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Paul & Paula loves long lasting high quality toys.

Toys that the whole family plays with and after years and years are still in use. We share our favourites as well as new finds from the toys world.






17 cool things for your September!


Hi there! How are you?

Just before we are heading straight into September I have some cool stuff ready for you. This time on a Monday so you get a good start into a new week as well.

Here in London we had some ‘fresh’ days and got a glimpse into Autumn (way too early if you ask me!) and then we have one more week of summer break and I am really wondering how it will be once the kids go back to school.

Are you ready? 17 cool things for a great new week and an even better month of September:


april-vase tse tse
If you want something special for your home, look no further than Tse & Tse.

100 years of baby fashion.


animal face masks kids
Want to swap the boring mask for something cute*? how about a koala or pug version?

Not vegan. Not tried. But if you are in for a very mean chocolate cookie, I think you should try this.


lion crochet animal head nursery
Fantastic lion head* for the nursery and kids room. Such a great decor item and beautifully made to order as well.

Whoa! Coolest backpacks* around for sure…


sunna studios lounge wear
If this lounge wear would come in my size I would totally wear it…

Until then, I will find something pretty in this shop*.


origami back linen dress women
That dress* had me at ‘Hello!’. I mean… that back…

Humans of New York. Always good!


french family home reims

french family home reims
A home full of life

90s kids versus today’s kids! So fun!


I might be slightly jealous that this gorgeous jumper* is for kids! (but, of course, so so pretty!)

Pretty socks*!


linen playmat leaf
Cute playmat*.

If your kids’ school stays closed or you decided to homeschhool for the time being, have a look at this kids workspace inspiration.


Hugs and kisses…


PS: This week I will also share our two weeks break in Kent! Stay tuned…


*affiliate links
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26 sizzling things for your August!

paul paula blog

I have been a bad blogger over the last months but I guess you all know why. To make it up a tiny bit I managed to gather a Friday List so we can all start August in style.

And wherever you are, whatever you do… I really hope that you are OK and that things are more calm and manageable.

We are staying in this cute little cottage in Kent at the moment. And I can tell you, it is sooooo nice to be out of the city and see something else for a bit. I will share more about our stay and cottage very soon!

Here are your 26 sizzling things for a sunny month of August:


macrame weaving loom diy kit
Great range of DIY Knitting, Crochet, Weaving and Macrame kits*.

If you are looking for something special for your home.


sozo diy kits
More DIY: From funky cushion cases to embroidered wall art, let your creativity take hold with these kits from Sozo DIY*.

Great interview with Simone Biles in Vogue. To add you should also watch the Netflix Documentary about the US Gymnastics Team system.


natural body soap
French inspired natural skincare. Which looks very glam and chic too. Just like the French… (And they make great gifts!)

Also DIY, but outdoors: Eco-friendly container gardening kits*!


yellow maxi dress cotton
For me please! Fantastic yellow maxi dress* that will always put a smile on your face whilst wearing it. (you should check this shop out in general by the way…)

On my recipe list: Raw Nutella Bars.


hand embroidery pattern
I am on a roll today, more DIY kits: These hand embroidery hoop patterns* are so gorgeous!

This print just screams summer.


What a house!

One of my favourite decor brands.


white peach summer drink
Adult drink with white peaches. I actually got a blender to crush ice (Ours broke just before our last move) recently and collect yummy summer drink recipes…

Remember:  Colouring Pages to print out during rainy days!


child bonnet
Handmade baby and child bonnets*.

I made a very simple and yet delicious focaccia a few weeks back. Nothing compared to the very arty ones going through the net…


An old-fashioned favourite for little ones to easily transport their toy collections from room to room with this pull-along wagon cart*.

Hmmmmm…. roasted berry sorbet!


Toy Beauty_makeup-bag-pretend-play
My youngest is really into makeup and hair. She basically begs me to put on lipstick (my already very minimalist approach to make up is literally nonexistent since Corona started) and to do my hair. It is her birthday in September and I think that I will get this Toy Make Up Bag*. No need to worry about make up on furniture or skin problems…

Another adult drink, with grapefruit. Something I re-discovered over the last weeks as well.


mini me clothing design
Very cool and minimal clothes for the whole family – dada, mama & mini!

Something pretty for us mums!


woven throw blanket etsy
Time to get yourself a great gift that will make the extra time we spend in our homes even more worthwhile. In love with these throw blankets*….

More for the home: These rugs* are amazing, affordable and super fun!


stay close to people who make you feel like sunshine
Just wanted to give this to you!

Last one: If you are looking for a very special dress* for your child. Look no further!


Have a great month of August everyone. Stay Safe! Stay Healthy!



