Paul & Paula shares their favourite books for kids. We cover books for all ages – from baby till teenager!

We love books and enjoy sharing what we read at home. With so many languages around us our personal library is big. The kids love to read and we all love to spend time in book stores. Enjoy our selection and have a look at our book store.




21 delightful things for your December!

21 delightful things for your December!

This could be a great opportunity to share Black Friday deals. But I won’t. Ha! And I guess that I do not need to do a whole speech on why not because in the end… either you go get those (questionable) discounts or you don’t.

I am still here to share some of my favourite things I came across over the last weeks. And that I believe you will enjoy too. And in the end you may be treated with a lovely deal, because it is Black Friday after all.

However, and most importantly, I want you to have a smooth start into the last month of the year. A slow weekend to enjoy with some good articles, inspiring interiors, and delightful things for small and big.

Enjoy my December edit, a little bit festive, but not too much:


love letter blanket
OMG! The best! A Love Letter Blanket*. Write your own custom letter to a loved one so they can wrap themselves up in love. Make it extra personal by using your own handwriting, or keep it simple by using a font! The blanket will be custom made for you. Such a sweet present!
And have a look, the other blankets* are pretty ace too.


Really cute Christmas DIY ideas. Already saved to my Pinterest.


macrame plant hanger
Cool plant hanger*!


Lots of gorgeous jewelry*.


girls linen dress
Adorable dresses for girls* and matching hair bows!


Pimp your Christmas outfit with these cool earrings*.


vintage children room
Great vintage children’s room. Via Entrance.


Since I watched ‘A Star is Born’ – I am a Lady Gaga fan. Before I never really cared and thus did not know much about her. But her story should be shared. Because there is a lot of inspiration that can help others. This interview with Oprah is good!


gestalten_book_garbage dog
New book: Tells the tale of Garbage Dog surviving the streets of a big city and discovering the true meaning of family and friendship.


Do you know the co-op on Park Slope?


watercolour abc print
I could buy everything from this shop*, and actually have this print* in my kitchen. Perfect for my coffee loving husband and the tea lover – me.


Very interesting article about food in Berlin with facts, background, and history!


boy girl christmas baubles
Awwww… so cute these hand painted boy and girl star baubles*.


Great gifts for grown ups!


From our old home town, Malmo. The stunning place of Nina Persson! (The singer from The Cardigans!)


Book bin DIY. (to fill your holidays with projects!)


christmas pattern rolling pin cookies
Cookie Season made so much more fun with these great rolling pins*. Many cute designs to choose from…


Is blogging dead? 9 different opinions.


The children, the message (even more important these hectic social media filled days), and just everything!


Healthy chocolate and play advent calendar.



london calendar
London illustrated. Especially loving the calendar!


This Sunday Antoine does not have a football match so I am planning a visit to Daunts in Marylebone (you gotta love a great bookshop) and see the festive decorations. And then we will light the Christmas Lights in our little corner of London. A lot of neighbourhoods organise their own events to kick off the festive season. And this Sunday it is our turn. Street food, choirs, dancing, friends, and of course the lights that will be switched on…

Enjoy your first of Advent weekend and see you back here on Monday!



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Pump-up your child’s love for reading with this fantastic book subscription

Book subscription for children

You know that I have a very soft spot for books and reading in general. And so do all my children. My eldest is the biggest bookworm and probably transferred some vibes to her brother who also enjoys reading. Leonor, now 7, was so eager to start reading that she literally raced through the stages and is reading chapter books already.

For myself – I love to read and actually do not take my phone with me when I go to bed but read. And in some cases, this keeps me awake longer than a phone because once I love a book it is really hard to put it down.

Long story short – there are a lot of books in our house, for big and small, and I never left any behind throughout our moves. I just cannot! Book stores have a magnet and we all enjoy spending some time in there (great rainy day afternoon activity…). Josephine is four and cannot read yet, but she sure adores books and loves to browse the covers.

And I will never say no to buying a book. mainly because I share the addiction but also because I believe it is a fantastic hobby that I want to entertain. Obviously, it is also much better than staring at a screen or playing online games.

So when publishers or writers contact me it is the same – I just cannot say no. And when Emily from Parrot Street contacted me about her children’s book subscription I was happy to try it out with the kids. And to share it with you, of course, too.

