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21 terrific things for your April

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Sooo, we are heading into April and will most likely be the strangest month ever. But because we are reading and hearing about Corona everywhere, I will not make this the C-list.

I will make it, more or less, the opposite. Giving you some visual as well as practical inspiration. Adding some useful things that may cheer up your indoor time…
Talking about indoor, have you seen these gorgeous rainbow wall hangings ? Or these alphabet blocks that will make for great play fun?

Enjoy these 21 terrific things for your April:


straw baskets

paris family apartment
I am taking all the baskets. And the rest of this place too. Via VTWonen.

Add some colour and sunshine into your house with these block print* quilts, pillows, and more.


muslin top bow
Cute muslin top* with a lovely bow.

Mother’s Day started to go around the world. It was last Sunday here in the UK. When is it in your country?
To treat yourself have a look at the cute handmade jewelry* that will be perfect for this Spring.


rainbow cabinet kitchen
Staying in with this rainbow kitchen is definitely pretty. Not to forget the view too…

This is a great gift idea – a custom family portrait* – to send to loved ones that you cannot visit at the moment.


This Korean children’s fashion brand* is beautiful, nostalgic and whimsical! Look at the delicate details like lace, embroidery and pretty prints.

The B I G recycling myth.


ABC Spaghetti*!

This will cheer you up: Nia Dennis’ incredible floor exercise!


petal dress
The original Petal Dress*! Delicate, girly and simple.

The 50 most innovative companies of 2020.


pixie hat baby
How could you ever resist a pixie bonnet*?

Dark humor aka higher IQ. I like….


natural childrens wear
Natural children’s wear* in the best summer colours!

Totally boring but… useful… especially now we have more dishes to get cleaned too. How to load a dishwasher properly. Ha!


hana karim
I want A L L the plates! A dream!

Working for free?


scandinavian kitchen
More kitchen love.

And smile*… such a lovely print and stationary shop.


Have a splendid weekend and do not forget: We all do our best, and that is the best we can do!


*affiliate link
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Incredibly charming family apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden

Incredibly charming family apartment

Here in London things got more serious yesterday evening and measures to stop the virus to spread are strict. No total lock-down yet but I guess if people still do not follow the government’s advice we will get there sooner than later.

And since the weather is gorgeous and I find it important to get a dose of fresh air with the children between home schooling and feeding them all day long I hope we can prevent it.

But enough with the covid-19 talk. Let’s visit a very charming and unconventional family home in Gothenburg, Sweden. Just to change our mind a little and to get inspired. I totally love the exciting floor plan,  the arched original windows, and white wooden floors. And that open kitchen!

Gorgeous original details, 3m high ceilings, and lots of daylight turn this place into a  calm, unpretentious and relaxed atmosphere.

And as usual, I will start with showing you the kids room:

Incredibly charming family apartment

Incredibly charming family apartment

Incredibly charming family apartment

Incredibly charming family apartment

Incredibly charming family apartment

Elephant wallpaper anyone?

And that little nook turned into a cute desk. Very neutral colour combination and all the cushions make it very cosy.


Incredibly charming family apartment

Incredibly charming family apartment
Ahhhh, I so love that big table. This is totally up my street and that (I guess) DIY lamp is so cool. And of course that bench along the wall which makes everything so much more cool.


Incredibly charming family apartment

3 big windows to let in that special Scandinavian light!


Incredibly charming family apartment

Incredibly charming family apartment
That display wall is definitely worth to remember and to take away inspiration for our own homes. Loving the mix of prints, illustrations, as well as the different styles of frames.

Coupled with the pillows – an equal mix of fun colours, design, and a mix of modern and more traditional.

More stunning places in Gothenburg? How about this lush place or this very cosy family apartment?


via Alvhem
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A colourful and welcoming home for a large family

A colourful and welcoming home for a large family

Kristian’s and Mariah’s apartment in Copenhagen, Denmark is a colourful and welcoming home for a large family.

Kristian Lillelund works as an interior designer and loves practical and modern solutions. So when the apartment transformed into a home for a four-child family, he came up with some very clever solutions.

No space is unused, lots of storage compartments, space saving ideas, and cool DIY projects. Kristian built the cool kitchen, a sofa that is also a bookcases, and multifunctional plywood furniture. The main colours are pink and grey and the result is a fun and vibrant family home.

Welcome in:

A colourful and welcoming home for a large family

A colourful and welcoming home for a large family

A colourful and welcoming home for a large family

A colourful and welcoming home for a large family
The kids rooms are all about  compact living. Loft beds, wall desks that integrate into the interior, and lots of custom-made furniture for optimal function.
Smart and cool!


A colourful and welcoming home for a large family

A colourful and welcoming home for a large family

A colourful and welcoming home for a large family

A colourful and welcoming home for a large family
The kitchen is definitely my favourite space in this apartment and I love the grey walls. Before the renovation, it was much smaller and the small bedroom next to it was compromised for a lovely spacious family kitchen.

