6 London based children brands that you should know!

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From handmade clothes, to beautiful and quirky illustrations. From traditional to fashion-forward. Think liberty and discover unique prints. Today I have something for everyone and for every occasion.

And these 6 brands, all based in London, should be on everyone’s radar. Especially if you love great design and quality.

Another reason why I decided to highlight them is because here in the UK we deal with Covid and it effects on the fashion and lifestyle industry, but on top we have Brexit to deal with as well. And that really impacts many brands, designers as well as shops based on the island. Therefore I chose to give them a little platform today, because there may be one, or two, that you have not heard so much about yet.

Every brand below comes with a beautiful mission and I hope that you will enjoy these 6 London based children brands:



Wynken is a unisex brand from London creating children’s wear for the 2 to 12 year olds. Elbe Lealman established Wynken in 2014 after becoming a mother. And she worked many years as a designer in established Bristish fashion houses. Her idea is to produce contemporary and creative clothing for modern kids. With strong design for cool kids and high quality garments that last.  In that way her collections appeal to both – the youngsters and their parents.


Roly Pony

Roly Pony

Roly Pony is led by children author and illustrator Aytan Sofia Eldarova. Bringing creative, bold lines and unique in-house developed prints to your wardrobes. I showed you their recent collection not long ago, have a look – it is super.


what mother made

What Mother Made

This is a handmade children’s wear label that mixes classic traditional shapes with cool, locally sourced fabrics and prints. Their studio is located in East London, Hackney to be exact. ‘Our collections are vintage inspired and we aim to deliver clothing that is playfully traditional with a contemporary edge.’

Bonus: The brand has a zero wastage policy. They use every part of the fabrics they buy by making your clothes to order.


wonder and rah

Wonder & Rah

Wonder & Rah is an exciting creative brand specialising in fun and contemporary prints with a focus on abstract design. Natalie is using modern art to create vibrant, stimulating home environments for children.


vild house of little(1)

Vild – House of Little

Vild creates conscious high-quality basics, limited edition print collections and accessories for 0 to 6 years olds. Their latest print is called ‘Precious Wildlife’ and I absolutely adore it. Inspired to bring attention to some of the earth’s most precious animal species that are endangered and deserve acute awareness. With each piece sold from the print collection, Vild will donate 5% of the online sales to @synchearth to help support their mission to increase action to protect nature in some of Earth’s most biodiverse environments.


nellie quats

Nellie Quats

Nellie Quats specialises in beautiful girl’s clothing and accessories made predominantly from Liberty print and linen. Creating stylish, modern pieces with a hint of nostalgia. ‘Designed with active children in mind, our pieces bridge a gap between comfort and style, making them easy to wear and easy to care for.’


Did you find something you like? Are you more into the quirky prints or the nostalgic shapes?

Have a beautiful day and maybe check hese fun boho looks for kids!



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