Five charismatic kids rooms

kids rooms

Hello Tuesday. Are you ready for another round of beautiful kids interiors? I like that these rooms all look so ‘real’ – like a family really lives here, with kids playing, making a mess sometimes and leaving their toys all over the place…

Above is a lovely Vintage room. How many generations have slept in that bed you think? Love the little dress on the wall too…
Treasuries really make great decoration too!
A very special room that leaves room for creativity and imagination.

Photo: Jonas Gustavsson

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kids rooms
kids rooms
Two beds that fit next to each other like the room was made for them. String shelves for their favorite books and toys and lots of their own art on the walls. The playroom is just next door and has a big blackboard wall for lots of painting sessions.

Styling: Emma Persson Lagerberg
Photo: Petra Bindel


kids rooms
Pink is very trendy when it comes to interiors at the moment. And doesn’t look stunning?

Styling: Helen Sturesson
Photo: Bodil Johansson


kids roomMarcus Lawett for an H&M campaign but isn’t a fantastic bed? I feel I need to check flea markets and ebay more often…


kids room
kids room

Such a dreamy room with so many details. I love the color palette of grey and soft rose.

via Entrance


Have a great Tuesday everyone!



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