* affiliate links
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Open-ended wooden toys for creative children

wooden toys
Good Morning and are you just as delighted as I am that it is Friday today?

I know that a lot of people say that the days of the week are just a name but I can tell you that a break from home school is definitely worth a mini celebration for me.

So before we all head into our well deserved weekends, I wanted to introduce you to Babai Toys. It is a Ukrainian-based company that specialises in innovative, high-quality toys. And they are made entirely from wood combining tradition with modernity!

The people behind the brand value quality very dearly and strictly follow EU standards and manufacture their toys in an environmentally safe approach. Everything comes with a natural, non-varnished and unpainted finish. As well as smooth corners, making it totally child safe, with no points or sharp edges.

Open-ended wooden toys for creative children:

wooden toys
The wooden houses are amazing and so inviting for creative play. They are magnetic which means they are easy to build as well as to take down. Our amazing bow and arrow set is just the job for little adventurers!

And who does not like a good balancing game? Especially one that looks as cool as this one…


wooden toys

wooden toys

The sky is the limit when it comes to imagination at Babai Toys, children and parents alike will fall in love with the innovative creations…


More wooden toys? How about Wooden Story or science and art combined in cool wooden toys ?


All links are affiliate links.
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Stay at Home – the best family board games!

Stay at Home - the best family board games

After two or three weeks of being mostly at home due to the C-thing I ordered a few more board games to play as a family. They are  a fun way to keep every member engaged and off screens.

And it was nice to try something new too.

And board games often include lots of other, social and cognitive, skills as well. Think team work, negotiation, following rules and logic.

There are lots of classics like Monopoly and Scrabble, however, there are more amazing family board games and I want to share our favourites with you today. Because it would be a shame if you would miss out on them. Some of them are all about strategy, others come down to luck, but all of them are super fun.

But before I will go on to my list, I want to share some points on what to look for in a Family Board Game:

Number of players

As you know we are a big family so I check how many people can play.


Playing time is something to consider. We have shorter games but also some that require some strategy thinking for longer. Have a look at the games you already have and see where you can add or go for a new challenge. The games I ordered just now are all rather short because I wanted something to play after lunch before we go for the last bit of school assignments. Or when we come home from the park and I do not want the kids to watch TV immediately.


Our youngest is currently 4 1/2 years old and very good at UNO, memory, and even manages Carcassone quite well. When I buy a new game I pay attention to the age rating to determine if the difficulty level will suit what I am looking for.


And now, our favourite board games. You will see that there are some classics, something for a little one:one time, something for everyone, for little ones (that the older siblings enjoy too!):


carcassone family board game


Always different, not too long, and you can make it more interesting over time by adding fun extensions.
Your fields, roads, and cities grow by placing game tiles in an attempt to build up your land. After placing a tile, you can score points by putting a “follower” piece on the items you built. Lots of options, possibilities, some strategy, and logic. A game that turns quickly!
Get it here.


scrabble family board game


The absolute classic but so good. Great brain game moment that trains creativity, spelling, as well as maths by keeping score. And definitely very fun! Leonor is 7 and enjoys it very much. But I think it is a great game where you can team up with younger children as well.
To start the game, each player draws a certain number of tiles, and then players take turns creating words on the board, building off existing words and earning points for each letter. You can increase your points by landing on designated spaces for double or triple word or letter scores.
Get it here.


ok play game

OK Play

This is one of the games I ordered recently. All children can play, it is quick, we can take it anywhere, and it is strategic.
And it is so easy and simple: Choose a colour, grab your stack and start laying down tiles until someone sneaks a line of five, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
Get it here.


eeboo memory never forget a face


Another classic! And you probably played it many times. My little ‘tick’ is to find really cool and quirky memory games to make it even more fun. At the moment I play it lots with Josephine when the others need to do school work and I want to keep her away from the screen. Memory games are a great way to boost memory skills and also help with strategy, thinking, and concentration. Currently I play memory a lot with Josephine whilst the others do their homework tasks.
One of my favourites is the face memory, because there is always some story telling included as well. About the outfits, hair, or somebody we know that looks very similar to the child on the card.

