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The star edit!

The star edit!

After we started off the week in rather magical and mystic ways, I will keep the feeling and share some of my current favourites that shine with stars.

Stars are one of those designs that are always current and everyone loves. They are kinda gender neutral too and reflect a lot of themes like space, ballerina, or magic.

And look at yourself and your friends – do you know somebody who likes stars? I bet you do. Do you know somebody who does not? Now you probably have to really think and not come up with a name…

Exactly… stars are fun, cool, and timeless.

And they do pop up in all kind of ways in our wardrobes and homes. Here are the ones that I would shop right now:


1. A star lantern* macrame style. In lots of subtle and beautiful colours. Definitely not only for the kids room but I am sure your kids would love one…

2. Woah. Such a cool print. And one very warm jacket – perfect for your upcoming winter holidays!

3. We all know – it is in the details. And these star pins will change your look immediately.

4. I knooooow. They are awesome. They are sneaker fever*! And in case you do not like pink, or the glitz, they are many other cool styles available.

5. This lamp is called the twirly lamp and the best part is – it comes with a set of fun magnets that you arrange just as you wish…

6. The perfect outfit to dance to your dreams, to twirl to your future, and to hang up in your room when not worn.

7. A star teething necklace that is as cute as cupcake!

Half Time! More stars coming:

8. Those sneakers can definitely show off these stardust leggings. Match made in heaven!

9. Delightful onesie.

10. Tulle, and more tulle. And lots of gorgeous stars – the perfect party dress*.

11. Cute, simple, and something for every day – this sweet star headband*.

12. Boy, girl… anyone will love this cool jumper* that just screams COMFY!

13. Cool kids need cool socks* as well.

14. The simplest way to add some magic and to turn a room into a place out of a dream – a stunning star garland*! By the way, here are some truly magical kids rooms!

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21 fun things for your February!

paul paula blog

Ha! One month of 2020 is over. One full month. So quick! But next month we do get an extra day and to make sure we enjoy it to the fullest, I am sending you off with my latest finds.

As usual – a great mix of articles, fashion, family interiors, and other bits for yourself and your family!

Please enjoy, and let me start straight with this statement from a very good read:
“We hold our kids’ worries and dreams, our partner’s stress, our parents’ fears. We hold the nagging voice that tells us we must always push ourselves harder and take on more.”
Are we holding too much? Elephant Journal

And here are 20 more fun things:

little lights

little lights
Spotted at Pitti Bimbo (full report next week!) – Little Lights. So sweet!

Especially funny illustrations when you lived in different countries.


SS20_BOBO-CHOSES_a dance romance
A Dance Romance. The new Bobo Choses collection* is in stores.

We all know rainbows, but did you hear about moonbows?


guanabana bags
Fun bags* for fun days ahead…

These rabbit nesting dolls* make a great Easter gift.


boden women
Mum’s – sheer up your wardrobe* with some vibrant colours and fun clothes!

On my very own mum wishlist.


Stylist Johanna Flyckt
Very Scandinavian kids room!

Totally crazy apartment.


lilian ginebra jewelry
For mums: Adorable jewelry*!

Louise Misha has always been a summer brand for me. Their latest collection just launched and is full of lovely dresses, swimwear, and cool outfits for mums too.

I think I have a thing for cups right now. And this Etsy shop* has some really cute ones.

And here are some lovely ceramics* too.


scandinavian interior
Wow, one very special apartment. So many cool details!

Really cute maternity wear!


Muddy Heart
Gorgeous ceramic bells*!

Such a colourful place – very inspiring!


macrame wall hanging
Fantastic macrame wall hangings* and more.

What is it about kids tv that mesmerizes them?


Have a wonderful weekend everyone…

PS: Have a look at the electric blue edit. So fun too!



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The electric blue edit!

The electric blue edit!

Hello new week and I promise that as of now I am really back. Last week was a bit loopy because I had to juggle a few private things and come to terms with other stuff.

But that is life and sometimes we just need to do what we need to do. And make space for the necessary.

And to come back all eclectic and joyous, I am bombarding you with pretty things in blue. Yes! Classic blue is the colour of the year which suits me very well because I was not a huge fan of the colours from the years before. And, you know already, blue is just always good.