Let’s have a look at the mission of this fun children’s book subscription called Parrot Street:

The goal of our book subscription is to introduce you and your child to books, authors and genres you may never have discovered. There are so many books out there, beyond the classics and the bestsellers, that we think your children will love reading. And we are careful to choose titles that aren’t pitched at any specific gender.

Every book is hand-picked by Emily and her partner Sarah. And they create a bespoke activity pack to accompany it. Which I think is a genius idea. Children love to ‘make things’ and receiving a book in the mail is great but much more fun if there is something else with it.

The subscription is aimed at children between 5 and 11 years. When you sign up you can choose between the Parakeet or Cockatoo reading groups. Parakeets are younger readers (aged approximately 5-8) and Cockatoos are more confident readers (aged approximately 8-11).

We received one each including the fun activity packs:

Book subscription for children

Book subscription for children

Book subscription for children

The parcels fit through your letterbox and have your child’s name on it, kids love to receive mail. It is like a monthly little treat!

‘Inspire their love of reading with a monthly book subscription designed to help your child unlock the many benefits of reading. Children who read for pleasure do better at school. It helps to develop imagination, creativity, empathy, and confidence. Our subscriptions encourage the reading habit by making it fun.’

Everyone in each age bracket is sent the same book. Like a real book club! Emily and Sarah research new titles and speak to publishers to find great books that are not on every bestseller list. The priority is to select a wide range of books that are not aimed at girls or boys specifically. And that is well written, with great characters, and lots of themes to get us thinking. A brilliantly bookish gift for both keen and reluctant readers.


Book subscription for children

Book subscription for children

Book subscription for children

Book subscription for children

What are those activity packs you want to know?

Each activity pack comes with games, puzzles, instructions for craft projects and more, and is inspired by that month’s book.
Bonus: A small bonus gift accompanies one of the activities in the pack too!


Book subscription for children

Book subscription for children

Book subscription for children

Do you have a little bookworm at home that loves everything books? Or you want your child to discover the amazing world of books. I think this club is great for everyone. You could start with a 3 months subscription to try it out. They even give you the possibility to add another activity pack for siblings to enjoy the monthly mail together. And if you have children in different age groups you can easily add them to your account.

To sum up: I think it is a great idea. And I do love the fact of receiving a personal package with a great book every month plus an activity pack. It does engage reluctant readers more easily!

By the way, books make great gifts and you can gift a subscription or buy a gift voucher.

PS: Parrot Street donates to a charity for every pack sold!

All images by Paul & Paula


We received packs for the children in return for this post. No compensation. All words and opinion are my own!
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23 fun things for your August!

23 fun things for your August!

Ola! I am melting away so I will make my intro very quick today…
And today’s list you can see as a Holiday Read. A bit the same as those books people want you to read by the pool…

Today’s list has 23 super fun things that you can enjoy on your phone or tablet. From the cutest rattan doll bed to the biggest regrets of over 90 year olds.

Happy August!


wooden ruler height chart
These height charts* are so fun! And totally something I would hang up because I never got around these teddy bear or giraffe style things you usually find…
I think they make a really great gift too!

Very nice DIY kits for kids.


Rattan beds are big right now. Now there is a doll version* too!

We just received a copy of this book – The Inner Child – and it is so fun. Explaining why adults act differently than children but actually are still children deep inside.


liberty sun bonnet
Sweet Liberty sun bonnet*.

Loved Linda Cardellini in many roles, the most recent Dead to Me especially, and this article is a beautiful portrait.


bayiri baby knits
Cute baby knits from BaYIRI.

Really cute maternity wear.


cabinet with colour boxes
Cool cabinet that is made up of loose, colourful boxes, and held together by a construction of wood and ropes.

Rainbow rug for happy kids rooms.


french family home
Very inspiring family home in France.

Are you on the Keanu Reeves wave? I always adored him…


childrens room wallpaper
Delightful hand-drawn children’s wallpaper. With lots of details and vibrant hues.

Jumpsuits are all over the place these days. Unfortunately they are not easy for tall people like me… because something is always off. B U T, anyone else, I am sure you will love these.


bibelo swim
Pimp your garden with these cool chairs and tables from Bibelo.

