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I got my first backpack when I first 14. I went to France for 3 weeks on a language trip {and learned more English than French but that’s another story}. I used it for many years to come.

Did a little break and tried the ‘grown up’ version with suitcases and cool week ender bags. When we added kids to our {travel} life I went back to the backpack thing. It is just so practical. As practical as having a stroller that can be pushed with one hand only for example.

Luggage on your back means: 2 free hands. And I think I do not need to explain further what two free hands mean when you have kids…

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Kodomo Boston – Q&A with owner Jasmine Punzalan

Kodomo Boston

Our Boston based contributor Surabhi went to Kodomo Boston – a wonderful kids shop – for a great interview. Let’s see what Surabhi found out:

Kodomo Boston is a premier children’s clothing store that opened in Boston this past summer.

We had a little chat with the amazing owner Jasmine Punzalan about the store and what makes it so special and unique.

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Lyon with kids – the best things to do

LYON with kids

For the school Autumn break we went to France. We have never been to Lyon before but talked about it many times. It is the 2nd city in France {I have the feeling many people do not know this fact} and has a very large food culture. Let’s go!

We went from Saturday to Saturday and I will show you what we did. Lyon with kids here we go:
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A hot Summer in Italy {with kids}

Lemons anyone_

Nothing prepares you for the beauty of a country, or the feeling of youth you feel, when compared to the history of its art, sculptures, or structures. Italy is a great place to feel, young, very hot (weather wise!), and in the best of places, enjoying the summer.

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Family travel with HomeAway

Tuscany - HomeAway


When HomeAway contacted me to check if Paul & Paula would like to share their service with you I thought: Yes… of course!Many people ask where we stay during our trips because it is not easy to find nice accomodation when traveling with kids and especially traveling with a big family can be really challenging when it comes to places to stay.

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