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26 fun things for your July!

26 fun things for your July!

Are you watching the Women Football World Cup? We do and I am so happy and proud that my kids follow it with the same enthusiasm as they watched last years Men’s World Cup. And I have to say that I so impressed on how these teams have progressed…
But of course, women football is light years away from the men and when you read this article about their earnings and sacrifices. It makes you cringe. A lot!

On the other hand, I hope that you all manage to stay cool! And hydrated…

I gathered, picked, selected and curated (ah, one of those overused words from 2018) my favourites for a very happy month of July for you! Enjoy:


boys can illustration empowering boys(1)
And we are starting with this print! I shared this on my FB page a while back and it went viral. Not just somehow viral, but huge… it was crazy. And I love it because the message is important and the more it gets out, the better. From Atelier Mave!

Ever heard about sustainable influencers?

A bit of glamour in the playroom, nursery or bedroom. This chair makes for a lovely feature and is great for kids to sit and read in.

We are kindred. Cool boho style.


berlin modern apartment
Not every apartment in Berlin is all boho, vibrant and colourful! Look at this minimalist space.

The city under the city. Invisible Paris!


yes, they are all mine motherhood t shirt
Often people that I just met ask if I have kids. So I tell them yes and some ask how many. So I say four. Ha… the reactions are usually quite funny and interesting. So how about this t shirt* when I am out with my complete crew…

Bloggers who blog about blogging.


new kids in the hood kidswear
New Kids in the Hood.

This is fatherhood!


a million dots kids book
A Million Dots – a new book favourite in our house and oh so cute. And oh so wonderfully illustrated… and it includes some maths too!

Keira Knightley is expecting her second child.

And Blake Lively her third.


ekaterina galera balloon lights
Really cool balloon paper lights from Ekaterina Galera. Beautiful decor as well as wall light…

Why women stop taking the pill.


cool mum and child
You are a mum and always have lots to carry around? How about the cool Mum Bag from Studio Noos?



Love me a great Nina Cosford!

How about this* instead of a Nintendo?


paris family house
A Paris! Family of five living in this enchanting place.

Cute mugs. They are called Monday Mugs* – I guess it is because they do lift your mood instantly.



special kitchen london
That pink extansion is pretty special, but the interior is too! In love with that house

I love Keanu Reeves! And you?
linen canopy kids room
Beautiful natural linen bed canopy*.

How about buying a cheap house you only saw on Instagram?


Have a great weekend everyone and see you here again on Monday! xoxo

PS: Yes, just as girls, boys can be anything…

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8 cutest one-piece swimsuits for mums

8 cutest one-piece swimsuits for mums

I am the first to admit that having children did not get unnoticed by my body. More the opposite. And I know that I am not alone!

Some of us have very generous genes and yet most of us deal with some kind of a little bump here or there. And we are fine with that because it is a part of us and shows that a little person was inside of us. (typing this makes the whole thing even more interesting, because we should probably be very proud of those little bumps or however you like to call them)

But, of course, there are moments we would like to hide them a little. At the beach or pool for example…

Great news – we are in 2019 and one-piece swimsuits are totally back, come in the cutest and trendiest styles and are perfect for our mum bodies!

Because in the end all that counts is: You want and need to feel good. You want a suit that tucks in your tummy, that does not cut into your thighs and that makes you feel fantastic. Because we are women who happen to be mothers and also have bodies!

Here are 8 one-piece swimsuits that are a great start to feeling amazing and that I think are just super cute:

8 cutest one-piece swimsuits for mums

Clockwise from top left:

1. Seersucker material with embossed texture and cute buttons on the straps. Very chic one-piece.

2. Gingham panels for a cool look. Not on the cheap side but definitely a stunning piece.

3. There is a review about this fab suit* that says: The one piece of my dreams! I’ve been searching for something that fits my mama body without screaming I’M A MOM. This suit is IT. Perfectly retro while still feeling fresh, not too high cut and supremely flattering. The suit is thick and holds everything in just right while not cutting into my thighs. Love the horizontal striped band around the waist. And the bow on the shoulder up-levels it in the best way. I guess there is nothing to add…

4. Boom! That colour made me fall in love with that suit* right away. The shape is super cute and it is body-sculpting too. I am sure you will get lots of compliments in this one…


8 cutest one-piece swimsuits for mums

Clockwise from top left:

1. Honeycomb texture (love! feels so luxurious) and lovely pom pom detail. Very flattering one-piece* and in a classic navy colour.

2. Cross back suit in a very flattering shape and cute print.

3. So gorgeous and those crochet/ embroidery details are the D E A L! I love the blue colour* but the magenta* is equally fantastic. (on sale)

4. It starts with simple yet very cute navy suit* and ends in a ‘wooooow’ with these cool and vibrant straps in the back.


Have a great summer, you will look splendid wherever you decide to jump into the water!


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Insider: Maternity clothes that every future mum will adore!

storq maternity

Hello new week. And hello topic that I have not covered for ages. Maternity clothes! Sometimes we loose sight of things that are not prominent in our own lives anymore… but of course I am aware that some of my readers may add a baby to their family or are in the exciting stage of becoming a mum (parents) for the very first time.

