The Teddy Edit!

The Teddy Edit!


Did you know that the Teddy Bear is named after President Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt?

He was a big time hunter and on a trip he was shown a bear cub to shoot and he refused to do so. Small stuffed bears were then produced as a political joke and called Teddy’s bear. They became a big hit and an iconic toy. Today Teddy bears are among the most popular gifts for children and are often given to adults too.

Therefore I had a look around to see how the teddy is living in 2019. And guess what, there are some fancy things as well as modern and fun. The teddy coat, for example, is everywhere but that is not all.

Here is my very cosy edit:


1. Super warm mittens* to stay toastie all winter long!

2. Teddy coat* – T H E thing for this winter.

3. This will become your child’s best friend – the sheepskin flat teddy*.

4. Mr. Bear wears a cute Norwegian sweater print!

5. Wooden stacking toy*.

6. Oncle Teddy book*.

7. Big alpaca knitted teddy*.

8. Stay cosy with this fantastic trapper hat*.

9. Adorable cardigan* that you wear with anything! (also remember these cute baby cardigans I shared last week)

10. Peter Pan merino wool collar* in green and that exists in blue, orange, and pink as well.

11. Your own mini bear with this cute faux fur baby suit*.


Stay toastie! Stay teddy!

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