Maison Mangostan

Maison Mangostan

Hello! Stranger! It feels like it … always when I take a little break. Coming back, writing etc… how was the start into the New Year? Did you celebrate a lot?

This morning I woke up to some very chilly temperatures but also a beautiful blue sky. My kind of winter. Crisp and fresh! So much better than the usual grey and ‘in-between-cold-and-mild’.

And for some reason I thought I would like to share something happy, warm and  sunny.

And the cool shoes from Maison Mangostan really are the perfect fit. Dreamers and parents André Moreira and Carmen Edo founded the brand in 2016. Based in Spain with a sense of endless possibility. Influenced by art and music and the idea to provide parents with shoes that truly reflect their kids’ personalities.

Combining traditional methods and new, eco-friendly techniques, the company works passionately to create inspiring and happy collections. Each of them telling a story that will transport children all around the globe to new, extraordinary worlds.
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