Best books for kids – by Sandra

best kids books
Sandra launched new kids clothes brand Cherry Papaya not long ago and together with daughter Sophia she is sharing their 5 favourite books today:

1. The game of mix and match– Hervé Tullet

We love all of Hervé Tullet books, but this was one of the first books Sophia received, first I started making the combinations and now she does them herself.

2. My red balloon– Kazuaki Yamada

This was one of the first books Sophia read herself….she memorized all the sentences, as they are small and simple, and pretended she was reading the book.
I’m a complete fan of the illustrations.

3. The very Hungry Caterpillar Eric Carle

Again we love the illustrations, and is a good book to read when they start counting.

4. You are all my favorites Sam Mcbratney

I’m expecting a baby, Sophia is very happy with this new situation. I’m not sure how she will react when the baby is born but I like to read this book now.

5- Cantar juntos
I have to talk about this Portuguese book for the whole family to sing together. We are all addicted to the songs now sweet and poignant. The illustrations are from Planeta Tangerina, we love them!!
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