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One eclectic children’s room with a vintage touch

eclectic children's room

A proper Interior Tuesday today and I have one eclectic kids room to show to you. And when the owner also runs a Vintage & Antique shop, you know you will be in for a treat.

This beautiful house is situated here in London and has a detail to be discovered in every corner. A cool velvet and hot pink sofa, a Moroccan tiled feature wall, or a deep copper and white enameled bath in the master suite.

Getting curious? I bet you do!

And the rooms of Madeline and Tippi Rose are just equally stunning and intriguing. For myself, I wish I could go for a flea market stroll tomorrow.

Modern wallpaper, vintage armoires, quirky accessories and lots of animal friends:

eclectic children's room

eclectic children's room

eclectic children's room

eclectic children's room

eclectic children's room
Oh, how much I love these lamps!


eclectic children's room
What do you think about this mix? A little bit girl, slightly boho, definitely fun and a whole lot of sweet. Rooms to dream, to play and to talk with your sister until late at night and you cannot keep your eyes open any longer.


More London family places:

Via Priceless Magazine
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23 merry things for your December!

paul paula blog

This time I am sending you into the last month of the year. 2020 is close of being over and even so we have no idea what 2021 will bring, I am assuming everyone’s expectations are rather low. Therefore, it will be good! It has to be!

Over here, I did not manage to get this list out on the last Friday of the month as I am usually aiming for. But… just in time to start December – tomorrow- all merry, jolly and inspired.

Below, my finds, bookmarks and everything `I want to share with you. Full of gift ideas, beautiful things… and more.

Enjoy, have a wonderful festive time and remember: Love is the answer.


chunky knit blanket
Cosy Christmas Days with these chunky blankets in various sizes and colours!

Part puzzle, part immersive diorama construction kit


OYOY has some lovely new items in their collection. Sweet tapestry, rugs, table ware…

THAT colour. I am in love. And so perfect for a cool festive outfit and that you will wear many times in 2021. Guaranteed!


wooden beads garland
A different, and oh so pretty, kind of garland. Love it! Very Scandinavian Christmas!

Fabulabox concept allows children to create their own streetscapes and cities from panels that can be easily assembled and disassembled.


simple folk 2

simple folk
The Simple Folk.

For my teenage daughter I got a few cute beauty products for Christmas, like this amazing body butter.


wooden christmas baubles
Wooden baubles* beautifully hand painted.

Goorin Bros!


vintage kids room
Cool vintage kids room.

Treat yourself mamas!


Reading in December: Bartholomew and the Morning Monsters

Handmade robe bowls* for fruits, accessories, toys…


rainbow crochet baby blanket pattern
How about taking up crochet over the holidays? And make this gorgeous rainbow baby blanket*?

Three great baby fashion brands!


modern kids roommodern kids room
Sculptural shifts in ceiling heights with clever spatial proportions!
The absolute best workout leggings, especially for running are these. I love them and never wear anything else when doing my laps.


bunk bed self made
Loving the colourful stairs going up to the uber cool bunk bed. Family home in Denmark.

And another very cool family space in Paris.


linen dress girl
Handmade, sustainable children’s clothing*. Lovely linen dresses, rompers and accessories.

Fantastic prints, posters, postcards and more from various London neighbourhoods. Gorgeous illustrations* that make wonderful gifts!


book filled living room

scandi kids room
A room filled with books and a kids room with a view. I am moving in!


Sweet wishes from London to wherever you are…


*affiliate link
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An airy and light filled Family Home with lots of natural ingredients

Alexandrena Parker home

I am a big fan of Alexandrena’s work and so happy to get a peek into her stunning home.It is so bright and airy and yet looks so inviting and comfortable.

Alexandrena lives here together with her husband Michael and daughter Ruby. A house that used to be a post office and a house that at the time of purchasing had no kitchen or bathroom.

Luckily Michael is a carpenter and was able to undertake the renovations himself. Including adding a 30 sqm extension, building extra walls, and little Ruby’s bedroom. The couple managed to keep elements of the original property, such as the hallway, flooring and windows.

Let’s go on a tour and start with the children’s room, that has a little romantic touch:


Alexandrena Parker home

Alexandrena Parker home

Alexandrena Parker home

Alexandrena Parker home
Vintage furniture, cute wallpaper, beautiful bedding and net curtains to add some softness. A magical and playful universe!


Alexandrena Parker home

Alexandrena Parker home
Ruby even has a little ‘villa’ in the garden. I am sure it made the last months of lockdown in Australia a little easier.



Alexandrena Parker home

Alexandrena Parker home

Alexandrena Parker home

Alexandrena Parker home
So crisp and clean. A very Scandinavian inspired interior design but with its own charm and atmosphere. Beautiful!

I am still hoping to have a project like this one day. Maybe not a complete makeover with extensions and building bathrooms. But a place that we can just make our very own. Dream!


