A family home in pastel

A family home in pastel

Oh hello. I am really hoping that your day is brighter than mine. Looking out of the window I feel like it is 4pm already. It is pouring down with rain, it is dark and chances are high that we will not see much light for the rest of the day either. Absolutely not my favorite period of the year.

And that is why I will show you this fun family home, based close to Gothenburg, today. Bright, happy, colorful and the absolute opposite of the minimalism you are used to from Scandinavia.

Owners are Julia and Viktor and they live here with their children Estrid and Sven. On a small island in the Gothenburg archipelago. It measures just two kilometers from one side to the other and has 1,500 inhabitants.

They bought the house in 2010 and began the renovation. They transformed the floor plan, created two kids rooms out of a big bedroom, the dark kitchen got light and space and yet they have been careful to preserve the house’s old-fashioned feel.

The renovation is actually still ongoing. Step by step and slow. Making sure to pay attention to details!

Let’s have a look and take a tour. You will see, every picture is bringing you a  lot of inspiration, ideas and details:
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