Such Great Heights

such great heights
Such Great Heights is such an interesting company and concept.

Launched in 2012, by Ryan and Jo, partners in work and life. Based in Australia.

One side they do 2 very important things that every kids room should have – a simple tent and a cool clothes rack.

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Image by everythinglight
such great heights
such great heights

The rack {kids&adult size} is simple, beautiful and made from American maple hardwood. A gorgeous natural rack, for putting your child’s favourite dress ups & cherished pieces on display. Also a fantastic shop or markets fixture!

Hand finished, solid, rich & treated with a UV finish.

The tent, a wonderful place for our kids to relax and find a little quiet corner for themselves {and of course a great spot for all kinds of play} you can either buy by itself or get a conversion kit & canopy with the rack and build it from there. Very clever especially when space is an issue…

such great heights
such great heights
Image by littlevintagehandmade.
such great heights

And on the other side the brand is also always busy to collaborate with young and fresh designers for their textile line. Dresses {again in kid&adult sizes}, little suits as well as cushions and the most dreamy little capes you can think of…


Great mix and a brand to watch!




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