Kira Kids S/S 2017

kira kids

Kira Kids was founded in 2010 by Christine Tang and is today a hip and modern, 100 % organic, kids fashion line. Produced entirely in Los Angeles.
Each garment is made with the softest Eco-friendly fabrics. On top – all fabrics are custom made for Kira Kids and screen printed with non-toxic inks.

I am putting this info right at the beginning because Christine started her universe in her living room and garage. In the beginning she was still working her normal job and did Kira on the side. In 2011 she decided to do Kira Kids full time, took the risk with all ups and downs.

Today the brand is very popular by parents and kids alike and I love that Christine stays true to her values.

I want kids to feel like themselves and be happy while wearing Kira. I want them to jump, nap, dance, laugh, and explore comfortably! I would love them to feel inspired to be more creative, have a sense of humor, and not grow up so quickly.

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