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Another glimps into the Paul & Paula house

I was so happy when I found the paper balloons in the craft shop around the corner. Similar ones you can get online here.
The bird is from Inke and comes in a super easy DIY kit that includes everything you need to put it on the wall.

Did I ever mention that I am a big Tintin fan?
It started when I was an Au pair in Paris and the little boy I had to look after had the whole collection of Tintin books. One day I took one book to my room… in the end I had read them all.
We started our own collection now, every time we go to France we buy the next issue.

Here is the second Inke bird. There are always 2 in one package. He was normally sitting on top of a frame but we changed some things… so I made him a cloud…

The perfect match. Our BonBon Blue sitting on a cloud from la casita.

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{later I have a stunning Friday list for you}


A few more corners of our house

I thought before leaving for our holidays I give you another little glimps into our house.
As the weather is beautiful it is quite easy to take some decent pictures.
Today I take you to our living room, which is actually one big (70sqm, something like that) open room that includes the kitchen, dining room as well as lounge.

And I thought it would be nice to show you that our house does not look all tidy and neat 24/24. Of course not.
This is the kids corner in the living room and for the picture I just left it right as it was, still looks pretty good, isn’t… yes…the kids are in daycare today… :)

KleinR still organises some of her toys according to our books on the shelf. Red sunglasses… with red books of course.

Who do you think enjoys this little oven the most?
The little boy! Taking the little pans out, putting them back.
His newest discovery. Taking a little bowl, a spoon… pretend eating. So cute.
He is literally sitting on the floor, putting the spoon in the bowl, to his mouth, getting exciting and again.
Don’t you love to just watch your kids play?

Here is a tiny bitsy corner of my new desk.
I will show you much more after the holidays together with my little surprise I keep telling you will come up…and it will…just let me get some new energy first.

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