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winter beach
So here we go… a few of you are waiting for some news from our new home country… it’s been a while I know…
Here is a little mish mash. The pictures too. Some of our Christmas deco, a day at the beach in winter, kids in bed in the matching jammies…

Let me see and resume what happened since the last update end of August!

It is the last week of school here too so it is extra busy. Breakfasts, singing, ceremonies, performances… for all 3 and it is a real act of organization and making sure to go to at least one of those things for each child…
xmas window malmo
We went to see his new eye doctor {and it took me some effort to get him an appointment before Spring 2014} and he does not need to wear his patch anymore! Yay!
Very proud mama moment.

He calmed down a bit too, but towards the end of the week it can still be a battle to keep him happy.

Teachers are very happy with him. English was a complete new language for him but he is fine and actually enjoys it so much that I sometimes have to remind him that he should speak German to me.

She is sad at the moment because one of her closest friends is leaving. Her last day here in Malmo will be tomorrow, yesterday was the last playdate and it is not easy.
Not easy for me either. I am telling her that we can skype, send letters and I do remind her that last time it was her who left and friends were sad. And I told her that she has to enjoy the days her friend is still here and that being unhappy will make her lose time and joy for the last times.

School is very good and her teacher very happy. She made big steps!

Leonor started daycare {dagis} beginning October and likes it.
I still have to get used to the fact that in the mornings you really just hand over your child. In Amsterdam parents were kinda hanging around. We always read a book before I left or played something. Not here. You say good bye and give your child to one of the care takers.

It is “strange” but to be honest it seems the better option… she is totally fine and never cries. Waving good bye. Clear cut. Mummy going to work, you are here and later we pick you up.

Picking up btw… is early. There are MANY people picking up their child at 3pm already. Yes for me thats early and I did it the first weeks too so it was a bit smoother for her.  But together with school pick ups and work {!!!} I cannot do it every day and somehow I feel a bit bad. Nobody says anything so it must be me…
And I only drop her off at 9 in the mornings…

I actually still have to figure out how the locals manage this if both parents are working.
xmas window malmo
winter beach
And this is our first Christmas in Sweden and I love it.

Everything is so pretty in the shops – elegant, simple Scandinavian design.
Our tree is up since the 1st December because we are leaving on the 22nd for Berlin.

Big tradition here at this time of the year are Julbord – Christmas tables.
All restaurants, Ikea, at friend’s houses… a big table with all kinds of food. Swedish Christmas food like herring, meatballs, all kind of salmon, cheesecake, ham and different mustards, beet salad, strawberry jam, potatoes, gingerbread cookies and and and… a big and {wild} mix of everything you can imagine eating at this time of the year. It is fun and very social!

I started Swedish classes when Leonor started day care. High expectations from everyone “so easy for you, you are German”… difficult part will be to practice as just everyone speaks English!
winter beach
xmas window malmo
winter beach
Some facts that did astonish me… Sweden seems to be super forward in some things like eco lifestyle, sustainability and such but for example: 
There are no laws on internet safety like ie. xxx films with kids. Imagine that!

Homeopathy only became “legal” 2 or 3 years ago. Before doctors were not allowed to subscribe homeopathic medicine.

Parking is science! Seriously. If you, like me, think that road signs incl parking signs, are kinda international and should be understandable for everyone {even non Swedes!!}… well not so in Malmo. I have never seen so much written notes, numbers, exceptions etc about parking in my life.
And we managed to get 3 parking tickets in the first 3 days after we got our new car!
{you can laugh – thats ok}

Talking about cars – people are allowed to use their phone whilst driving.

Last week I was thinking: OK, so you put a law out for kids to wear helmets on bikes but people can use their phone whilst driving. Having that helmet might not help you when they surf FB whilst driving…
winter beach
winter beach
That was a long post!

Hope you enjoy our new adventure… more in the new year xoxo


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