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Space saving storage solutions for tiny children’s rooms

Space saving storage solutions for tiny children's rooms

Tell me, how often were you thinking about moving to a place with more space over the last months? Probably more than once.

But you are still in the same spot? Moving into a bigger home is not always the first solution. Because of friends, the school your child is loving so much, the commute you may have to do again one day, and other factors. They all make you want to look into space-saving solutions instead of moving.

And figuring out lovely and practical storage ideas for your kids’ rooms can be a challenge. The confrontation of making the most of toys and kids stuff can be called a design challenge. That is why I am sharing some space-saving storage solutions for tiny children’s rooms with you today.

You probably did some de-cluttering already during one of the rainy weekends. And that is a great starting point to get the storage situation off the ground. Kids room storage solutions will help you to maximise floor space for play and to give the most beautiful things room to shine.

Here are great as well as practical storage solutions for your kids’ rooms that you can re-create in your own home straight away:

Image: Minishow

Keep it Simple

The beginning of a good and organised room is a simple layout. Bright, neutral colours will open up any small space and make it more welcoming. Do not overthink and over-design, but make sure it is functional for a child. And what does it really need? Keep storage containers low and easy to access. And give everything a dedicated spot to make it easy to get tidied up.

kids room shelves
Image: Rafa Kids


Shelves are excellent for displaying your child’s most beautiful possessions. Be careful: Too many open shelves can make a room feel chaotic. It is better to use some great, coordinating boxes and containers on shelves to unify the look, or use shelves with doors.

Low shelves are easily accessible and great for toys that are played with often. Alternative book storage comes in the form of picture ledges, which are fun to line a little reading nook with.

Here are 8 ideas for children’s bookshelves!


multifunctional furniture
Image: Cuckooland

Invest in multifunctional furniture

Every little thing can make a big difference in a small room. And some pieces of furniture can actually do several jobs. A desk can be a bedside table and a stool can include a storage function for example.
A bunk bed is the best space saving thing there is for shared rooms. But, not only. It can also be very useful for small rooms in general. Underneath you can create a desk area or play corner, creating more free space for the rest of the room. Elevated beds with built-in storage are excellent as well.

Great children workspaces

kids room storage solutions
Image: Apartment Therapy

Make the most of the height of the room

All you want in a kids room is to have some floor space so the little ones can play. Remeber the first points about keeping your room simple and investing in multifunctional furniture. Now: We go up!
Put shelves all the way up the wall, there is always something you do not need every day and can be stored on the top.
However, keep things simple here as well. And do not overload your shelves or the room will look cramped and unorganised, not something your child will feel inspired in.

More storage ideas for children’s rooms


under window seat and storage kids
Image: Project Nursery

Dual utility

Window seats perfectly utilise the small space underneath a window and offer seating. Now how about combing that with some storage space? A wall-to-wall window seat doubles as an easy-access bookshelf and is looking neat.

5 smart ideas for small children’s rooms


woven baskets toy storage
Image: Studio McGee

Baskets, boxes & co

Woven baskets can be a great way to keep a variety of toys or books in order. They also look fabulous and add texture and warmth to a room. Alternatively, there is often room for a toy box or trunk at the end of the bed and could be used as a chair or table sometimes as well. And a child-sized clothing rail is a fun way of storing and displaying dress-up items.

Have fun organising!

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30 incredible things for your November!

paul paula blog november 2020

Yes! 30 incredible things I have for you. Things that have been waiting for you and that I am so happy to finally share.

This week I realised that the upcoming months may be not as easy and nonchalant as I hoped and wished they would be. Little Josephine will be home for an extra week because of a positive Covid case. And that really was the eye opener how quick things can change.

How quick we are housebound and have to change plans. And even so these plans were nothing spectacular seeing the circumstances, they still were something we were all looking forward to.

Now, lets keep the chin up and hope for the best and make the best out of every day. And pssst, I already included some gift ideas for the upcoming festive season. Enjoy!

With a little help, well 30 little helpers, right here:


Creative Colorful Family Apartment Copenhagen

Creative Colorful Family Apartment Copenhagen
Creative and colourful family apartment in Copenhagen. Such a fun kids room.


What is an algorithm? Mashable


hand painted candles
The most gorgeous candles! Hand painted!


Just the best beanies* for this winter.


embroidered flowers name hoops

kids room wall tapestry

lion head kids room decor

kids room wall tapestry
Gift ideas: I should have given a full article to Katharina’s designs*. But I only realised that when I put together this list. And then I just really wanted to share this with you. Wall tapestry, beautiful name hoops embroidered with dried flowers or a sweet lion. Love it all!


A very real Kate Winslet. Great interview!


the problem with pierre

the pocket chaotic
The problem with Pierre
A fussy cat ruffles the feathers of two neighbours who couldn’t be more different…

The pocket chaotic
Alexander’s mum keeps putting stuff in her pocket… and it’s driving him CRAZY!


Oh yes, I watched Selling Sunset. First for the properties… and then for the very light entertainment.


modern barcelona apartment
Dream house in Barcelona! Look at those windows and floors – extraordinary.


Lego X Adidas


interior fairy lights
Short days. dark days, gloomy days – add some sparkle to your home and give yourself a little boost. Cosy and inviting and such a great selection of lights* for all corners of your house.


