All about Velvet

All about Velvet

Hello new week!

I somehow got the Velvet flash and if there is a season to wear beautiful velvet dresses or overalls or… it is right now. The luxury and beautiful texture plus the colors we see at the moment, think mustard, emerald and petrol, are so gorgeous with this fabric.

I put together some of my top pieces and I am especially smitten by those dresses, but the suit is really very cool too:
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1. Stunning Velvet Dress in Ochre from Caramel

2. Velvet Bonnet in Green clay

3. Velvet Buttoned Dress in Blue

4. Velvet Dress in Camel

5. Velvet Bloomers in Navy blue

6. Green velvet cushion from House Doctor

7. Velvet Dungarees with embroidered straps

8. Velvet Jumpsuit in Green clay

9. Velvet Dress in Mustard

10. Matriochka Cushion in Petrol blue

11. Velvet Sweatshirt Teal

12. Velvet Skirt in Peach


PS: The first gift guide will go online later today, stay tuned!




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