Whimsical nature inspired baby furniture

Nature King baby furniture

Oh today we are waking up those baby hormones! And if you are not pregnant or talking about a family addition, maybe share this with a friend who is. Because it would be a shame to not to…

Because when I found these beautiful boho inspired nursery pieces I was smitten right away. And the story behind Nature King is all about family and love. Elina and Janis, designed the hanging cradle* for their first baby to place it beside their bed. Something they dreamed about from the moment they knew there was a little one joining them.

Soothing baby off to sweet dreams and mimicking being cradled in mum’s arms with the soft movements. And once your little one is bigger, the hanging bed can easily transform into a standing cradle. (you know I love functional and transformable things that grow with the kids!)

But of course, before anything I feel in love with the whimsical design. Stylish, minimalist, boho, natural and such beautiful craftsmanship:

Nature King baby furniture

Nature King baby furniture

Once they designed the hanging cradle and people discovered it in the house and, of course, wanted one too the next project came up. Because not everyone can make a hole in their ceiling. (and in some houses you probably really should not!)

The standing crib* was born. A piece that can move around the house as well and is just as appealing as the other version.

Every crib is handmade with lots of passion and love, and Elina’s mother Mara helped with the design and making of the white twine that surrounds the wooden structure. Family business! It forms a small diamond pattern that starts from the top of the frame and ends with the base. From the base to the floor hangs light twine as well. Simply beautiful!

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