More inspiration from Down Under:


Via The Design Files
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A contemporary, minimal family home with layers of different textures

minimal family home

This modern family home really takes me a little bit out of London in November. And right into a bit of a vacation feel with blue skies and crisp outdoor living!

We are in Perth today and visit the home of Erica Zuccala and her husband Peter, together with their children Aniela and Dominic. In a temporary family home that uses lots of white and materials like leather, timber, stone and metals to achieve a raw style.

What makes this place so great is the mix of grey concrete and matte black accents clashing with woven pendants, textured rugs, and soft furnishings to add warmth to the interior.

So inspiring!

And, as usual, we will start the home tour with the children’s rooms:

boho girls room

boho girls room

boho girls room

boho girls room
Cute boho room for a girl! And the wallpaper is another great way to soften the raw look of the house.

If you are looking for similar wall hangings – please have a look at this beautiful online shop*.


boho girls room

‘I’d describe my personal interior style as contemporary, minimal with a touch of texture. I love using different finishes in my furniture and home. Concrete rendered walls, raw timbers, lots of greenery to keep things fresh. And muted colour tones make an appearance. We have a lot of white walls so I include warming details to tone down the starkness.’ Erica says about her home

Now, let’s have a look at the rest of the house:

minimal family home

minimal family home

minimal family home
Indeed, plants really give this place something fresh and natural. And I totally agree with Erica – plants are a must in every home. They just add such a great atmoshphere and dimension.

More family interiors from Down Under?

Happy Tuesday!


* affiliate links
Via Adore Magazine
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Space saving storage solutions for tiny children’s rooms

Space saving storage solutions for tiny children's rooms

Tell me, how often were you thinking about moving to a place with more space over the last months? Probably more than once.

But you are still in the same spot? Moving into a bigger home is not always the first solution. Because of friends, the school your child is loving so much, the commute you may have to do again one day, and other factors. They all make you want to look into space-saving solutions instead of moving.

And figuring out lovely and practical storage ideas for your kids’ rooms can be a challenge. The confrontation of making the most of toys and kids stuff can be called a design challenge. That is why I am sharing some space-saving storage solutions for tiny children’s rooms with you today.

You probably did some de-cluttering already during one of the rainy weekends. And that is a great starting point to get the storage situation off the ground. Kids room storage solutions will help you to maximise floor space for play and to give the most beautiful things room to shine.

Here are great as well as practical storage solutions for your kids’ rooms that you can re-create in your own home straight away:

Image: Minishow

Keep it Simple

The beginning of a good and organised room is a simple layout. Bright, neutral colours will open up any small space and make it more welcoming. Do not overthink and over-design, but make sure it is functional for a child. And what does it really need? Keep storage containers low and easy to access. And give everything a dedicated spot to make it easy to get tidied up.

kids room shelves
Image: Rafa Kids


Shelves are excellent for displaying your child’s most beautiful possessions. Be careful: Too many open shelves can make a room feel chaotic. It is better to use some great, coordinating boxes and containers on shelves to unify the look, or use shelves with doors.

Low shelves are easily accessible and great for toys that are played with often. Alternative book storage comes in the form of picture ledges, which are fun to line a little reading nook with.

Here are 8 ideas for children’s bookshelves!


multifunctional furniture
Image: Cuckooland

Invest in multifunctional furniture

Every little thing can make a big difference in a small room. And some pieces of furniture can actually do several jobs. A desk can be a bedside table and a stool can include a storage function for example.
A bunk bed is the best space saving thing there is for shared rooms. But, not only. It can also be very useful for small rooms in general. Underneath you can create a desk area or play corner, creating more free space for the rest of the room. Elevated beds with built-in storage are excellent as well.

Great children workspaces

kids room storage solutions
Image: Apartment Therapy

Make the most of the height of the room

All you want in a kids room is to have some floor space so the little ones can play. Remeber the first points about keeping your room simple and investing in multifunctional furniture. Now: We go up!
Put shelves all the way up the wall, there is always something you do not need every day and can be stored on the top.
However, keep things simple here as well. And do not overload your shelves or the room will look cramped and unorganised, not something your child will feel inspired in.

More storage ideas for children’s rooms


under window seat and storage kids
Image: Project Nursery

Dual utility

Window seats perfectly utilise the small space underneath a window and offer seating. Now how about combing that with some storage space? A wall-to-wall window seat doubles as an easy-access bookshelf and is looking neat.

5 smart ideas for small children’s rooms


woven baskets toy storage
Image: Studio McGee

Baskets, boxes & co

Woven baskets can be a great way to keep a variety of toys or books in order. They also look fabulous and add texture and warmth to a room. Alternatively, there is often room for a toy box or trunk at the end of the bed and could be used as a chair or table sometimes as well. And a child-sized clothing rail is a fun way of storing and displaying dress-up items.

Have fun organising!

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