Kids party food recipes {savoury}

kids party food
kids party food
As promised here are the recipes from KleinR’s birthday party. {pictures here}

I spent a good amount of time in the kitchen for preparation however each recipe on it’s own is relatively simple and easy to make – even with kids.

And somehow and somewhere in my head there is a memo that tells me to make food and especially the cake myself for my kid’s birthdays! Are you the same? A shop bought cake feels weird to me, don’t ask me why and I would never blame anyone doing just that… but I can’t :)

But for know it is the savoury part…

Cheesy Muffins
recipe is for 24 muffins

4 cups of grated cheese
3 cups of self raising flour
1 tbsp sugar
2 eggs
2 cups of milk
Optional extras: I added some grated carrots and corn but you can vary as you wish and what your kids love and what your fridge offers (think herbs, veggies, bacon…)

Mix the eggs and milk in a jug.

Put all dry ingredients in a bowl and mix. Add your optional extras too.
Now add the egg/ milk mix and fold in gently. The mixture is supposed to be lumpy!

Now spoon into greased muffin forms and bake for 15 min/ until golden brown at 200C.

{I will make this more often from now on!}

Rolled Finger Sandwiches

Those I make regularly as they are so easy to eat.
Take a slice of brown and cut off the crust. Take a rolling pin and “roll out” your slice of bread. So it is all flat and easy to roll afterwards.

Now the filling and here again – whatever you like, be creative.

For the party I made 4 different ones:
Cream cheese/ cheese
Cream cheese/ ham
Egg filling: Cook 4 eggs and cut them in little cubes. Add some mayonnaise and herbs (I used chives) and spread on the slice of rolled out bread.
Tuna filling: Drain 2 cans of tuna and flake the tuna into little pieces. Add some corn (if you like), herbs and mayonnaise.
> For both the egg and tuna filling add salt/ pepper and maybe onion if you like and looking at the age of the kids.

Now you spread your fillings on the slices of bread and roll them and DONE!

{Later the sweet recipes}
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