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elements optimal - elephant chair&table

EO – Element Optimal is based in Denmark and  creates and manufactures great designs in line with the strong traditions of Danish craftsmanship, while co-operating with talented individuals from around the world.

“We create original pieces of superior quality. Every creation is made with utmost integrity and an uncompromising eye for perfection. Our designs are made with a deep passion for aesthetic greatness and are original, simple, functional and timeless.”
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elements optimal - elephant chair&table
elements optimal - elephant chair&table

Isn’t that elephant chair & table the best? I love how they managed to create an every day item as a fun toy yet a design object at the same time. Your kids will love this!
elements optimal - sheep stool
elements optimal - deer stool
Sheep or bambi?

Cool stools that look fantastic in every room of the house…

elements optimal - peacock
I would not mind to have the peacock sitting on my desk. Holding 24 pencils and definitely a great gift for young & old.
elements optimal - ice-cream-mirror
Playful and elegant and again – not just for the kids room. Something I admire about the designs from EO. Design classics for all ages that can and will be kept for your grand children.

Ice cream or balloon mirror.


Element Optimal – Scandinavian design that helps bringing every day items into new directions, shaping them for today and tomorrow.

Find some of their products here.

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