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Paul & Paula loves long lasting high quality toys.

Toys that the whole family plays with and after years and years are still in use. We share our favourites as well as new finds from the toys world.






Natural and sustainable toys for little people!

Happy Little Folks

It is clear that the world of wooden toys really took a big step over the last years. What was once a boring part of childhood is now a must have. Mostly because brands updated their image and speak to today’s parents who are looking for safe, long lasting, and good toys for their children.

And this small creative studio based here in London is definitely part of it.  Founded by lovely Iga Sielenko, she designs wooden toys, nursery decor and interior accessories for children and grown ups. All the products are non toxic and manufactured ethically using only natural and sustainable materials completely safe for the little ones.

This wooden toy brand* creates functional, ethical and sustainable wooden toys with enduring quality and minimalist design that leaves space for your child’s imagination to flourish. And it is about connecting children with natural materials, helping them discover their creativity, supporting their physical and mental development.

Let’s have a closer look at these natural and beautiful toys for little people:


Happy Little Folks

Happy Little Folks

Happy Little Folks
Loving the balancing stones in either pastel*, earthy*, or natural*.


Happy Little Folks
Probably my favourite (and we have a birthday coming up here this month!) – the wooden birthday cake*!


Happy Little Folks

Happy Little Folks

Iga’s biggest inspiration was the birth of her son, Orson, back in July 2014, when she discovered a whole new world. A world of toys and children’s room decor. She was also inspired by the simplicity and aesthetics of Scandinavian and Japanese design, nature, Montessori and Waldorf education.

And Iga always loved wooden toys. They remind her of very special and happy memories from her childhood.

“My toys and decor pieces are super cute and stylish. And their minimalistic designs will fit into many different interior styles and compliment any space. I put lots of love and care to each product I make and I want my designs to be enjoyed both by the parents and their little ones. “

You love the natural look? I have the key accessories for a great natural kids room as well as this haven of a children’s room that will let your heart beat faster. Promised!

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All you need for a great Easter Time!

easter essentials


Easter is approaching and my children announced that they would like, pleeeaaaase mum, a real Easter Egg Hunt. In our garden, or even better in the park. It is cute to see that they ask for traditions.

And of course I will hide chocolate eggs and bunnies and enjoy watching them running around with little baskets…

I really like Easter. To me, it is the perfect start of the open air season. When the streets turn green, the garden needs a fresh up, you stay in the park until it is nearly diner time, and our neighbours magnolia tree is smiling at me from my office window.

Therefore, I gathered a few cute and fun things to make your Easter weekend a bit more sweet in just a couple of weeks:

1. Linen jumpsuit in beautiful yellow mustard.

2. This stunning blue gingham bunny girl’s dress is a precious piece you’ll want to keep forever.

3. Dress up time: Flower and Rabbit Ear bandeau.

4. Palm leaf basket to collect Easter eggs and for little toys afterwards.

5. Cutest handbag for Easter essentials, chocolate eggs, and beyond.

6. Perfect accessory to that blue dress – a sweet straw hat.

7. Set of the cutest floral bunny plates.

8. Easter bunny wooden puzzle. A family of rabbits that are both fun and educational.

And more Easter things that will make you happy all Spring and Summer long as well:

9. P E A C E

10. Mama and baby bunny wooden figurines.

11. Bikini bottoms in a gorgeous Liberty fabric and smock detail.

12. Flower crown.

13. A chic and comfortable Easter time for the youngest with this very soft cotton gauze jumpsuit.

14. Organic cotton storage basket.

15. Super cute bunny peg dolls in a choice of colours. These sweet little rabbits have hand painted details, faux leather ears and and a fluffy little pom pom tail.

16. Leather shoulder bag.



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23 fun things for your March!

paul paula blog

Hej! Have you been waiting for this month’s Friday list? The wait is over and 23 fun things are waiting just for you…

There are some cool interiors, even cooler lamps, fashion for small people of course, and lots of sweet gift ideas and things that make your life a little more bright.

I hope February treated you well. There have been lots of grey and rainy days everywhere, so lets eat our soup and hope for lots of sunshine in March!

Have fun:


night light balloon
Not only a sweet night light* but also a great decoration for every children’s room.

Wish I could justify the price tag but I will swoon about it anyway…


Australia meets Scandinavia in London! Love this place.

Beautiful little linen clothes* for this Spring.


wooden rainbow pastel toy
Beautiful wooden toys*.

Very special knitted or crochet fruit and vegetables for the play kitchen.


personalised bunny doll
Perfect Easter gift – the name of your choice on the belly is sewn by hand with attention to the smallest details. It will become your child’s best friend. Sweet bunny doll!

Lots of cool lamps in this house!


linen dresses girls
Boho summer here we come… with these cute clothes*.

I do not use a lot of make up and found products that work for me but once in a while I do enjoy hearing about other people’s favourites and their routines. And I do love Laura Dern!


ethical exchangable sandal slidersa
Ethical Magic Sliders*! Upcycled uber-comfortable sandals made from recycled materials. By changing the upper part you have countless possibilities!

The article is about the best plant based milk option for your perfect latte. Well, I do not drink coffee but there are many good and important facts about plant based options vs meat and so on. To read!


scandinavian interior
Such a bright and well designed place. Love that door…

We are not really using AirBnb anymore. Too many stories when all you want is enjoying a holiday. Here is another reason why it might be worth looking for alternatives…


morley ss 2020
Such a fun and colourful collection from Morley this season.

