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What a start into the New Year. Boom! I like a good start. Fresh, inspirational, powerful and full of faith.

After I missed all the shows last summer because of our road trip and ‘only’ did CIFF KIDS last winter because of the baby, I decided to go 300% this season.

Starting with Pitti Bimbo in Florence {my first time}, 5 days later I was off to Playtime Paris and after a very quick pit stop at home I went to CIFF KIDS.

Intense yet very awesome. Meeting old friends, connecting with new. Catching up with brands, shop owners, agencies and, of course, other bloggers and journalists. Many very interesting conversations happened and for the first time I realized that Paul & Paula is really old. Haha! We are turning 7 this year in May.

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Skandika – outdoor company

I got my first backpack when I first 14. I went to France for 3 weeks on a language trip {and learned more English than French but that’s another story}. I used it for many years to come.

Did a little break and tried the ‘grown up’ version with suitcases and cool week ender bags. When we added kids to our {travel} life I went back to the backpack thing. It is just so practical. As practical as having a stroller that can be pushed with one hand only for example.

Luggage on your back means: 2 free hands. And I think I do not need to explain further what two free hands mean when you have kids…

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The best of Paul & Paula 2016

family breakfast

Two more days and 2016 is over. Already!

During our flight to Athens (where we arrived this Wednesday) I was thinking that it could be really fun to do a little round up here on the blog.

Feature the best/ most read posts for example. I mean, I was really curious to investigate as well. Which topics do you guys love? What are you interested in etc…

And it is a lovely way to finish the year and take a little break from the blog and social media. Refreshing actually.
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Christmas at Kew – A Feast of Lights

Christmas at Kew

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go …but the prettiest sight to see is the holly that will be, on your own front door”

When the voice of Bing Crosby fills our home, we know its time for Christmas. Time for our silver reindeer to adorn our mantel piece, the Christmas lights to dazzle our tree, and Santa, the wizards and every little ornament come out of its box ready to be celebrated. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and my favorite holiday.

This year we’re staying in London and experiencing a snuggly Christmas. I wonder if we will indeed get a white Christmas. It has been so cold this winter that I wouldn’t be surprised if we did. Little M would be thrilled if we woke to snow on Christmas morn.

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Kodomo Boston – Q&A with owner Jasmine Punzalan

Kodomo Boston

Our Boston based contributor Surabhi went to Kodomo Boston – a wonderful kids shop – for a great interview. Let’s see what Surabhi found out:

Kodomo Boston is a premier children’s clothing store that opened in Boston this past summer.

We had a little chat with the amazing owner Jasmine Punzalan about the store and what makes it so special and unique.

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