Counting Clouds

Counting Clouds

Counting Clouds – I wish we could. That would mean there is a little bit of blue in the sky. Sometimes. But it is grey. One big cloud, for the last days… a bit sad if you want, so blurry, especially on a Monday morning.

So we are turning to this beautiful young kids wear brand called Counting Clouds instead.

Founded by Elena, a former architect, in 2015 and is based in Spain, it reminds us that playing means being free.

And yes, as romantic as it sounds but I believe that the best ideas come about when there is not much too offer. Not 20 different toys, screens and and and… but the nature with its surprises. This is when our little ones but also we, as parents and grown ups, become really creative.

Each collection is inspired by our childhood and invites children to imagine and share games and discoveries. Limited editions of beautiful clothes and knits with hand-drawn prints and patterns. Made with high quality natural materials in small workshops in Spain.
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