What if kids clothes would last forever?


Would that not be the best thing ever?

This is what Marianna thought and hence started Jackalo. Just recently launched in June this year, after a successful crowdfunding campaign and already winning over the crowd.

Why do the clothes last so much longer than the ‘normal’ stuff you can buy?

All of the knees of the Jackalo garments are reinforced with either a half-panama or canvas. Both are very durable fabrics. And on top, the team uses extra durable stitches along the seams. And since there will always be kids that can tear apart even the most durable construction, you can get garments repaired during the first 6 months after purchase.

‘At Jackalo we believe in making clothes last, so through beautiful and functional repairs we make garments feel even more special.’

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Marianna is an old-fashioned paper and pen person and loves to sit down and draw her ideas by hand. A lot of inspiration is coming from vintage styles with an aim to create clothes that are timeless. Beautiful and functional items that you can hand down to your next kid without feeling like the style has already passed.

‘Currently I take a lot of inspiration from vintage work wear and 1970s surf culture. My aim is to not be driven by the fashion seasons, but by the need for new items. My first collection is for autumn, and we’ll be adding styles for spring. I really want to be purposeful about what we add and when.’

And what is the Trade Up program?

When kids outgrow their Jackalo items, the shop will take them back in exchange for a 20% discount on future purchases. Jackalo will then wash, repair, and resell the garment. As well as upcycle or responsibly recycle anything that can’t be resold.

Personally I think this kind of ‘garment circle’ should be offered much more. It is a very smart idea that is gentle to the environment. On top, Jackalo makes sure that your children can truly live, play and have tons of fun in their clothes without being afraid to break them.

PS: I love that boiler suit! So cool! Available in adult size too…
In collaboration with Jackalo, who wants to change the kids fashion environment and has our full support!

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