Softheads – decorative wall sculptures for your home

.Softheads - decorative wall sculptures

When we were in Nantes this August I discovered these cool decorative wall sculptures in a shop and quickly scribbled down the name.

Back at home I had a look online and discovered the whole universe of Softheads. Because these original objects are so fun! And they are all hand-made and locally produced in Barcelona, Spain.

The idea is to create objects that put a pacifistic and humorous spin on the once fashionable practice of displaying hunting trophies. These pieces will decorate any space and giving it an original and elegant touch. In addition to the new seasonal collections and models, Softheads offers custom-built projects and interesting collaborations with other brands, designers and artists.


Softheads - decorative wall sculptures
The artist Sergio Roger is the founder and creative director of Softheads.

He lived in Berlin for several years and graduated in Fine Arts at the UdK and his works are exhibited and shown internationally. In 2011 he launched Softheads, because he wanted to bring art closer to a wider audience.


Softheads - decorative wall sculptures

Softheads - decorative wall sculptures
Cristina Olivé joined soon after the launch. And together they make a lot of interiors and homes a tiny lot bit more fun!

I think these sculptures makes great gifts, not only for animal lovers…

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