5 grey kids rooms that you will love

grey kids room
After my little expedition yesterday in the world of color and summer I am drawn to grey today. Drastic change – I know.

But grey has something. I never really get tired of it and that is why I think it is probably one of the best colors when it comes to interiors. Next to white. It always works. It looks classy, chic, minimal and spacious.

What do you think? Do you agree?

I like colors at home too, but not for long. Christmas is a great example. It is fun to take out the decorations and create a festive place but I am very happy when we can put everything in the boxes again. My home always feels so big and quiet once we take things down. And I love it.

So for today I have some grey kids rooms for you. And you will see – they are not boring or sad. They are great!
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kidsroom_decor grey
Via Rose Mille

Great mix with the golden frames and white furniture!


grey kids roomgrey kids room
Photo Rebecca Martyn

What a fun room. And everything fits in the color scheme which makes it so nice!

grey kids room
Via Grey Deco

Simple with many details!


Via Maiju Saw

Vintage furniture, raw wood and different grey tones. Something we need to copy!


grey kids room

Cute room, again with different shades of grey and the splash of color from the green plant gives it the little special touch!


And? Are you convinced? Grey kids rooms can be really fun don’t you agree?



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