Our road trip 2016 {planning phase}

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I had this post already in my head… at least twice… and I still have no idea how or where to start… might get a little long maybe but I thought as I do not write many personal posts and as this is a fun topic… lets share a little here today…!

It happens to be that our little extra surprise was born in a country that allows BOTH parents to take a generous parental leave. This means that my husband is able to take off every school break for this year and we decided to do what we love most {and know best} and that is traveling.

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We started talking about possible plans quite a while ago {and I will not bore you with those pre-plans that changed …}, but we originally planned to go away to a warm country over the Christmas break buuuuut then one day I thought…. :

We will have a 9 weeks summer break with the whole family… wohooooo… what the what… we need to do some serious traveling then. Like really! So no tropical temperatures in December but something really awesome in summer 2016…

Sooooo… where could we go with four kids that incl. a then 9 month old? Where we can see different things… Australia is not the right season, Vietnam maybe in a few years… South Africa is super but we have been… soooo… what about the West Coast… ha? All the way?

{I did no realize at that moment that this is quite a common idea and you can find a zillion ideas on how to travel the West Coast… I just thought it is a genius idea}
Our road trip {in the planning}

There is so much to see & do and with that amount of time we can do a good portion of it without rushing.

The beach plans got cancelled {and exchanged for Barcelona because we really needed a little break} and since the plane tickets take over a big part of the budget that is what we first started to think about…

Where to fly to… and should we fly in & out from the same spot or maybe not etc…

Short: SAS just had a deal and we booked flights to/from San Francisco. We just had to book. It is the only direct flight from Copenhagen to the West Coast anyway and the price was too good…

No way back anymore! Aaaaah… and talking about budget… well it is not that we were planning this for the last two years and saved… no… we will need to be clever, budget a lot and … well… I don’t know… it just has to work. It will not be a big van, cool hotels and eating out non stop… but it will be all of us together and having a blast.
Our road trip {in the planning}

We started to check maps to decide on a route – the initial plan was {is}: Seattle -> San Diego

We arrive in SF… thinking about staying there a little bit {and I have the impression that I will love this place} and then fly national to either Seattle or Vancouver… go to places, checking if Seattle is really the best city for and with kids and fly back to SF and travel South from there…

But wow… searching the net is truly overwhelming. I just typed road trip into Pinterest because I was looking for some fun pictures to go with the post and woooooowwww… the best trips, what to pack, how to pack, road trip music, what to do, what not, how to plan, the best apps and and and…. you start to click but you just cannot finish… ever…

The kids are excited.It is so fun… they are getting older and you can see how they like to be more involved and ask a lot more questions… we should probably find some cool guides and travel diaries for them. Something to do and something to keep.

Have you travelled for a longer period with your kids? Where to?
And is there something we should not miss at all during this trip?… you know I really thought that this might be the summer where we will take the kids to Disneyland… as we are around… but holy moly… I saw the prices, it is high season and all I read is: queues… do I want to spend my money on queuing? I don’t think so… not really at least…

To be continued…

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