And since I have been there four times, I think I have some things to share when it comes to maternity wear.

During the first weeks and months of your pregnancy you may be able to wear your ‘normal’ clothes and depending on your body, you may feel pretty normal in terms of shape too.

But once it is all about the belly growing and going down the ‘last weeks’ lane… I can tell you, that all you want is being comfortable. Comfortable without sporting the pyjama look! And you want to feel like yourself, because your body is changing, your belly is big but you really like to remember that you are still you! And not just a belly!

And there is one brand that ticks a lot of boxes for me: Storq!

Their collection is full of refined essentials, clothes that fit and make you feel put together. Everything is
uber-comfortable and made from fabrics that are soft and breathable using eco-friendly or natural fibers.

storq maternity

Plus: The brand makes nursing clothes too and some pieces do work for both, during pregnancy and after!

My favourite is the Basic Bundle. You may find the price tag a bit steep, but trust me – great basics go a long way. And you will probably live in this and just clap yourself that you went through and bought this!

storq maternity

storq maternity

storq maternity

Short: Stylish essentials for maternity, nursing, and parenthood. Feel like yourself again, only more comfortable.

Storq’s story: Two friends found themselves surrounded by mamas-to-be with nothing they loved to wear. The average piece of maternity wear looked nothing like the ‘regular clothes’ their friends owned.
Therefore they decided to create a few key pieces that could become something of a maternity uniform. Things you could wear year-round, things you’d always feel comfortable in and with an effortless silhouette.

Because what you wear is not only about how you look, but also how you feel.

Storq is an American company, however they offer international shipping!

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21 things for your bank holiday weekend!

21 things

I think that we can all agree: May is a fabulous month! Spring, the long weekends, staying too long at the park after school but because the sun feels so nice you just do not want to go home. And then this upcoming long weekend which will extend into a week of school holidays for the children.

And we are all looking forward to it. Finally having regained our routines we still need to catch up a little with our energy levels. And Romy is just doing a full week of exams and will be very delighted when she will hand in her last paper on Friday. Ding Dong!

Time for a break and time to explore a little more of our new home town!

But before I will share 21 fun things that I have come across over the last week:

alice mary lynch
Alice Mary Lynch. Incredible work!

What is your favourite TV series?


dont hug the pug
Two new books for the kids:
Fly Flies
A delightful book about staying true to yourself in the face of people who insist they know better.
Love the illustrations!
Don’t Hug The Pug
What’s wrong with the pug….? A hilarious and deceptively simple story that will have little ones shrieking with laughter.

Sometimes you wonder about magical Instagram images? Here is a fun behind the scenes


aio kids
Aio Kids.

Talking about Instagram. Apparently there is a ‘new thing‘!

Ever thought about a side hustle? Here is the inspiration and motivation you may need…


linen summer baby suit
Cute linen pieces* for little ones including rompers, tops and bloomers – really hard to pick one!

Cut le crap! Green beauty!

How climate change affects farming.


coolest home office
Wow! Home office envy!

For mums: Happy, fun and chic summer dresses, skirts as well as swimwear! Love it*!



This apartment has so many funny details.


scandinavian kids room
The home of Cleo & Floyd!

Must read article:
It was the accumulation of ever-increasing pressures that, over time, became an impossible weight to carry. A weight that most women carry. This is the weight that becomes a stone on my tongue as I struggle to articulate the complicated multitudes of motherhood to my friend.


ila y ela baby suitcase

ila y ela giant lion
New products over at Ila y Ela – giant lion heads, blankets and cute baby suitcases!

This place is insane!


lovelane butterfly wings
Cutest butterfly wings*.

The best way to protect your face from the sun is a hat. Justine Hats has a great selection!


pastel wooden toys rainbow forest
Lovely wooden toys* and some come in the prettiest pastel colours too!

For kids: Happy and fun clothes* that are soft, cool and sunny!


Happy weekend!


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My top 5 TV series I binge watched the last weeks!

This Is Us

Since I am always on the lookout for a new great series and love to see what others are watching (and why!) I thought that I may share my recent favourites with you.

Because maybe you are the same. And because I do love to watch a good TV series. More than movies these days and I cannot even imagine how things were before Apple TV.  Can you? With all the commercials and being ‘on time’ on your sofa and all that stuff.

And, it is rather relaxing to end the day with a good show. To make sure we are not getting lost with all the stuff (Netflix produces a new show every hour it seems), twice a week we do a ‘talk talk‘ evening session with my husband. To discuss anything on our minds and things that need to be done.

