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End of last year a bunch of lovely ladies {and men} that meet in a mum blog FB group decided that we want to support each other more.

We do, hence the group, but also quite regularly experience the other side.

That is why we decided to do a little Secret Santa action. Everyone will present a blog and  today I am happy to introduce you to Jessica who writes the very touching blog called “Herz und Liebe” {heart & love} and my little universe will be introduced by Greta from kids and couture.

Jessica lives in Berlin {wink to my hometown} with her husband and two children. Two girls and one of them {the little one} was born with a heart defect.

The blog is the journey of this lovely family – with all ups and downs. An outlet, a dairy… a page to share, show and mostly to just write down what is sitting on their heart. Including the happy moments.

Reading through Jessi’s blog gives me goosebumps, makes me cry and also insanely happy to see the family grow and live with the challenge. The challenge of life.

And I am sure she is helping many people to deal with their own situations, gives them hope and especially gives them the strength to continue and fight! It is wonderful! It is very personal! And it is one reason why blogging is one of the best things I ever started… there are so many beautiful people in the blogging world and I am glad I met a few of them.

Follow the 4 on Instagram and see how strong little Hannah is or check their FB page for all updates.


. : : Herz und Liebe : : .


Lots of love from Sweden to Berlin!



The last one in January {Friday list}

boho kids
The grey weather is really getting on me… wish I could be there, with these cute kids

How do you like the soft colour palette?


Disa NYC.

For fancy diners with baby.


ghost cushion
A ghost to help against ghosts… {glows in the dark}

Party planning can be so fun with these accessories!
crocodile jumper
Croc croc croc…crocodile sweater!
Fab Spring dress.
bonnie baby - new collection
New arrivals at Bonnie Baby, what a happy collection…

Seriously funky leggings.

DIY letter boxes
DIY letter shaped boxes – found here.
Need this for my boy!

let's roll
Let’s go camping this summer…


It is a little hectic here at the Paul & Paula house. Totally not planned… so we are trying to go with the flow, enjoying week ends and hiding the to do list under some other paperwork… have a good one lovelies xoxo


Kids room ideas

kids room inspiration

Can you imagine that most things on this picture are DIY projects? Exactly… how awesome is that. The bed, the shelves and if you have a look, they also made some cool storage boxes to slide under the bed.

But I found a few things for you to get in the shops {too}:


Table is from HAY

Tipi – very similar here

Garland – very similar here

Poster {scroll down a little}


kids room inspiration


This is a great DIY idea. Creating something yourself adds such a great personal flair and here you can really show your creativity and style.

Collect wooden boxes/crates and some old wallpaper. Good moment to finally make a trip to the flea market maybe? Or check some Vintage shops?


kids room inspiration

Blue room means boys room? Maybe… but check the lamp and maybe change your opinion… boys, girls, siblings of both genders… to me this room has a neutral note!

Rocking rabbit from Brio

Similar rug here

Tutu lampshade DIY.


kids room inspiration

Lots of vintage going on in this cute room and I love the pops of yellow everywhere.

Mirror – similar here.

House Doctor paper garland.


kids room inspiration

A grey room – very peaceful and stylish but not toooo much, so it has a place here. Lots of cute details!

Crib is from Oeuf NYC.

Bookcase from Laurette.

Light string.

Pirum Parum poster.




Simple Kids S/S 2015

Simple Kids S/S 2015
Simple Kids S/S 2015
Simple Kids is everything but simple. Coming from the mekka of children fashion – Belgium – you can be sure to get extremely high quality {the pieces last forever} as well as stand out stuff!

Whatever they do, they do it right. The prints will not fade, the sequins will stay put. I often cannot resist but I can also tell you that when one of the kids is wearing Simple Kids, there is always somebody coming up and asking about it…

Above is the new S/S collection. Lots of details, fun colours and sublime prints!


Buy it here.


Declercq Mobilier

Paul & Paula blog: Declercq mobilier
Paul & Paula blog: Declercq mobilier
declerq oxford desk
Paul & Paula blog: Declercq mobilier
Paul & Paula blog: Declercq mobilier
Paul & Paula blog: Declercq mobilier
Paul & Paula blog: Declercq mobilier

For more than half a century Belgium furniture manufacturer Declercq Mobilier have been bending for schools, institutions, restaurants and hotels, concept stores, architects and interior designers. Modern furniture based on tubular structures that moved from making lots of school furniture to a high standard children’s furniture company.
The collections include magnificent children’s desks, that cleverly combines {classroom} nostalgia and contemporary design. The Cuir Cuir  chairs are “flagship” pieces from the brand and are perfect for a teenager’s bedroom!

And of course we love the cool colours. A good pop of colour can never be overrated… little chair in hot pink anyone?

Paul & Paula blog: Declercq mobilier

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