Day two of the Icelandic Week here on Paul & Paula:

YLUR was created in 2013 by Fanney Svansdóttir. Sustainable and stylish clothes that appeal to children and adults equally. Knitted from high-quality materials and guaranteed to last a lifetime.

The Icelandic word Ylur represents warmth and comfort. The name itself sounds soft and soothing and it induces a warm feeling like the beautiful garments that are knitted from silky-smooth Alpaca wool. Alpaca is a natural fiber, soft and durable and will not feel itchy next to the soft and sensitive skin of your baby.

The subtle natural colors and timeless design work together to create lovely, long-lasting clothes. Perfect for passing on to siblings or even future generations.

‘I want to create beautiful things from natural materials that do not have a harmful effect on Mother Nature. I want to create quality sustainable clothing that can be passed on to other generations, clothing that I would choose for my own children to use over and over again.’
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