Another fantastic one is from Petit Collage. The Ice Pops are so cute


chess family game


Only two can play here but it is great for some one:one time.
A cute game for little people is this version.
I highly recommend this book for little chess starters that explains in easy words the world of chess and gives some tips too.


jenga rainbow game


This game needs no explanation — just a space in your game closet! We love Jenga for its ease of play.
And whether you play alone or with a group, this game is always fun. Build a tower from the 54 small wooden blocks and take turns removing one block from within the tower and placing it back on the top. The tower grows taller and more unstable with every move. The last person to successfully place a block before the tower tumbles is considered the winner.
Get the rainbow version here.


dobble game


This compact matching game is the perfect size to store in your purse and bring out when your family needs a distraction. It is always in our backpack when we are out and also always comes on holidays.
You will get 55 round cards and each card has a random array of symbols on it. Once the top card on the deck is flipped over, it is a race to see who can spot the matching symbol between their card and the deck card. You have to be quick and a good spotter!
Get it here. (and pssst, there is a cool Harry Potter version too)


settlers of catan

Settlers of Catan

This adventure-based game is perfect for up to four players around the age of eight (again, good game for teams), who will all battle to collect resources and build settlements on the Island of Catan. There are some rules and obstacles that make the game super fun — players can trade resource cards, sabotage each other with the robber game piece and more as they race to become the conqueror of Catan.
A board game of trading, strategy, tactical skill, and luck that is easy and fast paced. There are numerous expansion packs, including an extension for five to six players, and even a “Game of Thrones” edition.
Get the original here.


the new yorker jigsaw

Jigsaw Puzzles

From early childhood right through to adulthood we enjoy playing with puzzles. Because we like the challenge, the thinking and exercise for our minds. Puzzles are also an important educational learning tool for children. That is because they provide many skills like fine motor, problem solving, hand eye coordination, and self esteem once your hard work is done and you can see the beautiful puzzle you created.
There are many different versions out there, for all ages and tastes. I will share three that I love very much:
Everyone loves The New Yorker and we all enjoy their illustrations. Did you know that they have jigsaw puzzles with some of their covers? Have a look!

I love that Paris Map Puzzle!

Do you, and/or your children, like animals. This cat puzzle is adorable and there is a dog version too.


pop o matic trouble game

Trouble Game

This race-and-chase game is so addictive and super easy to work out. It is especially fun for younger kids but really the whole family enjoys it.
Players compete to be the first to send four pieces all the way around a board. And pieces are moved according to the roll of a die which means pressing the dome of the pop-die roller, causing the die to jump and roll.
Get it here.


Interested to see more toys? How about some wonderful educational wooden toys or science and art combined in cool toys?

All links are affiliate links!
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Beautiful toys from Wooden Story

Wooden Story

Good Morning! We are starting the week with some wonderful wooden toys today. Toys that can be purchased in New York’s MoMA and Vitra in Germany for example. Toys that received the international BuyMeOnce Excellence Award in London for their combination of aesthetic and ecological values.

I am talking about Wooden Story. A wonderful brand run by Gosia Borowy and her husband Wieśiek in a village near Babia Góra, Poland.
The couple lives on a little farm, with animals and their design office as well as their production office. Together they will saw, plan, drum, polish, paint, oil, and pack. Also organising paperwork, managing their social media channels, and reply to customers. The reality and beauty of a small business.

A maximum of 15 people work for them, and everything is hand-made with passion and love. And you can see and feel it with every toy:

Wooden Story

Wooden Story

Wooden Story

Wooden Story

We received a package with a variety of their toys, including the very beautiful rainbow blocks that are delightful. They inspire creativity and are just lovely to look at and definitely make for great decoration when play time is over.

And the same goes for the stacking pyramid. A staple in every kids room. Squares from top to bottom and from bottom to top! You can remove them and put them on as you like, no matter the sizes. Or you can arrange a pyramid.

And everything is so soft from the beeswax and botanical oils. Which means the toys are safe and always 100% natural too. The colours are Eco-certified and free from harmful chemicals.


Wooden Story

Wooden Story

Wooden Story

Wooden Story

Wooden Story
“We are the third generation making wooden toys and other wooden products. They took over the workshop with her husband in the 90s. Wieś learned his profession from his father when we were still kids. In short, today the product itself is still manufactured as it was decades ago. The same technology, the same craftsmanship and the same hand-made.”

Altogether, raw material is the basis and Wooden Story works with certified wood, which means that for every tree cut a new one is planted.

“Thanks to this approach, we still have the joy of life, job satisfaction and peace of mind. I could take a loan and build a factory for 500 people, have a foreign investor and do really large production. But then there is no personal contact with people anymore, the stress is greater. That is why we are developing slowly.” says Wies.

And it means that each and every one of these carefully crafted wooden toys is almost guaranteed to last for multiple generations.

Furthermore, every toy comes in a very nice box or cotton bag and right now, you get little packages of seeds that will become bee-friendly flowers!

If you are interested to see more wooden toys, I am inviting you to discover these amazing alphabet blocks or Kuum.

We received samples from Wooden Story in return for this article. All words and opinion are my own.
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