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Malmo with kids

malmo with kids
Ok, this is actually so embarrassing that I am not sure what to say. Ha. I have a draft called ‘Malmo with Kids’ sitting in my back end for around 4 1/2 years. Yes! That long. Soon we are here for 5 years and I wanted to share some tips and stuff to do for ages. I receive e mails and questions about it on a regular basis and how practical would it be to just send a link :)
Now! Here we are. Clap Clap. Proud moment.

Let’s start with Paul & Paula’s guide to Malmo with kids. The best things to do, to see, to experience and and and… enjoy and when you are around, give me a shout!

Malmö is called the City of Parks which makes it perfect for a family to live here. It is a very green city and it is surrounded by forests. On top – it is a beach city too. From our apartment we can actually walk or take the bikes to the city beach called Ribbersborg beach. It is amazing to be able to go for a walk along the beach any time you want.

The city is stretched along the coast and you can cycle or drive all the way along the coast from the East End to the West End. Start at Vastra Hamnen and go all the way to Bunkeflostrand. A beautiful scenery will welcome you!

And when you are here, you have to plan these sights and stops:

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Little Creative Factory store in Barcelona

little creative factory shop
At the end of January I went on a quick trip to Barcelona. Lucky me was invited to attend the Little Creative Factory fashion show for their A/W collection called ‘Horizons’.

And since the brand has a store in the city too, I went to have a look and took some pictures for you. Situated right in the heart of Barcelona, in the fashionable and artistic quarter El Born.

It is also always fascinating to see Cristina, the founder. A dynamic woman guided by her dreams and who is so very passionate about this adventure called Little Creative Factory.
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With Julia Erz in Stuttgart

Stuttgart with kids
For the Autumn break we went to Stuttgart, Germany. In August I became an auntie for the first time and we were all very excited to go and see my brother and the new baby. My little brother {who is actually taller than me} with a baby, a new view, a new chapter and so much love and happiness seeing him enjoying his new ‘place’.

During this week we met another person for the first time. Julia Erz. Julia is a documentary family photographer and asked us if we would like to spend a day with her and her camera.

I really like her approach to photography. Honest, capturing authentic moments including a little mess and sibling chaos.

Living with four kids is fun, chaotic, usually crazy and very entertaining.  Very rare to have a quiet moment and when one little person takes your attention, you can be sure that a brother or sister is using the opportunity…

And this is what you can see in these photos.

Thank you Julia!

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Konfetti Kids – new kids store in Barcelona

Konfetti Kids - new kids store in Barcelona
Barcelona is THE city at the moment and if you happen to live there {lucky you!} or planning a trip, then take note now: there is a new kids shop called KONFETTI KIDS that opened just recently in the Barrio Gotico disctrict. And it looks really super inviting and fun.

And so does the online shop by the way, I love the illustrations.

Claudia is originally from Bergamo, Italy.
After her studies she collected some professional experiences in women’s wear, where she had the chance to travel and fall in love with Berlin.
Five years ago Claudia decided to move to Berlin, met her husband Michael and in March 2015  their daughter Lilien was born.

Since Lilien Claudia’s interest in the world of kids wear started to grow. Thinking about quality and good design and how to combine both. The starting point for her ‘project’.

In 2016, the family decided to move to Barcelona and in May this year Claudia found the perfect location for KONFETTI KIDS in a beautiful street of the Barrio Gotico and her project became finally real!

So, yes, the concept was conceived in Berlin and is now based in Barcelona. A concept store for the whole family with a hand-picked selection of international brands for children that reflects her passion for good quality and design.
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The Balkans Came Calling: Montenegro and Serbia, The Kids Edition

Montenegro and Serbia with kids

“It is stunning”, he said. “You must go.”

This was a conversation I had with my brother in law many years ago as we sat in his London apartment and pored over his albums of beautiful photos of his time visiting Montenegro. Quite honestly, I didn’t know much about the country until then. It wasn’t in the limelight as a must-visit destination by the masses. But here I was with a human rights lawyer, who was working in the region, and he highly recommended this slightly offbeat country to visit. So, this year, we decided to visit.

My sister and family were visiting us in London anyways, so we decided to split the time and head to the Balkan side. We combined Serbia and Montenegro, for a bit over a week, and it was enough time for us. It was a good group too – two sets of parents, who LOVE to eat, explore new places, and are relatively chilled out. And three children,
Little I, my niece (3yrs), Little M, my daughter (2 yrs), and Little R, my nephew (8yrs).

I was a bit concerned initially, as Montenegro is known for its mountainous landscapes, and so I wondered if it would be comfortable with kids, but I have to say that it is exactly the openness and ease of just being in the outdoors that made it all so easy. So much space, that’s all they want. We did walk a fair amount (stroller came in big use), and we also used car hires to visit places as it was the easiest and convenient option with kids. It
allowed us the flexibility to do as we please.


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