We want to move into this amazing playroom!

playroom ideas

We are heading all the way down to Australia for some delightful children’s rooms today. Bright, fresh, and perfectly designed for little people to hang out, be creative, and to enjoy sweet dreams.

You will discover one spectacular playroom that is so inviting and fun – I want to move in.

By the way, are you ready for Easter or has it vanished from your ‘list’ with everything else going on? We will definitely do an Easter Egg Hunt in our little garden and the kids are already so excited. And after that we will enjoy a brunch. Normally we do invite friends over but this year we have to skip that tradition. Positive note: More food for us. Ha!

But lets come back to this week’s interior gem and all the amazing playroom ideas to take away from here:


playroom ideas

Since I am still receiving messages about the amazing wallpaper. The wallpaper is available here.


playroom ideas playroom ideas playroom ideas playroom ideas

And? Amazing right?

And do you remember the elephant chairs and the fun here?


boys nursery. boys nursery. boys nursery. boys nursery. boys nursery.

I think it is fair to assume that a little boy is sleeping in this pretty nursery. And yes, it is a very ‘clear gender’ attribution however with the size of the room, lovely light, and white furniture I am still enjoying it very much!

More fun kids spaces from Australia? How about these whimsical kids rooms?


Via Chango & Co

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