World maps for the kids room

World maps for the kids room

After that lovely kids room in Gothenburg I shared on Tuesday, I had to dig up this article from 2015. A selection of some lovely world maps for the kids room.

As an international family and the kids growing up with multiple languages, lots of traveling and also moving around we often have a look at the world map and check where we are, the rest of our family is and also where we have been to already…

The world with all its different cultures is just fascinating and with these fun maps you can bring it a little closer.

But lots has happened since then, so a little ‘face lift’ can’t hurt. Updating the sources, links and also adding two or three new favourites…

Find a mix of posters, prints, wall stickers or old school charts. Something for every taste and every room:


world maps for the kids room

1. Fun reusable Vintage that also exist in a HUGE size.

2. Wall panel that looks like vintage wallpapers have been used. Very pretty and also available with a white background.

3. Large wall sticker in bright, vibrant colours. Includes 101 separate magnets which you can stick onto the world mural again and again.

4. Big removable & reusable world map in muted colours.
world maps for the kids room


1. Beautiful “Himaco” poster by Julie Mercier.

2. For the purist a black/white option.

3. Himaco*. Notable animals and landmarks are represented on each of the continents.

4. Vintage school world map.

5. Big and very beautiful Himaco.


New additions and more world maps for kids rooms:

Wall sticker from Mimi Lou* with animals for each continent.
Cotton world map from Rose and April*.


world map nursery print
Divine nursery print*.


Now, never forget: The world is your oyster!

Updated article. Latest: March 2019.
Affiliate links marked with *.
Top image: Himaco
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