Therefore I am going vibrant and here are my favourite, lucky number, 13 things in electric blue:

1. For mum: Fabulous kimono dress* – here in electric blue but available in many beautiful shades.

2. Brush stroke dress for easy peasy sunny days.

3. To decorate: Super cute hand embroidered hoop – Ponyo*!

4. Fun headband* to perfect any outfit.

5. On the go: Cool backpack*!

6. Such a vibrant swimsuit*. This is the mini version and here* you can find sizes up to 10 years.

7. Move Right! Move Left. Easy with these sneakers*

8. Sleepover, sport club, or little trip – you are sorted with this fun bag*. Loving the polka dots too.

9. The best way to protect from the sun is a good hat*. This one hits the cool and chic factor too!

10. Broderie anglaise lace dress. Very chic!

11. Wooden whale*. Always a winner!

12. Electric blue for baby with this sweet romper.

13. To cuddle: Another whale* – but this one is giant and very soft!


More edits? How about Teddy styles or corduroy?


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Home accessories with a bit of humor!

Calhoun & Co.
Happy New Year! Bonne Annee! Frohes Neues Jahr!

Yay, 2020 is here. And my break is coming to an end today. Happy to be back even so the task of finding the right topic for the very first article of a decade is a little daunting.

Therefore I decided to go with home accessories* that come with a bit of humor and cosy vibes. A so called no brainer and something we all enjoy. At any time of year! And when you live in the UK or somewhere in Northern Europe you will always enjoy a great blanket…

Especially when they are this cool:

Calhoun & Co.

Calhoun & Co.

Calhoun & Co.

Calhoun & Co.

Calhoun & Co.

Calhoun & Co.
Brilliant right?

Kerry designs home accessories with a bit of humor for cosy weekend vibes. And the intention of spreading a little more kindness in the world. And she says: “We’re inspired by community, friendly faces, interesting places, and spending Saturday mornings slow and with a cup of coffee. Your home is the space you spend time with those nearest & dearest to you. And we believe that space should reflect you and have the personality you want it to have.”

Kerry and her cool business are based in Brooklyn, New York, and the collection is a mix of small batch (or one of a kind!) handmade items and designs produced right in the U.S.A.

And those blankets* are just so good. Do you have a favourite? It is so difficult and I am hesitating between ‘Good At Naps*’ and those lovely flamingos*.


Calhoun & Co. baby blanket
And this jungle inspired kid sized blanket* is just so adorable as well.


Calhoun & Co. tea towel
Also, can you say no to a great tea towel? This “Be A Friendly Face*” pattern was designed with the people of New York City in mind. A city that is made up from so many different kinds of people, and that is a beautiful thing.

By the way, the designs are all based on illustrations and painting by founder Kerry. Love!

I hope these blankets put a smile on your face and if you are looking for more home accessories inspiration, how about these natural home decor ideas?


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27 magical things for a very happy 2020!

27 magical things for a very happy 2020!
Wow! So, just a few days left and after a row of festive days we will enter a new decade. How exiting!
And I believe the best way to get started is rested, relaxed, and energised. Therefore, I will take a break until the beginning of January and today’s Friday List will be my last post for this year.

Of course I made sure to finish off with some fantastic goodies and finds!
Enjoy, and especially, enjoy your holidays wherever you are in this world. be surrounded by love, and more love:

kinetic mobile
This hanging kinetic mobile* is hand crafted out of wood pieces painted by hand, with great attention to the balance and movement.

Great books for teens.



Love! And perfect for all the little people who love books – this Children’s Book Map celebrates the magic of children’s literature. The illustrated map features references to 50 classic kid’s books.

Let’s start 2020 with a fresh face.



toddler dresser

cute toddler dresser
Cute toddler dresser!

This yoga mat will definitely get you going to class every week.



Beautiful and comfy mum jumper*.

Scarlett Johansson and her struggles of single parenthood.



kinto tableware
Very smitten by all this pretty tableware*!

Eva Mendes and her two daughters’ messy art projects.



tiger throw blanket
OMG! That throw blanket*. Would make a great tapestry too…

20 cities to visit in 2020.



llama wall hanging boho
The best! A Llama wall hanging*!

Away promised a lifestyle of inclusion and nice vacations. Was the mission just a smokescreen?

New Years Party coming up? Here are all the essentials to make it a success!



linen dresses girls
Pretty linen dresses* with cute collars. Perfect for festive days and beyond…

The Worst Designed Products of 2019!



ceramic coffee mug
It is difficult for me to resist a pretty cup*. And at the moment I love everything pottery.

The most influential images – of ALL time.



The mouse on the pea!

Famous people who passed away in 2019.



Scandi place in blue and grey tones.

Perfect chunky sweater* to wear with a pair of jeans!



When you think a stacking toy is just a stacking toy and you come across this*!

Polka dots* forever!



scandinavian kids room
And this lovely Scandinavian kids room.

I know. I know. But this is the perfect Spring sweater*. And once January is here, all we want is Spring to start….

See you soon!


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