mini me or kids wear in adult sizes

numero74 mum

How often did you say: “I wish this came in my size!” or “My kids are better dressed than me…”

Small clothes are cute. Kids fashion changed a lot over the last years. And yes, some pieces we really want for ourselves.

And I have good news for you. Brands are picking up. I feel there is a new trend going on because more and more brands are adding adult lines or at least a few pieces.

Great brands. So you won’t look like a mom trying too hard. A mom who cannot accept that her teenager years are behind her. No. the mini me look got stylish and interesting. Tasteful – because not everything that looks great on your child would also look super on you. Never forget that. Little girls dresses need to be adopted to the shape of an adult woman. Some prints would be too girly, too much or just too cute for a lady even when they look adorable in size 62.

For today, I picked out a few brands that do pieces for mums. Pieces we really want and can wear… mini me looks for this summer here we come:

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