Just a normal Saturday with four children in the house

a normal Saturday with four children in the house
How was your week end? It looks like we are having a ‘soft’ autumn and can enjoy the lovely temperatures a little longer. On the other hand I was reading another article about climate change this morning and those mild temperatures do not feel so tempting anymore. Let’s not get all ‘big topic’ here (there are other blogs for that out there) but it is definitely something to keep in mind

And to be honest, we are more busy with holes in the wall and sorting out wardrobes and cupboards than walks in the park. So when I was thinking about taking pictures of the kids in their new Autumn wardrobe, I was not tempted at all to do some ‘styled stuff’. I felt more like – lets just show them how they are. And how we are, here… with four kids in the house.

Between the ages of three and eleven. Playing, running, jumping, loving, shouting and so on… because there is always at least one little person up to something in our house.

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