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How to do a wall gallery with your children’s’ art!

Kids Art Display

Just this morning I shared a picture on my Instagram of our new art gallery. Leonor brought home a big pile of art work from school and decided to put them up in her bedroom. For everyone to enjoy. In the end that is what art is amde for right… to be seen!

Especially Josephine likes to go and visit the new wall art (well cupboard door art). It is cheerful and fun and cute. What do you think?

And I am sure that you are also often thinking about a place where you can display some of your children’s art? Instead of in a box?
A gallery wall is a perfect place and I really like it when it is mixed with other wall art and decor – a seemingly random gallery. And you can do this really quickly and easy.

Frame your children’s paintings using fun colorful frames or bright washi tape and create an art gallery just for them.

Here are some ideas and inspiration:

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The natural room of six year old Sonny Lou

Interior Tuesday with this cool room. All natural and the home of Sonny Lou, who is 6 years old. He must have so much fun living here. I would totally move in as well.

Anna, his mum, has so much talent and created a beautiful universe. Tone in tone, simple and yet so many details. So much to discover… you can just re-visit the photos again and again.

What do you think? You like it? It has some boho flair too, no?

And we can say that it is natural and also neutral. Gender neutral. The perfect colour palette for a kids room that can be the home of a boy or a girl. Without loosing its charm or warmth.

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A few things for the long week end

tiny whales
Lucky us we are looking forward to another long week end. And the weather forecast is excellent. Wooohooo!

To enjoy it a little more I prepared this list full of goodies for you. Enjoy!

And else… well… there is a lot going on over here. The year started roughly and we are all doing our best. Plus some other big things that may or may not happen. I know. I am vague but I would love to share more. I just do not know either… so if you all cross your fingers for me and the rest of my crew. That would be so awesome.

But for now… cool things first!

Top: Tiny Whales and the sunshine from Southern California.
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5 inspirational and cosy shared kids bedrooms

inspirational and cosy shared kids bedrooms
My own family is probably the best example why some inspiration on shared kids rooms is really helpful from time to time. With four kids in the house it is nearly impossible to give each their own space. And since we enjoy our playroom very much, it also makes one bedroom less.
And yet, of course, having a playroom also means that we have less toys and ‘stuff’ in the other rooms. Which makes it easier to do shared bedrooms.
In our house the set up is this: Romy, our eldest, has the smallest room and it is all for herself. We have a playroom and Antoine & Leonor share a bedroom. Our youngest, Josephine, still has her corner in our bedroom.

And for us a bunk bed was more or less the only solution. Putting two beds in here, we tried it for a little while just to see, took too much space and looked strange with the shape of the room.

But there are other options too. Of course.
I found five really great shared kids rooms. With different ideas and some even make space for four children. Maybe I should re-think our set up too. Getting my office back might be really cool. Ha, just kidding…

How is it in your house? Do the kids sleep in separate rooms or do they share?

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Nova’s colourful playroom

colourful playroom
Sometimes I receive message about our playroom. Is it worth it. Would we ‘normally’ prefer to use it for something else. And do the kids really make use of it.

Now, I think the general decision about having a playroom or not depends probably and foremost – do you have space for it. And the one big advice that I can give you is: It has to be close to you. To the place where you spend most of your time (probably the kitchen?). Because cool playroom, best toys, fun stuff… in the end your children prefer to be around you.

I have seen it in many other homes. Playroom yes. Usage not so much. Because the room was on the other end, or upstairs or just somewhere not close to you.

It also helps you to keep an eye easily (especially with young children).

And if your kids are let’s say under 8 it is well worth it. Next to the kitchen it is definitely the most used room in the house. And it keeps the bedrooms more or less clutter free and tidy. Including our living room and bedroom.

I found this really cute playroom from Nova on A Beautiful Mess and it is a great space that invites you to be creative and to play.

A great inspiration if you are thinking about a playroom:

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