Royal baby traditions!


bobo choses aw 2019
The new collection landed. Pick the best pieces* fast!

How about a nanny that is a princess at the same time?


nursery design prints
Gender neutral, subtle and sweet art prints for the nursery and kids room.

Question to people over 90 – what do they regret most?


blue kitchen
Peaceful house with a kitchen to fall in love with!

Tel Aviv with kids!


miya ma etsy
Cute linen top that you can also get as a dress. basically I love everything from that shop*.

Equal pay – the secret code.


Happy weekend everyone! Stay cool… xoxo

Affiliate links marked with *.
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14 joyful things for your November!

14 joyful things for your November!

Sending you into the new months with some really cool stuff. Reads, finds and interiors. November is (nearly) here and I know… it is not everyone’s favourite month of the year.

So let’s just believe that the golden autumn weather will stay and in case of grey skies and rainy days… you can just enjoy this list.
By the way – are you all set for Halloween today?

I am so curious on what will happen here in London. Because in Sweden Halloween was not (yet) a big deal. Some parties, mostly at school, and maybe a bit of decoration at home. But not much trick or treating…
The kids are super excited, of course!
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wooden-toy-cooker flexa
Beautiful wooden toy kitchen from Flexa.

What does life look like for girls turning 18 in 2018? NY Times.


paperless card
We used these pretty e-cards from Paperless to share our new address with friends and family. Everyone loved them and lots followed our invitation to send a little card for our arrival at the new house. The children were so happy to find some snail mail when we arrived.
And the designs are so cute, that we will use them for holiday cards again! You can find designs from Rifle Paper, Marimekko, Kate Spade and many more…

Home inspiration!


WeeHeeHee book
Wee Hee Hee! So funny! My kids love it…

Not even two months left until Christmas! Time to check the decoration boxes…


scandinavian home amazing inspiring boho
If this house does not inspire you… well, then I do not know!

What do you know about breast health?


muima pom pom blanket
Loving the pom pom blankets from Muima.

Boho wall decorations!


meme kidswear
Meme – winning the black & white game every season!

Shower mat – the pretty version.


romey loves lulu
Hugo loves Tiki got a sister. Romey loves lulu!

As a big Studio Ghibli fan, I am especially excited to see their latest collaboration with Petit Bateau!


Enjoy your November!


This post contains affiliate links. If you click and shop through the link, I receive a tiny commission. No extra costs for you!


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ZebraBook – personalised books

ZebraBook - personalised books
Now this was and is quite a funny thing. Antoine in a book! How did that happen? And why? And who?
So many questions arose when Antoine discovered how very own book during the Winter break that it was truly to cute to watch.

And the mystery behind this really great surprise is called ZebraBook publications.
They create personalised books for each of their little customers, containing their name and surname.

‘All of our beautiful books are hand finished, educational, solid, attractive and ethical but most importantly they are lots of fun! Each book is lovingly made and hand finished at our workshop in Belgium, where we offset the CO2 emissions of our activity and transport. Our stories are written to help children to grow up, to teach them the alphabet and help them to discover our incredible world without any stereotypes.’

And we love books in our house and this is really such a great idea. I especially love that these are ‘real’ books. Not just a little hardcover with lots of images and a name on the cover. These are super stories, beautiful illustrations and the child will find himself in the text on various occasions.


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ZebraBook - personalised books

ZebraBook - personalised books

ZebraBook - personalised books
Antoine has ‘The European Tour’, perfect fit for us because you discover and explore Europe throughout the book. And he could find a lot of places that he already visited.

It was especially fun to read about The Netherlands – the country where he was born!

‘YOUR child will be the heroine or hero of a great search across our continent for the 26 letters of the alphabet. During their quest they have to pick tulips in the Netherlands, put Swiss cuckoo clocks back together, save a young stork in Poland, learn the art of drinking tea properly with the Queen of England, console a little Romanian vampire and so on.This unique, enthralling tale will help them discover more about Europe as they complete this journey full of fun tasks and challenges.’

You can see the other books here.

And the best: The books are available in English, French, Dutch, Spanish & German.


All images: Paul & Paula


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