Again, everything is smart and flexible in terms of storage. And it really looks like a great place to hang out, draw pictures, have a glass of wine with a friend, and lots of afternoon snacks.


A colourful and welcoming home for a large family

A colourful and welcoming home for a large family

A colourful and welcoming home for a large family
Sofa is shelf. Two-in-one, but very sleek and fun. And again, the grey and pink colour scheme…

More Copenhagen? How about these fun kids room ideas?


Via: hemtrevligt
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A truly eclectic family home in Hammersmith

eclectic family home in Hammersmith

Not very far from where we live here in London you can find this cool 1860s house. It is in Hammersmith which is very close to the Thames, not far from the city centre, and very green.

Interior designer Beata Heuman lives here with her husband and two daughters and appreciates the same values as I do in our hood:  ‘I feel removed from the frantic bustle of the city, but excellent tube connections mean I can be in central London in no time at all – it really is the best of both worlds.’

Beata is originally from Sweden however her interior style is far away from the typical, clean, and minimal Scandi stuff. It is best described as eclectic and marriage of elegance and fun. As well as a good dose of surprise and so charmingly, quintessentially English!

Let’s have a look into her own home that represents her motto: Living comfortably, and easily.

eclectic family home in Hammersmith

eclectic family home in Hammersmith

eclectic family home in Hammersmith
But let’s talk about Beata a little too because she is quite a name here in London and the design scene. House & Garden magazine named her “designer of the year” for 2018 for starters. And her first big solo project was a pink townhouse that was features in numerous magazines around the globe. She also designed the Farm Girl Cafe, off Portobello Road, as well as the Feeding House cafe in Notting Hill.


eclectic family home in Hammersmith

eclectic family home in Hammersmith

eclectic family home in Hammersmith

But the best part is, yay, the children’s room! Her girls are playing and sleeping in this magical Bemelmans-inspired room. Bemelmans is the artist behind the Madeline books and the iconic Bemelmans Bar in New York. And it is the Bemelmans Bar at the Carlyle Hotel in New York that inspired her the wonderful mural.



Would you like to see more London family interiors? How about this place that looks like right out of a fairy tale or this Edwardian family home.


Via: The Modern House
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23 fun things for your March!

paul paula blog

Hej! Have you been waiting for this month’s Friday list? The wait is over and 23 fun things are waiting just for you…

There are some cool interiors, even cooler lamps, fashion for small people of course, and lots of sweet gift ideas and things that make your life a little more bright.

I hope February treated you well. There have been lots of grey and rainy days everywhere, so lets eat our soup and hope for lots of sunshine in March!

Have fun:


night light balloon
Not only a sweet night light* but also a great decoration for every children’s room.

Wish I could justify the price tag but I will swoon about it anyway…


Australia meets Scandinavia in London! Love this place.

Beautiful little linen clothes* for this Spring.


wooden rainbow pastel toy
Beautiful wooden toys*.

Very special knitted or crochet fruit and vegetables for the play kitchen.


personalised bunny doll
Perfect Easter gift – the name of your choice on the belly is sewn by hand with attention to the smallest details. It will become your child’s best friend. Sweet bunny doll!

Lots of cool lamps in this house!


linen dresses girls
Boho summer here we come… with these cute clothes*.

I do not use a lot of make up and found products that work for me but once in a while I do enjoy hearing about other people’s favourites and their routines. And I do love Laura Dern!


ethical exchangable sandal slidersa
Ethical Magic Sliders*! Upcycled uber-comfortable sandals made from recycled materials. By changing the upper part you have countless possibilities!

The article is about the best plant based milk option for your perfect latte. Well, I do not drink coffee but there are many good and important facts about plant based options vs meat and so on. To read!


scandinavian interior
Such a bright and well designed place. Love that door…

We are not really using AirBnb anymore. Too many stories when all you want is enjoying a holiday. Here is another reason why it might be worth looking for alternatives…


morley ss 2020
Such a fun and colourful collection from Morley this season.

So much character in this pink house.


The World of Whales is beautifully illustrated and we explore many interesting facts about these fantastic animals. Looking at the habits and characteristics that make the many species of this family so special.

Robbie Williams – a dad of four now.


faux animal heads kids room
Felt animal heads* for the nursery, kids room, or play zoo…

Exquisite leather accessories for big and small.


colourful african baskets
OMG! Loving these African baskets* and I want them all. On table, on the wall, little storage, fruit basket, bread basket… anything…
And they are great for adding a pop of colour!

Cool teen room ideas.


modern pendant lights
Talking about lamps earlier. Look at these!
Cool colours and unusual shapes will make your space original, unique and friendly with these lamps*. They are made from paper mache. Obtained from the recycling of old newspapers and ecological, certified water based glue. Very environmentally friendly and ecological.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!


*affiliate links
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