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Kip & Co

Kip & co

Let’s take a little break from all the kids fashion  we covered over the last months and look into some interior inspiration today.

If you like your bed linen bold or your beanbags bright, you’’ll love Kip & Co.

The brand was launched by sisters and mothers Kate Heppell and Hayley Pannekoecke and close friend Alex Van Der Sluys in 2012. Kip & Co is based in Melbourne, Australia.

All three of us are passionate about interiors and design which is probably a given, but beyond that we are all very driven and absolutely love a challenge. Bed linen was an obvious choice. “It felt like the right opportunity to take the plunge because we genuinely saw a gap in the market – we kept seeing these great fashion forward bedding companies overseas but there was nothing domestically that was catering to the Australian demographic.
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mini me or kids wear in adult sizes

numero74 mum

How often did you say: “I wish this came in my size!” or “My kids are better dressed than me…”

Small clothes are cute. Kids fashion changed a lot over the last years. And yes, some pieces we really want for ourselves.

And I have good news for you. Brands are picking up. I feel there is a new trend going on because more and more brands are adding adult lines or at least a few pieces.

Great brands. So you won’t look like a mom trying too hard. A mom who cannot accept that her teenager years are behind her. No. the mini me look got stylish and interesting. Tasteful – because not everything that looks great on your child would also look super on you. Never forget that. Little girls dresses need to be adopted to the shape of an adult woman. Some prints would be too girly, too much or just too cute for a lady even when they look adorable in size 62.

For today, I picked out a few brands that do pieces for mums. Pieces we really want and can wear… mini me looks for this summer here we come:

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Polder Girl S/S 2017

Polder Girl

April Showers by Polder changed its name and is now Polder Girl.

The grown up brand {make sure to check out their women collection} run by two sisters was always very well know for its kids and teen collection. Madelon and Natalie decided,  after 10 years, to change the name and letting the girls’ line join the brand “Polder” together with the women’s collections.

Polder Girl is sophisticated and modern. Strong minimalist design. Very contemporary and with a bohemian spirit.

The typical effortless style that we love so much about French fashion. The chicest prints, simple dresses and cute shorts.
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A few things … {Friday List}

main sauvage

Cabin fever has hit here. Really hard! It’s been a little over 3 weeks with my cast. And even so I can walk without the crutches I cannot go really far. Weather has been bad too. And all this sitting and starring at the screen is driving me crazy.

In a bit I am off to a lunch with a friend {picking me up, I am so lucky} and this week end I will just need to stretch my capabilities and go out. Crossing fingers the weather is with me…

But stop with the whining now and lets have a look at this week’s Friday List! Full of inspiration – kids fashion, kids rooms, news from our favourite shops and brands…

New collection from Main Sauvage! {above}
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The first one with a broken leg {Friday list}

pom pom baskets

Still sitting on the sofa and keeping my radius very very small. Yesterday they changed my cast – it is lighter and very pink now. 5 more weeks I have. 5 more weeks with something that feels like a stone on my leg.

And in honour I will today’s list extra colourful!

Like these pom pom baskets from Love Bohemians.
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