Soft Gallery S/S 2017

Soft Gallery S/S 2017

You know Soft Gallery is really one of my favourite brands. The quality is amazing. The prints are spot on and full of details. And yet the last time I covered them was back in 2014! And I know why. As much as I love their style, philosophy {inviting interesting artists for each of their collection for the great art prints!} and everything, I always found their look books {…} a little boring. {yes I said it out loud}. Studio shots. Perfectly done of course. High quality. Good styling. Just a little boring and often it felt the seasons looked the same.

B U T with the new Soft Gallery S/S 2017 collection came a real cool lifestyle shooting!

A collection inspired by all the beauty of Latin America. Called ‘Rise and Shine’ is made with a tremendous amount of passion and humor stirred into a cocktail of sweet irony.
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Soft Gallery S/S 2017Soft Gallery S/S 2017 Soft Gallery S/S 2017 Soft Gallery S/S 2017 Soft Gallery S/S 2017 Soft Gallery S/S 2017 Soft Gallery S/S 2017

A very poetic summer collection for children. Going through the images I am dreaming of warm blissful summer evenings. The colours and shapes are perfect for spending your days outside. Dusty earthy tones, soft peach and orange are mixed with strong yellow, blue and pink tones.

The swim wear is pretty cool too. I like fun trunks and bathing suits – check that chili print. Soft Gallery added some sweet kaftans and ponchos to make the collection complete.

As usual we can find fab prints and embroideries in the collection of t-shirts, skirts and dresses made out of cotton for a comfortable wardrobe that is easy to wear.


Also available here.




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