CIFF Kids winter edition 2017 {lifestyle brands}


Last week I shared some cool international brands that will show at CIFF Kids in February 2017.

Today it is the lifestyle section that we will give some attention.

Scandinavian kids lifestyle brands to be more precise! I am so happy that CIFF Kids decided to add this very important section. The interior part is growing constantly and there are more and more really great brands out there. {just think back a few years ago, choice was rather limited when it came to bedding for example – stylish bedding}
Here are five really cool Scandinavian lifestyle brands that you check out when coming to CIFF Kids next February:
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Main Sauvage

Main Sauvage

There is something about soft toys that make them hard to resist.

They are cute, soft or probably both. And everyone goes ‘awwwwww’ and before you know it you have a nice little collection at home and your first child is only 2 months old.
And then there are soft toys that are cute and soft and just incredible stylish. More like an accessory! A decor object!

One of these cool friends you can find at Main Sauvage.
A young French brand of fun and hip soft toys for kids {and their parents}. Made in small quantities these friends are Eco-friendly and help to preserve traditional skills.

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Gifts for Tweens {ideas 2016}

Gifts for Teens

Gifts for Tweens

– Romy is 9 1/2 now and I can see that her interests and taste are changing. This time before they become teenagers. This time where they are not children anymore… too old for toys and too young for boys… or at least not interested at all in our case.
And I love this. I love the talks we have now. Her curiosity and personality that takes more and more shape.

When your kids were small / below eight you were usually confronted with many shops, things, toys, accessories and more. Probably more than one can need and digest. And then the overwhelming kids world starts to fade. There is less and there is a little gap for these cute 9-12 years old. But there are great things!

Here is my list of great gift ideas that I would buy without a doubt for my own tween.
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Tipp-Kick! Do you know Tipp-Kick? This game existed already when I was a kid and for sure I wanted to introduce my own kids and husband to it.

Hubby is French, loves football and never saw this before. And I was so right… the game arrived, unpacked by dad and son and… addicted. Whenever they find a good moment they take it out and play.

It is a really cool table-top soccer game.

And a super Christmas gift idea!

How it works: Control the kicker figure and move the 10-sided ball around the field. And score!

Above you can see the classic set, it includes two metal players with buttons you press to make the leg kick, two keepers who dive from side to side, two plastic goals, two balls and one pitch. And a rule book.

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12 best gifts for Little Explorers

12 best gifts for Little Explorers

Every child loves to be outside. Run free and wild. And they all love to make things. Collecting sticks, building forts, inspecting insects and so on… the possibilities are endless once you stepped outside.

I researched a bit and found some really fun as well as helpful toys and tools to make the journey even more interesting and worth-wile. The 12 best gifts for Little Explorers!

Lets start with my finds:

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