So much character in this pink house.


The World of Whales is beautifully illustrated and we explore many interesting facts about these fantastic animals. Looking at the habits and characteristics that make the many species of this family so special.

Robbie Williams – a dad of four now.


faux animal heads kids room
Felt animal heads* for the nursery, kids room, or play zoo…

Exquisite leather accessories for big and small.


colourful african baskets
OMG! Loving these African baskets* and I want them all. On table, on the wall, little storage, fruit basket, bread basket… anything…
And they are great for adding a pop of colour!

Cool teen room ideas.


modern pendant lights
Talking about lamps earlier. Look at these!
Cool colours and unusual shapes will make your space original, unique and friendly with these lamps*. They are made from paper mache. Obtained from the recycling of old newspapers and ecological, certified water based glue. Very environmentally friendly and ecological.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!


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Monster and Muffins combined in some adorable collectable figurines!


One of the best things to witness is when a good person realises his or her dreams. Something they always wanted to create, to do, or to achieve. And then one day it is reality.

And today is one of those days for my friend Ing-Marie. I wrote about her before here on Paul & Paula because she used to make these ultra cool toys called Kleine Biester. Because Ing-Marie is the Hille ist die original author and illustrator of the Moffinis.

Who? Yes, Monster and Muffins combined in some adorable collectable figurines who are hitting the stores in Germany as you are reading.

My children received a box filled with a selection out of the 12 available Moffinis. And now the magical muffin monsters, all of which are housed in magnificent, detailed cupcake houses, live here with us:





I have asked Ing-Marie a few questions about her background and how she got the idea to create the figurines. Let’s hear:

Paul & Paula: Hi Ing-Marie, please tell us a little bit about yourself and your background.

Ing-Marie: During summer 1998 I finished my fashion design studies and in autumn of the same year my first son was born.
So I started to work as a freelancer in textile and fashion design and later costume design and production for film and music video productions. I also followed my passion for drawing and painting throughout the years, otherwise something would be missing for me.

A few years later, I was a mum of three boys and founded my own children’s brand called „Die kleinen Biester“. SOft toys with their own stories and accessories. As a young mother, the focus is mainly on children’s things anyway, so it was a good fit. And I also started to develop design and illustration concepts for customers in the wood and plush sector (toy manufacturers & merchandise).

What do you love most about your job?

I mostly like bringing product and storytelling together. That is how the Moffinis started. After weeks of working on fruit and vegetable toys, I thought: “Actually, children much prefer cakes, cookies and muffins, wonderfully decorated and deliciously fun”.

Oh, tell us how the Moffinis were born.

So this is when I got the idea for the Moffinis. They should be cute and colourful, and all different and unique.
Figurines that don’t exist yet and that also magical and a little mysterious.
Of course, I didn’t know exactly how they should look like and all kinds of ideas flew through my head. That is when I grabbed my sketchbook and started drawing. That was in March 2018.

And then?

Half a year later I showed the results to the product manager of a German soft toy manufacturer. And he recommended to meet a great licensing agency in Munich. And that agency really liked my idea and designs and everything went very quickly after that.
Because we decided to work together, they brought the publisher Blue Ocean on board and since then we have been working with a great team on the “Moffinis”. For me, personally, a dream has come true.

Can you tell us three things that connect you personally with the Moffinis?

1. I love children. That is why I have three and our house is always busy.

2. I also love baking and eating sweets. We always have some home baked goods in the house and love to gather for a piece of cake in the afternoon.

3. I love stories. During our afternoon cake eating we usually come up with some fun made-up stories.

By the way, there are two very special Moffinis with bling and glitz to find in some of the bags… fingers crossed!

All images: Paul & Paula
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The star edit!

The star edit!

After we started off the week in rather magical and mystic ways, I will keep the feeling and share some of my current favourites that shine with stars.

Stars are one of those designs that are always current and everyone loves. They are kinda gender neutral too and reflect a lot of themes like space, ballerina, or magic.

And look at yourself and your friends – do you know somebody who likes stars? I bet you do. Do you know somebody who does not? Now you probably have to really think and not come up with a name…

Exactly… stars are fun, cool, and timeless.

And they do pop up in all kind of ways in our wardrobes and homes. Here are the ones that I would shop right now:


1. A star lantern* macrame style. In lots of subtle and beautiful colours. Definitely not only for the kids room but I am sure your kids would love one…

2. Woah. Such a cool print. And one very warm jacket – perfect for your upcoming winter holidays!

3. We all know – it is in the details. And these star pins will change your look immediately.

4. I knooooow. They are awesome. They are sneaker fever*! And in case you do not like pink, or the glitz, they are many other cool styles available.

5. This lamp is called the twirly lamp and the best part is – it comes with a set of fun magnets that you arrange just as you wish…

6. The perfect outfit to dance to your dreams, to twirl to your future, and to hang up in your room when not worn.

7. A star teething necklace that is as cute as cupcake!

Half Time! More stars coming:

8. Those sneakers can definitely show off these stardust leggings. Match made in heaven!

9. Delightful onesie.

10. Tulle, and more tulle. And lots of gorgeous stars – the perfect party dress*.

11. Cute, simple, and something for every day – this sweet star headband*.

12. Boy, girl… anyone will love this cool jumper* that just screams COMFY!

13. Cool kids need cool socks* as well.

14. The simplest way to add some magic and to turn a room into a place out of a dream – a stunning star garland*! By the way, here are some truly magical kids rooms!

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