The best gifts for your little sushi lover

The best gifts for your little sushi lover
Here are the best gifts for little sushi fans!

For Christmas?



All my kids love sushi. They also love to make them and especially my eldest would be a very happy girl with some sushi-tastic little things. And because you can find the ‘standard gift guides’ here and there, I thought why note step outside the zone and share something very fun and different. Voila, the best gifts for little sushi lovers!

And in the end of the day – it is healthy, not very messy {if it is about eating only, making them is another story… usually our kitchen looks like a bomb exploded with rice sticking on every cupboard when all three are involved… the baby is only watching}

Here are my finds and I hope you like them:
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1. Cute little plates made from Japanese porcelain.

2. Sushi friends poster.

3. Zoo themed training chopsticks.

4. A big selection of kids’ chopsticks. {from starter to pro}

5. Spread the love with this cool sushi shirt.

6. Smiling sushi coin purse.

7. Try to grab the best sushi dishes with this fun card game.

8. Wooden sushi set.

9. Sushi socks!



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