Avlia – children’s furniture in the shapes of farm animals

Avlia – Furniture System for Children

Avlia is a Furniture System for Children in the shapes of farm animals that can be used as both toys and functional pieces of furniture.

Nataša Njegovanović created a desk shaped like a cow, a toy chest in the shape of a pig, stools made to look like cats and dogs, and a pencil box designed to look like a chicken.

The simple design leaves enough room for children to use their imaginations and turn the pieces into new things that bring their world of pretend to life. I love how the animals became design objects and still appeal to children and their needs. Not too cute, not too polished – just great furniture that is lovely to look at and interesting!

Made mostly from Slavonian oak, the toys were inspired by a time when children played with wooden toys and when nature and animals were the main sources of entertainment for children.’
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