A few things for August (Friday List)

A few things for August (Friday List)

I moved my desk to France and isn’t a new scenery always a welcome change?

We arrived on Sunday late and had our dose of crepes, creme de marron, supermarket stroll and real cider straight away. Oh and a ‘croissant aux amandes’ for me too…

We are in Brittany which is relatively cool compared to the temperatures of the rest of France! (which means: very often we had rain drizzles and temps around 18 when the rest of the country had sun and 28C. No kidding! We which the ‘meteo’ and the whole country was nice and sunny and then one grey spot. One. Just here! But anyway… this year we are just happy with the weather and that we can be outside all the time!)

And enough about France and off to my finds from the last weeks, lots of goodies. As usual!


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swell and solis
Swell & Solis

Inspiring article: The 50 people changing the way we travel!


Antoine, Fabienne, Jean and François – unique wooden characters entirely made and painted by hand. The individual pieces are interchangeable! People blocks!

Hilarious IG account!


A lovely neutral boys room with tigers
A lovely neutral boys room with tigers!

Another inspiring article – on living abroad! A ‘real’ one.


jezyk baby
Something to coo about! Jezyk baby!

When we are back from holidays we will do a family project. One full week of vegan eating. We are always interested in food, nutrition and healthy living. And we just watched another set of documentaries and I just decided that we will do this. Ha. Talked with the kids one morning and everyone is in, without much discussion actually. Now, I will report… so stay tuned. If you are living vegan as a family I am happy to hear from you… maybe it is just our beginning :)
This article, it is a long one – is really good when you want to know more about food:
The Last Conversation You’ll Ever Need to Have About Eating Right
Please take the time!


printebebe mum dress
printebebe mama off duty dress! With 2 layers of our superfine cotton, this is the easiest breeziest, one size fits all, dress. I need one!

Nei Miei Panni – for kids, teens and mums!


kalon studios bough collection
Kalon Studios Bough collection.

So simple and so beautiful!


cazando mariposa and co
Beautiful swimwear from cazando mariposas and co.

Yummy watermelon pizza!


A propos vegan. Here is a yummy summer taco recipe – all vegan!

Oh, I have my eyes on this bag!


rylee crew new collection
New collection from Rylee & Crew!

Also for mums!


Have a good week end everyone!


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