Another proof that avocado is the best!


schneid studio
Schneid Studio!


21 daily podcasts for your morning routine.


dollhouse suitcase
Gift idea: Dollhouse suitcases*. To carry around and bring wherever you go!


Are you, or your kids, eating vitamin gummies?


aga kitchen
An amazing Victorian house in Kent with a Scandinavian touch and so many great details and elements.


Let the kids be in charge!


artipoppe baby carrier
Artipoppe is not just a baby carrier — it’s a lifestyle that unites women, inspiring them to trust their instincts and embrace imperfections.


I am a fan of rosehip oil. And you?
Find out what it does to your skin.


For your own wishlist: These crochet pendant lamp shades* will give every room a special feel!


Wedding dress* envy!


stars moon mobile
Stars & Moon mobile*!


Gift idea for your best friend: Hand-crafted wooden home wares and jewelry*.


personalised christmas stocking
And to finish, I am going A L L Christmas! Personalised Christmas stockings*.


This little owl woodland print* is the cutest. And so perfect for this season!


Have a great weekend, enjoy a quiet Halloween, and stay healthy!

*affiliate links
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The perfect Scandinavian Apartment with subtle colours everywhere

perfect Scandinavian Apartment

Just this morning I stumbled upon this place and thought: This is the perfect Scandinavian Apartment.

It literally has everything Scandinavian Interior stands for. And you can clearly see how every detail, every piece of furniture as well as decoration was selected with lots of care and eye for detail.

Adding all the features like high ceiling, wooden floors, beautiful light, stucco, and double doors. Therefore I had to share it immediately.

This lovely apartment is located in a beautiful turn of the century property. And through the beautiful windows the even more beautiful light flows in and makes everything look very peaceful and spacious.

And the selection of wall colours as well as wallpaper for the children’s room really underlines the zen atmosphere:

perfect Scandinavian Apartment

perfect Scandinavian Apartment

perfect Scandinavian Apartment
Furthermore, I am sure you already noticed the exquisite taste of the current owners of this delightful place.

All in all, everything is kept rather simple. However the selection is very much around design classics and made to enhance the natural features of this great place.


perfect Scandinavian Apartment

perfect Scandinavian Apartment

Not to mention, that I really enjoy the black and white prints around the house. Great modern twist!


perfect Scandinavian Apartment

perfect Scandinavian Apartment

Linen always adds a lot of warmth and comfort.


perfect Scandinavian Apartment

In a word: Simply an outstanding home in the middle of central Gothenburg!


More Scandinavian family spaces: Stockholm Family Apartment or blush children’s room or poetic in Malmo!


Via Bjurfors
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Dreamy accessories for gorgeous children’s rooms

moi milli

Guten Morgen everyone. Today marks two weeks that my children have been in school and I am slowly picking things up again.

And I am crossing everything I have that it will continue this way because I would really love to continue working on projects and ideas instead of Google Classroom assignments and endless cooking. I am sure you understand. Somehow I am also only realising now that it has been 6 months and that it is a very long time indeed.

So, to end the week with something beautiful and comforting I am sharing the delicious home accessories* made by Klaudia who is based in Warsaw, Poland.

Moi Mili is a small studio, making lovely quilted bedspreads, colourful pillows and the most divine teepees*.

“We attach great attention to detail and everything we create we put a lot of heart and passion.”


moi milli

moi milli

moi milli

moi milli

Yes… I told you those teepees are extraordinary. How about frills and embroidery*, powdered flounces*, or even lace and tulle*?

So romantic…


moi milli 6

moi milli

moi milli

moi milli

“We want to create a pleasant atmosphere in every room, bring a smile to your faces and make your interior becomes unique.”

Everything is unique and proudly handmade in Poland with passion, close attention to details, and 100% natural materials. And you can clearly see the folk culture inspiration as well as the boho influence.


More interior inspiration for the little ones? How about some boho furniture or these rainbow wall hangings?


* affiliate links
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Stunning Malmo family home with hints of colours

Stunning Malmo family home with hints of colours

Hej Hej, today we are back in one of our old places. We are in Malmo, Sweden. And I have to say when I am looking at the pictures I do miss our place we had over there. It truly was the best thing during our time there.

And some of the features I can see in this lovely family apartment as well. High ceiling, lovely wooden floors, beautiful windows, with that gorgeous Scandinavian light falling through.

On top this place is showing off some very gorgeous wall colours that really bring out its features. Of course there is a lovely children’s room as well, which, again, has some lovely hints of colour. Something we do not see that often in Scandinavian homes.

Are you ready for the tour? Let’s start with the space for the little ones:

Stunning Malmo family home with hints of colours

Stunning Malmo family home with hints of colours

Stunning Malmo family home with hints of colours

Stunning Malmo family home with hints of colours

Stunning Malmo family home with hints of colours
Loving that shade of blue and the little pops of neon.


Stunning Malmo family home with hints of colours

Stunning Malmo family home with hints of colours

Books! So many books! Love it…


Stunning Malmo family home with hints of colours
Great print selection!


Stunning Malmo family home with hints of colours

And of course a cute kitchen too…


Stunning Malmo family home with hints of colours
Little green corner.

I guess we can agree that this is one stunning place and we could move in here right away…


More places from Malmo? How about this poetic family home or a dreamy boho meets vintage place?


Via Fastighetsbyran
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