Kuum Wooden Toy Blocks

Kuum Wooden Toy Blocks
Kuum from the block! Totally in love with these super sleek, stylish and colourful wooden blocks.

KUUM is a collection of 202 building blocks crafted from beech tree wood that come in beautifully arranged units of 12 pieces. Each unit is infused with the stories of 12 elements and each unique piece embodies a small fragment of nature.

The 36 units express fundamental elements of rich Japanese nature like pebbles, twigs, and sea shells. And the 12 block units represent these themes: soil, fire, flower, tree, mountain, sea, ice, stone, earth, moon, sun and sand. With that they become a part of something larger and special. And even after being built, they will still remind us of the beautiful, original elements.

The lengths and angles of each piece have been carefully calculated and designed to maximize the number of combinations possible.

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Kuum Wooden Toy Blocks

Kuum Wooden Toy Blocks

Kuum Wooden Toy Blocks
The block units consist of 36 unique shapes and colours. These include flat boards, thin rods, L-shaped and U-shaped blocks that fit snugly, as well as unstable pieces, which you can stack to produce a wobbly structure.

Their appealing colours and shapes will instantly inspire you to pick them up and start building. The pieces will enable you to use building blocks in ways you never thought possible in order to create colourful and unique objects. The possibilities are truly infinite. Each set comes with a card showing some ideas of what you can achieve with one theme.

KUUM is developed in collaboration with monogoto, a creative firm in Portland, USA.


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