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As a reader of Paul & Paula and follower of my social media outlets you do know that my biggest passion is to show you small brands. New, independent labels that have been created with a dream, a mission and often many hours of hard work.

Followed by ups and downs, by low moments, sweet customer notes that make it all worth and lots of nights with not much sleep.

Creating your very own business in this fast running world is asking for strength and a long breath.

And it is asking for people who do believe that supporting small and local is the way to go. I have met many designers, shop owners and other moms running their business in the kids industry {think of agencies, showrooms, photographers and and and}. I have followed many from their very beginning, saw them growing and evolving. It is fascinating. Working with heirloom qualities, sewing very limited editions, re-creating family patterns, knitting tiny baby hats by hand or cutting a new dress.

Independent retail and small businesses exist as an alternative to the mainstream and high street. The price we pay might be higher, but the cost in terms of everyone’s future is lower. Independent retailers can’t work to the same margins as mainstream fashion brands, but there is good reason for this.

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I want to take today’s post and explain a little – why we should support the small businesses. Why we should shop local as much as possible and help you making the next buy an easy decision.

* Cost of big chains are often very low because: cotton being grown using pesticides that damage ecosystems, child labor, farmers being paid very low wages, raw materials processed using toxic substances, workers working long hours in unsuitable conditions, poor quality fabrics, and so on…

* Conventional cotton is responsible for 25% of the insecticides and 10% of the pesticides used worldwide.

* Organic clothing is free of harsh chemicals that could irritate your little one’s skin. Organic cotton plants also make stronger yarn, which means more durable fabrics.

* go for quality over quantity when it comes to clothing


When you support a small business you support your community!


Shopping at small businesses helps provide jobs for your community, and it puts money into the local economy. Plus, many small businesses are supplied by other entrepreneurs, so you could also be supporting many other enterprises.

* It has less impact on the environment because small businesses often create their products using local resources

* Small businesses are careful about the quality of their fabrics {most use organic cotton} and often produce locally or as close as possible to their home base

* Organic clothing will hold up better in the wash and will last you much longer

* Independent businesses are run by people – not by boards or investors, not by stockholders or algorithms. You do get a different kind of customer service and quality because their work is their dream. And you get a part of it.

* Independent businesses add genuine creativity and originality in a world that’s becoming increasingly homogenized.

* Independent businesses are authentic.


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* By buying small you appreciate their passion, their imagination, their heart, and courage. There’s a lot of heart and soul that goes into starting and maintaining an independent business.

* Small business owners are generally experts in their field and can provide quality knowledge.

* You think more before you buy. It is easy to waste money on products that cost next to nothing. You buy less but good quality that lasts longer. Better for you and the planet.

* High quality products can be used for a long time and can be passed on to siblings. Many designers create garments that grow with your child so you can enjoy them for a longer period.


I hope this helped a little to put some spotlight on small brands, independent shops and designers.

Are you ready to start and make small changes? I can tell you, that it feels good to buy from local shops and small businesses. You are truly helping a community and our future, especially the future of our children.


Small steps, small changes… with a big goal in the end. Embrace this good change and shop small!



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