But anyway, let’s get back to the point. I am writing these shows down in alphabetical order because there is no way I could give them a listing. I love them all… for various reasons as you will see:

(by the way, I wanted to get this article out earlier this week but it took longer than expected, and since it is not so much about kids, I think it fits quite well on a Friday – not a 100% Genuine Friday but it is quite personal actually because most of these series actually touched me very much)

Dead to me

This show was only launched at the beginning of this month and I think I finished the first season in 2 days, 3 max! I love dark humor and there is plenty! And these two ladies, Christina Applegate stars with Linda Cardellini, are absolutely fabulous. The general story is: A widow is searching for the hit-and-run driver who mowed down her husband and befriends an eccentric optimist through shared grief. And everything is so real, natural, full of emotions that I can relate to, and touching!
Also the topics! There is a lot in the plot, but they are all very important: dealing with grief, mum guilt, being in your 40s, miscarriages, breast cancer, and friendship.
Be warned, there is a good amount of swearing and I know that this put some people off. But this is not a show for children and, to be very honest, I can kinda relate. Jen (CA) has so much on her plate. Her husband died, she has two teenagers and a business to run. And when listening to heavy metal (love that part, can relate to that too!) and swearing helps to navigate your life a bit better, then that is fine. It is all still very raw and new, it will not last forever! And yes, I would love to have a friendship like Jen and Judy (LC) share, because they both allow each other to feel what they need to feel.
By the way, the two seem to really enjoy each others company in general. Love it:

Image: Netflix



dynasty fashion outfits
This is the total opposite of Dead to me. And the only reason I actually watch and love it. This soap opera reboot based on the 80’s series is all about glitz, wealth, the corrupt world, and backroom deals. The storyline is totally over the top B U T the main character, Fallon Carrington, is sassy, outspoken, obnoxious and sports the sharpest eyeliner in history. Together with the best outfits! There you go, for me, it is all about the costumes, the styling, the fashion! It is just so good! Once a week I have my Dynasty moment and then I am glued to the TV waiting for a new outfit to pop up. And since the show is recorded at the moment, all the pieces are from current collections! And to top it all, you will see lots of Gucci, Louboutin, Prada, and co. But there is also space for some smaller brands and new designers. That is why each outfit is so interesting. And, yes another ‘and’, the men. They do dress the men in the coolest outfits too. Jeff Colby actually has such a bad a** wardrobe! To sum up: Bold, structured, feminine with a twist, modern, cheeky and always just so on point! Love it! You should try it too if you love fashion…
Also, you absolutely have to follow Meredith Markworth-Pollack on Instagram, the stylist of the show. A genius!


Killing Eve

Another show with two ladies as the main characters. And this one is just never dull, always well observed, made with great attention to detail, and most importantly so much fun.
Eve is a bored MI5 security officer whose desk job does not fulfill her fantasies of being a spy. Meanwhile, Villanelle is a fearsome assassin clinging to the luxuries her violent job affords her.
When Eve is tasked with tracking down Villanelle before she can strike again, the two women are thrown into a cat-and-mouse game that turns the traditional spy-thriller on its head. I love some good crime (also in terms of books) but this is another level. Sophisticated and fantastic acting! Season 2 aired in the US and I am impatiently waiting to get access here in the UK.


Patrick Melrose

This one is intense! And Benedict Cumberbatch is the show. To be honest, I am not sure I would have adored it as much if somebody else would have played that role. He is just such a great actor. The show is based on semi-autobiographical novels about Britain’s upper class by Edward St Aubyn. And about a man from a very privileged yet traumatic childhood in the 1980s. Patrick’s father was abusive, and Patrick’s mother put up with his behavior. He went into addiction and severe substance abuse in New York. The 1st episode is a very accurate description of what it means to be an addict. But the story quietens down and deepens after that, so please do not give up after that start.
The biggest message is that even so, you have given up substances/ drugs, your past will not automatically disappear too. So touching to see Patrick self-sabotaging and still believing that he is not a good person. His mum is played by Jennifer Jason-Leigh who is also extraordinary. Definitely a show that lingers in your memory long after.
Image: Sky Atlantic

This is Us

Another one with deeply affecting emotional messages! About the lives and families of two parents, and their three children, in several different time frames.
And a whole lot of important topics as well: Mental health, loss, homosexuality, premature babies, adoption, addiction, and finding your path in life.
This family is surely not perfect and this is what makes it perfect after all. For me! It is so simple and yet so complicated, heartbreaking, sweet and also brutal.
They start to make you adore Jack, the father. The one that is perfect, loved and does everything and cheers everyone up. But episode after episode (especially in the last season)we see more about their lives, what they dealt with and slowly realise that it was actually Rebecca, the mum, who kept everything and everyone together. And it reminds us, that what you see (or want to see) is not always the reality. And that there is more to a story.
It is deep and especially the grieving part feels very close to me. Because losing a very close family member is not something that you eventually “get over”. But instead, that loss becomes an integrated part of your life going forward. And in ‘This is Us’ we can see how every character in this series is dealing with it in very different ways. I think we often believe that grief is temporary, and only allow expressions of it in that first few months or maybe a year. And yet there will always be moments of wishing that loved one was still around. To me, that show was/ is really some form of grief counseling.

What are you top TV series to binge watch? Have you seen one from my list? I would love to know…

Top Image: NBC / This is Us
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