How to make multiple bed layout Work – 6 shared kids room ideas!

shared kids room

Today’s Interior Tuesday is about shared kids rooms. Why? Because most families, especially the city based ones, do not have space to have a room for each of their children. And great ideas on how to make a shared kids room work are always wanted.

We downsized with our move to London and actually have three of our four children in one room. So I know a fair part about sharing a room. It is a topic I have in my drafts for a Genuine Friday (because there is a little story to it), but at this moment Romy (our eldest) has her room and we put the three others together. Moreover, it is not a very big room but it works. One day I will share photos of the house, but first, we need to get the lamps changed… which is just one of those tasks that always stay on the to-do-list.

Anyway, sharing a room with your sibling is fun, but often there are just not enough rooms in the house and sharing is the only way. Often the size and shape of the room will already give you an idea on where you place the beds. But why not taking a look at some different layout ideas to see if they could work for you too.

Because there are lots of fun and practical ways to make the most of a shared room. Therefore, here are six ideas:

shared kids room
Probably the most traditional layout: this layout has a nice symmetry and each child has an equal share of the room. I love how they decorated the two sides sop differently and yet they look so complementary way. Fresh, cosy and bright!

The beds and dollhouse are most likely from IKEA, the buntings* from Meri Meri as well as the pompom garland*. The cushions* and the yellow lamp is from Muuto.


small shared kids room
Fitting two beds or more in a small space can be tricky and going up is a great solution. So with some DIY talent (or a good carpenter friend), a little imagination and creativity you can create something really cool.


Bunk beds do not always have to mean the typical one above the other thing as this space proofs! Take the ‘light’ IKEA bunks, get clever and create something cool. And these three boys really seem to really enjoy their space.


shared kids room three children
This was most likely designed by an architect but look how easy and smart these three beds look in this room. Like they are floating! And some smart storage was built in too and three girls have a very cosy room to share!


shared kids room bunk beds
On first view this space does not look like it can sleep four children, doesn’t? Bunks have the obvious advantage of saving space. And kids love them too!

These are two Perch bunks* from Oeuf in birch. The light colour really helps to keep the room bright and open. The lower bed is independent, by the way, which means you can place it any way you want! Also, the ladders can be put on either the right or the left side of the bed. So the bunk really can adjust to your room!

Cushions and dolls are from Meri Meri*.


shared kids room
Last, this layout allows for more open space in the room. These are two toddler beds and I am guessing that a pair of twins is living here.

I hope you enjoyed these ideas, for more shared spaces have a look at these 5 cosy shared bedrooms.

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