Wildling shoes

Wildling Shoes
Wildling Shoes
Who does not like the idea of walking barefoot? Like all the time…
It is comfortable isn’t?

For kids it is the same. They love to be without shoes and unfortunately lots of shoes you can find on the market are not developed for natural movements.

That is why Anna and Ran created Wildling Shoes. After 12 years in Israel and 3 kids that grew up walking barefoot all the time, the couple moved {back} to Germany in 2013 and tried to find shoes that would allow their little feet to move in a natural way. Very difficult mission – many shoes are too stiff, too heavy, too narrow and so on…

Together with artisans & shoe designers Anna and Ran created a shoe for toddlers and kids {sizes 25-38} that are made of natural materials and with a sole so thin you can walk barefoot all year long!

Every pair will adapt to its owner due to the innovative and flexible sole.

Wildling Shoes

” Wildling’s thin, flexible sole turns every step into a sensory experience. Unlike conventional kids’ and sports’ shoes, the minimal shoe concept allows for natural motion and restores kids’ joy in movement. Foot muscles get stronger, movements become bolder and more fluent and through the direct contact with the ground children regain confidence in their physical abilities. We were able to observe this in our own kids, who grew up barefoot, and we want to enable other kids to experience the same vitality and confidence.”

To finance the first production Wildling started a crowdfunding campaign. And they seem to have found the niche that lots of parents were waiting for. After just a couple of days they reached their goal … WOW!

Great idea and concept and some pretty awesome deals!

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