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Small, tiny, petit, mini… today we are talking about the best gifts for babies.

I remember that when my children were very little, finding a great Christmas gift was not that easy. Especially when it is a sibling. Therefore I hope that I can inspire you with my selection today. Because I know that the grandparents are also waiting to receive recommendations…

Or do you have a newborn and it will be his or her first Christmas? Awwww… make sure to take lots of pictures and little videos. Because they will be the best gifts in a couple of years time.

Here are my favourite gifts for baby:

1. Gorgeous rainbow play mat*. It is perfect for playtime, tummy time, a picnic, photo background, and as a gorgeous statement piece in the nursery.

2. Openwork baby bonnet* knitted with super soft alpaca.

3. Christmas forever with these wooden stacking characters.

4. Super fun and specifically designed to fit in with parent’s décor tastes. These ball pools* are made from Oeko Tex-certified, BPA-free materials and completely recyclable. It is impossible not to have fun in one of these. (various colours available)

5. These beautiful dolls* are dressed in clothes made from upcycled fabric off-cuts generously provided by well known children’s brands. And it is certain that you will find a doll that pleases you and your child among this thoughtful collection! Bonus: 10% of profits from the sale of this collection will be donated to Un Enfant par la Main, a French charity, that works to protect children and defend their rights.

6. Christmas Eve puzzle*!

7. Extra warm baby snow suit* for a snug winter time. (various colours available)

8. Cutest pull-along bumblebee* that makes a fun buzzing hum sound, as it is pulled along the floor. And the faster you go, the faster the wings spin, and the happier the buzzing will sound.

9. Entertaining baby toy* with two musical settings. This is an educational toy ​that introduce shapes, colours, the alphabet, numbers and much more.

10. Fair Isle alpaca cardigan*. Luxurious, beautiful, and therefore a perfect heirloom gift. (you could even hang it up as decoration when not worn, it is that lovely!)

11. This wooden Safari puzzle and play set* can be stacked, assembled, and played with! Great quality and beautiful enough to be decor or toys.

12. This little rainbow love sign* is engraved with a painted rainbow detail! Lovely decor for a nursery or toddler room.



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