Famille Garage – Richard Lampert

Famille Garage - Richard Lampert

The nursery as a workshop. The Famille Garage concept by Alexander Seifried for Richard Lampert includes storage, shelving and seating. And this modular furniture set can be adapted to the needs of children of all age groups.

The top surface of the changing table becomes a children’s craft table. The lower section of the storage unit converts quickly into the legs of a bench. The storage unit itself becomes a shelf unit. Just like in a real workshop.

Everything can be used and reused.

The colorful drawers of the storage unit can hold anything from dolls’ clothes and cars and you can select the colors of the boxes yourself {choose between blue, red, yellow or transparent}. It comes in two sizes, or with a changing table top. Wooden table legs are the basic element on which tops and shelves can be attached.

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Famille Garage - Richard Lampert

Famille Garage - Richard Lampert

Famille Garage - Richard Lampert

Famille Garage - Richard Lampert

Famille Garage meets the demands of babies, toddlers as well as those just starting school or even later, when the shelve and the high quality plastic boxes become a storage in the bath room for young couples.

The bed can grow too. Both the mattress and the slatted base can be fixed at different heights. Later the guardrail, as well as the head and foot board, can be removed to turn the baby bed into a kids bed with a guard to prevent the child from falling out. It can be extended from 120 to 160 cm.

Furniture for the next generation!


For bigger kids you want to look into the Eiermann. A height-adjustable frame with a fixed tabletop. Making it easy to find the ideal position for every child and is a perfect desk.

Check out Pit stop for the fun bean bag or the, a little different, rocker.

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