents warmth and comfort. The name itself sounds soft and soothing and it induces a warm feeling like the beautiful garments that are knitted from silky-smooth Alpaca wool. Alpaca is a natural fiber, soft and durable and will not feel itchy next to the soft and sensitive skin of your baby.

The subtle natural colors and timeless design work together to create lovely, long-lasting clothes. Perfect for passing on to siblings or even future generations.

‘I want to create beautiful things from natural materials that do not have a harmful effect on Mother Nature. I want to create quality sustainable clothing that can be passed on to other generations, clothing that I would choose for my own children to use over and over again.’
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As We Grow A/W 2017

As We Grow
Soon we will go on our second vacation of this summer. Initially we wanted to go away for 3 complete weeks but our agendas did not match and we had to split.

And once we decided on a 2 weeks somewhere warm and then one more week I instantly had Iceland in my head. Iceland is on our travel wish list for a really long time and August is a really good month to go there. Booked the plane tickets. In April. And then had a really hard time to find a camper van because everything was booked. We were late, very late and desperate. In the end we found one and are deep in the planning now and so excited.

The kids too. We showed them some pictures and explained about the island and of course the whole camper van thing {they love it since our trip last year}.

And that is why I thought that it would be really cool to do a week dedicated to Icelandic brands.

Starting with As We Grow today and their new collection for this Autumn/ Winter.
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CIFF KIDS Spring/Summer 2018 – international brands

Mister Fly

Now is really not that much time left and we will all meet during CIFF Kids. Are you ready?

Copenhagen in August, the best of kids fashion, meeting people from the industry, spotting trends…

CIFF Kids will open it’s door on Wednesday the 9th of August at 9am.

Today I want to share some of the International Brands that will exhibit and where I will definitely have a look at their new collections:
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