As We Grow A/W 2017

As We Grow
Soon we will go on our second vacation of this summer. Initially we wanted to go away for 3 complete weeks but our agendas did not match and we had to split.

And once we decided on a 2 weeks somewhere warm and then one more week I instantly had Iceland in my head. Iceland is on our travel wish list for a really long time and August is a really good month to go there. Booked the plane tickets. In April. And then had a really hard time to find a camper van because everything was booked. We were late, very late and desperate. In the end we found one and are deep in the planning now and so excited.

The kids too. We showed them some pictures and explained about the island and of course the whole camper van thing {they love it since our trip last year}.

And that is why I thought that it would be really cool to do a week dedicated to Icelandic brands.

Starting with As We Grow today and their new collection for this Autumn/ Winter.
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As We Grow

As We Grow

As We Grow

As We Grow

As We Grow
Started with a woolen sweater the Icelandic brand has built a growing design business with an ambitious, sustainable approach to the use and life cycle of the products, resulting in less waste.

‘A mother in Reykjavík knitted a woolen sweater for her son. After years of use, he eventually grew out of it, and the sweater was passed on to a friend’s daughter. For a while the little girl refused to wear much else. Eventually, the sweater moved on again, to the next family. One winter it got lost, but as spring came the sweater appeared from underneath a pile of snow in the backyard. With a bit of care it was as good as new again.’

As we grow is about Iceland, the time when children’s clothes were still made at home by hand. Designing products that offer real value to their users – garments that last over generations. Each piece is fair trade for the benefit of all people using natural, biodegradable fabrics and yarns. Warm, water-resistant alpaca and wool, soft and fine hand-harvested pima cotton and linen, all of them are supremely durable.

Excess yarn is used in hand knitted scarves and hats.

Producing like this tends to cost slightly more, but the benefits to both the people making the clothing and the environment are huge. Please also read my article on ‘why to shop small‘ for more info on small productions and slow fashion.

The pocket dress is a classic already and you can see that the sizes always stretches over a few years – wear it oversize in the beginning… a truly adorable design.

And that Icelandic style cardigan is the best – I love this design.


PS: Have you been to Iceland? Please share your must do’s!



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